Friday, August 31, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 8 - classic rap attacked by evil metal

Finally, here's the 8th (and final, for now) edition of Trash Radio. I'm gonna do the heavy metal show for a few weeks so I don't get any death threats from the title says, this one ends in an hour of metal...the first part is ALL obscure 1980's rap cuts.


Mellow Man Ace - Hip Hop Creature
8Ball and MJG - 9 Little Millimeta Boys
The Master Scratch Band - Computer Break
The Showboys - Drag Rap
J Rock - Neighborhood Drug Dealer
QSD - Sweet Enuff
Death - Just My Imagination
Rap Dynasty - Echoes (Vocal Mix)
Hambo - First Rap Part II
DJ Jimi - Jivin'
Gregory D and DJ Mannie Fresh - Women Ain't Stupid
Dopestyle - (Unknown Track)
Kaptain Krunch and the Funky Bunch - Car Freak
Bustin' Melonz - Under the Influence
Tony D - Check the Elevation
MC "Mello" De - Cocaine Blues
DJ Squeeky - Chicken
Stinger J. - Pretty Face (Instrumental)
Esham - KKKill the Fetus
Todd-1 and Frank Cash D - Casper (The Friendly Rapper)
Nice and Wild - Diamond Girl
Geto Boys - Geto Boys Will Rock You
(Unknown Artist) - Old Soldiers Never Die
Brunoritvrezorkre - Voarmtre Zubrkl Ndearbe
Parabellum - Alardio De Guerra/Mutilacion
Exterminator - Nightmare
Bifrost - The Dark Woodspirit
Supuration - The Creeping Unknown
Impetigo - Wizard of Gore
Blasfemia - Post-Mortem
Pagan Altar - The Black Mass
Nuctemeron - Babyhood of Hell
Phlebotomized - Subtle Disbalanced Liquidity
Violence - Serial Killer
Deviser - The Shadow Where Evil Stands Still
Cirith Ungol - Master of the Pit

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall music.

I don't like winter or summer, I pretty much tolerate spring because it's not winter, so the only time of the year I really like is fall. Also, the music that I associate with fall seems to be some of my me, that means stuff that's often depressing, but in an 'elegant' and abstract kind of way.

These are the albums I rock pretty hard all season long:
Burzum - 'Filosofem'

Basically the best black metal album of all time, but one that really transcends the genre. The three opening tracks are all it should take to become totally obsessed with black metal like I was. From the lo-fi production to the artful throat-shredding vocals, this album IS a forest losing its leaves.
 The Cure - anything, but specifically 'Faith,' 'Disintegration' and 'Seventeen Seconds.'

There are very few things I don't like about The Cure, but these three albums define autumn to me. Some of their work is only good if I'm in a really bad mood ('Pornography,' 'The Top') and other things I only really play if I'm in a Cure-kinda mood ('Kiss Me x3') but I can listen to these three records all season long.
Funeral - 'Tragedies'

Just look at that goddamn album cover. Slow, long and moody pieces that feature really great (although totally out-of-place) female vocals. Somehow the simple vocal patterns and melodies make these songs feel like they stepped out of the 19th century, even though it's a doom metal album...
Slint - 'Spiderland'

Best listened to at night by yourself. Creepy, abstract, weird, and emotionally muted. I guess these songs are depressing, but it's like a confusing, dream-state depression...cliche I guess, but it's like a David Lynch film. A word that comes to mind is 'secretive.' This is what I would listen to if I was an undercover detective.
Codeine - 'Frigid Stars'

Like 'Spiderland' with everything sucked out of it except the melancholy. This is less artful and more just straight up depressing. Not recommended unless you're feelin' real bad. I always listen to this while driving in the autumn dark with the windows down even if it's cold as fuck.
Echo and the Bunnymen - 'Ocean Rain'

I never got past this soon as I realized none of their other releases really had the full orchestra like this one, I didn't pay too much attention. I'm sure they're good 'n all...just not 'Ocean Rain.' Sure, it's sissy English-guy music, but it's way better than any Oasis or Ride or whatever.
Guided by Voices - 'Bee Thousand'

Okay, this record is pretty good for any season...and I rocked it all summer long, but 'Smothered in Hugs' and 'Tractor Rape Chain' have this vibe that sits best with being way too stoned on a rainy fall morning. Maybe you're too 'grown up' to be in that situation, but I'm not.
Creedence Clearwater Revival - 'Chronicle, Vol. 1'

