Sunday, March 30, 2014

Society's Fault 3-21-14 WIDR WEEK

We aren't very enthusiastic about asking for donations these days, but oh well. Sometimes we're funny. Regardless, there is quite a bit more talking than usual in this podcast, but we still crammed in a bunch of good music.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Society's Fault 3-14-14

Last week's program. Heavy on the surf-punk, particularly the group Falling Idols, which Sublime famously covered. Turns out, they featured a young guy who would go on to sing for The Vandals on their most beloved releases....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jim Shepard/Vertical Slit/V-3 Megapost

This seems to be the most popular stuff I put up here, so once again, EVERYTHING Jim Shepard related that I have.

...This is aside from the Ego Summit album, which you can find pretty much anywhere online, and the 'Jim Shepard and Friends' sampler which didn't really catch my interest and the collab with Charles Ciccerella (I think that's how you spell it) because, I dunno, it didn't catch my interest either I guess. Also, I've only got the first 3 discs of the 'Matter Dominates Spirit' tribute release, but the last disc is (I believe) the same as 'V-3 Next Album'. I couldn't find 4 or 5. BUT, there's a whole bunch of stuff you probably can't find anywhere else. So check it out. And, if you have anything I don't have here, feel free to send it my way.

For those who don't know...Jim Shepard was a Columbus, OH musician active in the pre-punk scene all the way through the mid-90's when he tragically hung himself. The closest he got to 'success' was an album released by American Records with his group V-3 called 'Photograph Burns.' This is probably a good place to start with his music, as most of the songs are very catchy and easy to digest. His other work can say the least...NOT so easy to listen to.

He also had a habit of releasing things in tiny runs (or not at all) and dropping them off at pawn shops and flea markets for future generations of indie rockers to find. That being said, a lot of his work is still out of print and hasn't even found its way to the internet. This is probably only a small fraction of what he REALLY recorded, but, it's the best there is for now. For the record, my favorites are 'Photograph Burns,' 'Picking Through the Wreckage,' 'Motorcycle Movie,' 'V-3 Next Album' 'Negotiate Nothing' and 'Under the Blood Red Lava Lamp' probably almost in that order, if I had to pick, y'know, six.

By the way, if you want artwork, go to because they have most of the covers. I can't be bothered to upload them all as, clearly, this is a HUGE amount of music.

If you represent a label who will be re-releasing some of this stuff, please contact me and I will remove links. Til then, however, most of this stuff is impossible to hear, which is sad.

Jim Shepard solo:


'Evil Love Deeper'

Evil Twin'

'The Hollywood Hills Are Alive and Well' 7" (Jim covers Kim Fowley)

'Motorcycle Movie'

'Picking Through the Wreckage with a Stick'

'Folk City Aztec Drama' Vols. 1 and 2

'V-3: Next Album'

'Earth Muffin' 7"


'Launchpad Explosion' 7"

'Negotiate Nothing'

'Psychic Dance Hall'

'Pimping in the 90's'

'Live '97'

'Photograph Burns'

'Live at WNUR Chicago'

Vertical Slit:

'Basement 2215'

'Your Wife is Licking My Strobe Light and Grinning'

'..And Beyond'

'Slit and Pre-Slit'

'Twisted Steel and the Tits of Angels'

'Under the Blood Red Lava Lamp'

'Matter Dominates Spirit' tribute:

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3


'Society's Faults' and 'Society's Funks'

Yeahhhhh it's been a while...kind of killed this blog off for a bit, but I dunno, maybe I've got enough weird shit saved up to do a few more posts now.

Anyhow, here are our radio broadcasts for the past...3 months? Or something.

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