Monday, April 29, 2013

The Chewers

Here's a reader submission for ya...don't usually get these, but I'm always open to them...hit me up at

This duo, out of West Virginia, is called The Chewers, and from what I've heard reminds me of stuff like Caroliner, but more structured and easier on the ears (to an extent).

They've got a video out that's kinda like some Residents shit. Just as weird, too.

Here's a little bio they sent along:

"The Chewers are Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, two
freaks from the woods of West Virginia (by way of Nashville), USA.
We each play various instruments, in order to create layered arrangements
in the vein of avant-roots-rock (or something like that).
The songs feature characters immersed in psychological hells, grappling
with deep disconnect from the society around them. These subjects are
generally presented with a deadpan and crooked sense of humor."

The album they're currently pushing, 'Chuckle Change and Also' is their second, and can be found here.

They've also got a Soundcloud page with some more tunes.

Dig it, yall.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Obscuro! Mixtape #15...'Garbage can full of funk 2'

Yup...another one of these, since yall seemed to like the last one.

This time around, it's pretty exclusively creepy Memphis underground shit. Tried to pull out the scariest-sounding shit I got, so enjoy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Botfly - S/T (rare Lansing funk/metal/weirdo shit)

Sometimes I buy cassettes from thrift stores. Often, as you can imagine, they are garbage. But, at like 50 cents, how are you going to pass it up? Mostly, I just collect weird ambient shit and easy listening jazz, because they're great to grab samples from, but today's find is a little different.

This is a group apparently out of Lansing, Michigan in the early 90's...all I can find on the internet is a description that says something like 'Primus meets Blues Traveler' which sounds pretty terrible. I'm guessing someone just wrote that because they have a ripping harmonica player. Whatever the case, this is a strange brew....they're definitely metal, but there's a LOT of funk and goofiness, that makes me think of the Deli Creeps. But then there's that harmonica....makes the whole thing seem like the 'Rosanne' theme song gone to a murky hell or something. I dunno. But, considering my recent post on funk metal, it's a pretty fitting thing to put up here. Plus, it's ripped directly from cassette by ME, so that's kinda cool, right?

Botfly - S/T (1995)


1. Turns
2. Texas Toast
3. Wha-Hurd
4. Barney
5. Acquisition
6. Life
7. Program Callous Indifference
8. Trailer Park Shuffle
9. Feces Stew
10. Can Cega


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Obscuro! Mixtape #14...'fucked.'

That title should clue you in....this is a trip to the weirdo side. Fans of the Trash Radio and Obscuro programs will definitely want to check this one out. Basically, I went digging in the Obscuro! archives and came up with the strangest shit I could find, that I hadn't yet played to death on the radio. Some of this stuff never even made it into radio programs because I just forgot about it or whatever...ran out of time...y'know. So, it was kind of surprising to find so much bizarre stuff.

You'll hear oddball religious nonsense, vanity recordings made by reality TV stars, private press stoner sludge, and lots of mind-fuck ambient stuff. Anyhow. See for yourself. It's pretty cool.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Society's Fault 4-12-13

More a'dat punk rock for ya. This is last week's show. We were training a DJ so it's kind of awkward at parts. That's okay, though. We're totally getting in fights with people on the air right now, so next week's podcast should be pretty enjoyable.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Obscuro! Mixtape #13...'Bright colors, white brothers'

I've always been fascinated by funk-metal (the genre focus of this week's mixtape)....most of it is so completely un-funky that the name doesn't even make sense. But, the basic concept is white metal dudes (usually thrashers) playing poor man's Parliament rhythms and kind of half-assing some rap over the top. Doesn't sound too great, right?

Usually, I'd say that's the case, but considering Mr. Bungle is often lumped in this genre, it can't be all bad. So, as usual, I wade through all the bullshit to bring you about 60 minutes of 'good' funk-metal. Now, I might be a little biased since I grew up with Faith No More and Snot and things of that ilk, but whatever, some good tunez here for springtime, and not a 311 song among 'em.

Some highlights include a cut by Tom Morello's (Rage Against The Machine) first band which isn't really that bad, and has some fancy guitar work of course, and a cut by the pre-KoRn band L.A.P.D. (which apparently stands for 'Love and Peace, Dude'--how stupid is that??) Also, some classix like Fishbone and Sugar Ray (yes, they used to be a funk-metal band) thrown in for good measure. ALSO a demo cut by Red Hot Chili Peppers...possibly their oldest song?

Society's Fault 4-5-13 - ZOLO edition...

Another episode of the proto-punk, punk and post-punk radio program I do. No Jake this week, so it's slightly less offensive than usual. The music is a little different than usual, however.