I also tend to listen to a lot of 'classic' rock in the early days of fall...Creedence is such an earthy, forest-y kinda thing. I always get the feeling these guys wanted to blow up every city and just live in the fuckin' woods. Try listening to their version of 'I Put a Spell on You' and not feel cool.
Black Sabbath - 'Black Sabbath

Maybe it's because of Halloween, but Black Sabbath IS October.
Big Star - '#1 Record'

The ultimate 'back to school' IS 1972 and I AM trying to score a date to the homecoming dance when I hear this record. Usually I listen to side one of this, followed by Chris Bell's solo work. I love Alex Chilton and all he did, but the stuff with Bell has that chilly seasonal vibe...'specially 'Better Save Yourself' and 'I Am the Cosmos.'

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mr. Bungle - 'Madyson '95'

I know there's gotta be a few Bungle fans that read this blog...For those, like myself, who are still holding out for a reunion, here's a little rarity for ya.

After doing a quick '' search for Mr. Bungle live bootlegs, I realized this one, apparently from the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI, is not readily available. This show is interesting because it is about a month after 'Disco Volante' came out. Fans of the band's Warner Brothers debut probably had no idea what to expect with this record (as the world had not yet fully met Patton) and the resulting tour was met with mixed reactions.

Always fans of the weird shit, Bungle does a cover from Joe Meek's album 'I Hear a New World,' and a Meatmen track ('I Sin for a Living.') Barely any songs from the first album show up here (as those were already almost a decade old when the debut came out) but lots of tracks from 'Disco' do, and a bunch more fucky covers.

I got plenty more Bungle bootlegs, so ask away if you like this...

1. Intro
2. Love Dance of the Saroos
3. Carry Stress in the Jaw
4. La Lucertola
5. Travolta
6. Der Zinker
7. After School Special
8. Ei Raat Tomaar Amaar
9. Everyone I Went to High School with is Dead
10. Aqua Swing
11. Phlegmatics
12. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
13. I Sin for a Living
14. (Untitled)
15. Backstrokin'
16. Working for the Weekend
17. (Untitled)
18. Chemical Marriage
19. 24,000 Baci
20. Desert Search for Techno Allah


Monday, August 20, 2012

Death - 'Possessed by tha Ouija Board'

Been diggin' a lot of real underground rap shit lately, so here's some more of that. This one is up on a few other music blogs, but it's too odd not to include here. Death is a member of the Ruthless Juveniles, whose work is pretty solid too. Death produces the best beats, though, and grabs samples from everywhere...classical music, horror movies, television, metal music...and his stuff is really fucked up and homemade-sounding, which makes it all the creepier. To me, it sounds like a rawer Brotha Lynch Hung with way better beats...none of that lame g-funk shit.

1. Death Stro
2. Night Demon
3. Life as a Psycho
4. Possessed (Daytime)
5. Crazy Nigah
6. Just My Imagination
7. Too Much Bass
8. Murder Madness
9. Fuckin' with a Lunatic
10. Possessed (Nightime)
11. Yall Need to Understand

***Re-uploaded on 8/22/14***



Here's an album by the previously-mentioned Ruthless Juveniles...humorously titled 'Hard as Tha' Fuck.' You can definitely tell that Death had something to do with the production work here...


1. Intro
2. Die Nigger
3. Gangster Tale
4. Dope Game Ain't No Joke
5. Ruthless Juveniles
6. Run Dat Shit
7. Dog Bitches Gits No Skin
8. Killing Spree
9. Life Ain't Nothin' to Fool Wit
10. Hell Bound
11. Give it Up
12. (incomplete track) Armed and Dangerous
13. Checkin' the Fellas


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Castin' away...

Three more Obscuros for you to pass the time with.

Episode 46 - 12-4-09 THIS IS MY PRIVATE LIFE


Wicked Lady - Sin City
Eddie Callahan - Where Will We Be Tomorrow
Kenneth Higney - Rock Star
Oliver - Tok Tic
Sound Ceremony - Motor
Bob Bell - Necropolis Pt. 1
Kaplan Brothers - Listen to the Falling Rain
Tommy Jay - Village Idiot
Christopher Montgomery - The Beat in the Jungle
Alien City - Get Away
Virgin Insanity - The Ballad of Clifton T.
JW Farquhar - The Want-Machine Pt. 1
The Afflicted Man - Get Stoned EZY
Roger Rubin and Rotfree Anderson - Masters of Society
YaHoWa 13 - Fire in the Sky
Randy Rice - Mrs. Bitch
Mike Rep and the Quotas - I Resign
Tool Shed - Court Roger
Jandek - You're the Best One
Raven - Raven Mad Jam
Tim Curry - Brontasaurus
Debris - Tricia
Madrigal - B.B.'s Finale
Boots - Up
Arcesia - Reachin'
Y. Bhekhirst - Dalmar

NOTE: If you couldn't glean it from the title, this episode focuses on private press LP's...i.e. independently released stuff before there was an 'independent' scene.

Episode 47 - 12-11-09 BUMMER IN THE WINTER


Jim Shepard - Pull the Switch, Henry
electric eels - Anxiety
Buddy Knox - I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
Randy Holden - Fruit and Iceburgs
Jandek - Stopped
Jandek - Cave in On You
The Monks - I Hate You
Armand Schaubroeck Steals - Scene 12: Mental Breakdown in Solitary Confinement, "Fading Out"
Dave Bixby - Drug Song
Former Fetus - After the Rapture
Gary Wilson - Loneliness
This Heat - Makeshift Swahili
Little Stevie McCabe - Life Doesn't Go On
Smoke - Curtains
Edgar Broughton Band - Why Can't Somebody Love Me?
Stephen David Heitkotter - Fly Over the Moon
Terry - Clown Clouds
Mark Melanson - Pieces in the Sand
Paternoster - Blind Children
Tolerance - I Wanna Be a Homicide
Meat Puppets - Aurora Borealis
Jandek - You Painted Your Teeth
Hopkins and Bradley - Final Bow
Michael Yonkers Band - Kill the Enemy
Louis Innis - Suicide
Mike Rep and the Quotas - Nightwalker
Bob Desper - Lonely Man

Episode 48 - 12-18-09 NWW LIST


Smegma - Half a Billion
This Heat - The Fall of Saigon
Hairy Chapter - It Must Be an Officer's Daughter
The Pop Group - Don't Call Me Plain
Red Krayola - Hurricane Fighter Plane
Debris - One Way Spit
Art Bears - Rats and Monkeys
Magma - Aina
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - Well, Well, Well
Deep Freeze Mice - Brain Dead Baby
Night Sun - Plastic Shotgun
Cromagnon - Caledonia
Walter Franco - Piramides
Mahogany Brain - Diamond Voices of Stars
Comus - Song to Comus
Poison Girls - Crisis
Anal Magic and the Reverend Dwight Frizzell - Nocturnal
Dedalus - Brilla
Patrick Vian - Tunnel 4, Red Noise
Companyia Electria Dharma - Euforia
Chrome - You've Been Duplicated
Brainticket - Places of Light
Mars - Puerto Rican Ghost
Hampton Grease Band - Maria
Dies Irae - Lucifer
Residents - Nice Old Man
Harvester - Everybody (Needs Somebody to Love)

NOTE: This is the Nurse With Wound List. It might seem like kind of a pretentious thing...okay, it IS kind of a pretentious thing...basically some arty noise-mongers put a 'mysterious' list of artists in the liner notes of their first album and it's 'unknown' why they did it...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's so they could prove how much cooler and knowledgeable of underground music they are than you. Regardless, if you want to hear some challenging things, it's worth checking out. A lot of good post-punk and private-press weirdness is included.

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 7

I didn't do the show last night cuz Coma Nova was playin' a show...that being week's show will have two weeks'-worth work put into it, so it should be pretty goddamn cool. The theme is heavy metal attacks classic rap. But Limp Bizkit is not born, sorry.

Anyhow, here's last week's show. Probably the best so far.


Boscoe - Writin' on the Wall
Amos and Sara - Mudchucker Man
Crematory - Blood
Ruthless Juveniles - Hell Bound
Marcus - Satan
Bernard Fevre - Cosmic Rays
The Cleaners from Venus - Only a Shadow
David Stoughton - I Don't Know if it's You
Lil Stick Up - Orange Mound
S. Core - Reddish-Black
Wyzard - Future Nights
Puzoozowatt - Take Hold
Cosmic Jokers - Cosmic Joy
Caroliner - Dumhevae
DJ Spanish Fly - Getting Away with the Medicine
Funeral Dust - Goat
David Arvedon - Till the Stroke of Dawn
Perry Leopold - The U.S.S. Commercial
Truma Center Killaz - (unknown track)
Amos and Sara - Insomnia Samba
Sol Diese - Attraction/Repulsion
Lil Noid - Load My Clip
Bernard Fevre - Fantasm
Sludge - Kick it Out
Sadastor - A Burned Village
Hendrickson Road House - The Seed that Grows
Puzoozowatt - Onomatopoeia (Our Beat)
Tape - Moth Wings
Tuurd - Reese's Feces
Undor (excerpt from 'S/T EP')
The Cleaners from Venus - Time in Vain
Barbed Wire - Dies Irae Fuse 80
Lil Stick Up - Anna Cannon
David Arvedon - I Ain't Noted for That
Wenzel Carmichael - Don't Ask Me I Just Work Here
Robert Lester Folsom - Ginger
Thorn - Moonlight Terror
Three 6 Mafia - 1000 Blunts