Here is the RateYourMusic description of Zolo:

The term "zolo" was first coined by Terry Sharkie via his "Zany Zolo Muzik Hour" radio show to describe a cross-section of bands and artists with similar approaches to music. Zolo is characterized by hyper, jerky rhythms, synthesized bleeps and boings, polka-dot percussion, chipper falsettos, zany imagery, and a Zappa-esque sense of humor. While Zolo contains elements associated with Progressive Rock or New Wave, Zolo itself is a creative thread that runs independently of both of these genres. 

The article goes on to say that, while the term came about in the late 80's, it was applied back to a lot of 70's stuff like Gentle Giant and Todd Rundgren (at least a few albums of his). Soooo, that meant I could make a whole show out of it, still doing the proto-punk thing. Anyhow. I think we covered the genre pretty well. You decide, though.

Tracklist is on Mixcloud.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obscuro! Mixtape #12...'Nightsounds vol. 2'

More l8 nite shit for yall

G-funk synth madness for ridin' yer bike past some palm trees.

Some stuff you probably know, but that don't mean ya can't ride to it. Although, I was surprised by how few people have heard 'Deep Cover,' aka the world's introduction to Snoop Dogg....probably the best track Dre has ever produced/rapped on.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Depressive Tongue Posse

Lo-fi, VHS-obsessed basement rap.

More info to come. Album drops by late spring.


More Obscuro! podcasts for your listening pleasure...

It's been a bit, so I'm throwin' a few more of these on the site. The archive is ALMOST exhausted, but not quite.

Episode 64 - 4-23-10 EDDY DETROIT - 'JUNGLE CAPTIVE'


Isaac Air Freight - KUSS
Esham - How Do I Plead to Homicide
Lewis - Cool Night in Paris
Edgar Broughton Band - Love in the Rain
Jan Terri - If You Want a Divorce
Vermonster - Grease of the Yak
Whitewood - Whitewood
Jim Shepard - Imagine This...
Harry Perry - World of Freaks
Konrad - My Girl
Skip Spence - Grey/Afro
The Shaggs - Sweet Things
David Peel and Death - Marijuana
Eddy Detroit - Seed of the Oyster
Eddy Detroit - Who Knows the Land
Eddy Detroit - Hubba Hubba de Gumbo
Eddy Detroit - Whiplash
Eddy Detroit - Owanga Bag
Eddy Detroit - Macumba Love
Eddy Detroit - Naked Grabe eating Ape-Links
Eddy Detroit - Jungle Captive
Eddy Detroit - Tiki Sun
Eddy Detroit - Honolulu Baby
Black Hole - Spectral World
Bruce Haack - Requiem
Companyia Electria Dharma - L'Harmoniosa Sinfonia D'un Cos. (Part 2)

Episode 65 - 4-30-10 DWARR - 'ANIMALS' (missing)



The Electronic Hole - Love Will Find a Way III
The Sun Also Rises - Suddenly it's Evening
David Koresh - Book of Daniel
Brother Ah - Love Piece
First Chips - My Love
Richard Cheese - Welcome to the Jungle
The Kids of Widney High - Friends
Erica Pomerance - The French Revolution
Mij - Door Keys
Dead Raven Choir - Sheep-Crook, Black Dog
Waiting for Guinness - Chanson Pour Marie
Centennialite - Intro to Public Access TV Show
Bobby Brown - I Must be Born
Bobby Brown - My Hawaiian Home
Bobby Brown - Oneness with the Forest
Bobby Brown - Tiny Wind of Shandl
Balkan Beat Box - Kabulectro
Afflicted Man - Hippy Punk

Episode 67 - 5-14-10 ROBERT GILLIGAN - 'DARK ROOMS'


Kurt Sutton - African Girl
Vyto B - Death Warrant
Sproton Layer - Pretty Pictures Now
The Rebels - Indian Rebels
Fire and Ice, Ltd. - I Just Thought of the Moon
Jerry Solomon - Good Old Fashioned Date
Silmaril - Poustinia
Rockin' Rollin' Blues Band - Untitled Track 1
Sandy Hurvitz - Three Hawks
Minister and Nuns - A Sad Story
Beautiful Losers - Nobody Knows the Heaven
White Boy and the Average Rat Band - Sector 387
Twilight Nuages - Lazy Sunday Afternoons
Chrome - You've Been Duplicated
Robert Gilligan - On a Shelf
Robert Gilligan - A Poet Dies
Happy Flowers - There's a Worm in My Hand
Robert Gilligan - Sell Your Presence
Robert Gilligan - The Mourners
Robert Gilligan - The Trip
Robert Gilligan - Voices
Robert Gilligan - The Disadvantage Being Born
Robert Gilligan - Journey to the Stars/Deeds of Nick Drake
Robert Gilligan - Loser's Game
Robert Gilligan - In a Dark Room
The Unicorns - Jellybones
L. Ron Hubbard - The Drone
Ya Ho Wa 13 - To the Principles for the Children (excerpt)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Society's Fault 3-29-13

We skipped 2 weeks ago, so here's the most recent edition of Society's Fault, the proto-punk, punk and post-punk radio show I do.