Saturday, August 11, 2012

DJ Spanish Fly - 'Variety Mix 22'

Here's an interesting article on DJ Spanish Fly...

...apparently a real rap pioneer, I only heard this guy through the Twankle and Glisten 'For the Weed Smokers' mix tape...his track 'Smokin' Onion' was all sortsa lo-fi and weird, so I guessed (correctly) the rest of his stuff would be similar.

A lot of this old 'dirty south' rap appears and disappears on the internet very fast for whatever reason, and it was nearly impossible to find any of Spanish Fly's legendary mix tapes from the late 80's/early 90's.

'Variety Mix 22' seems to be a favorite. I think the coolest part of his story is that he would literally re-record his own songs every time he made a mixtape because he didn't have the technology to do otherwise. Also, dude didn't even have a 4-track--just two cassette decks. Badass.


1. Intro
2. Smokin' Onion
3. Bitchy
4. Don't Really Mean Shit to Me
5. Interlude
6. Triggerman Mix
7. Money Not the Honey
8. Rollin' in My Cadillac
9. Another Gangsta Hit
10. Getting Away with the Medicine
11. Playin' on Deez Junkies
12. Skit
13. Slangin' Cane
14. Bitch Betta Have My Money
15. Don't Fuck with Me

***RE-UPLOADED 5/24/14***


Friday, August 10, 2012

Caroliner - 'Strike Them Hard, Drag Them to Church'

I'm going to post a couple things it was VERY hard for me to find on the internet, because sharing is caring, I guess. Hopefully this will make it less of a pain in the ass for you to find weird music that record collectors keep on lockdown because they're dick sucks.

Caroliner is a very strange band that dress in ridiculous day-glo costumes and claim all their songs are transcribed from lyrics sung by a bull in the late 1800's. I guess the most accurate way to describe their sound is if the Residents went back in time and tried to create their music on the instruments of the late 1800's, but also used those genres of music instead of 50's and 60's pop as a reference point.

...or if you want a more fun explanation, it sounds like a really bad case of ergot poisoning set to old-tymey shit.

This album has more of a Vaudeville bent than most of their stuff, and is supposedly the 'classic' Caroliner album. I still like 'I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood' better, but you can find that one pretty much anywhere.


1. Dumhevae
2. Loin Loin's Doings
3. Guilty Wind or Wing
4. Crown of Awful Ways
5. Spiddletop Knuck Knuck
6. Rainbows Made of Meat
7. Strike Them Hard, Drag Them to Church
8. Coal Mound
9. Horse Flats


Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 6

As usual, I'm posting this WHILE on the tune into 89.1 WIDR FM if you're in Kalamazoo, or go to to stream...

Anyhow, here's last week's episode of Trash Radio...lots of instrumental/electronic/horror movie shit for some reason.


Electronic Phantasmagoria - (excerpt)
Blackout - Chronic City
Gino Pertot - Nick Drake
Ectovoid - Transcend into the Moonless Night
Original B - Quasnetic
Martin Newell - Gamma Ray Blue
Elisabeth Waldo and Her Concert Orchestra - Papaganga Lament
Cheryl Thompson - Black Night
Mt. Tjhris - Aqua/Cruise
Michael Mantier - No. 6 Pt. 1
Legendary Lady J - I'm Creepin'
La Sonorite Jaune - Fatarnt
Syopa - Beneath Lucifer's Eye
Day One - Soldiers Ready to Bust
Electronic Phantasmagoria - (excerpt)
The Cure - Cold
Gil Melle - Night Stalker
Duke - Runaway Girl
Wraiths - Ghoulsong
Dee-No - Here Comes Dino/Creep Up
Brandon Locher - Conversations, 2006
Mystic Minds - Power of the Mind
Elisabeth Waldo and Her Concert Orchestra - Ritual of the Human Sacrifice
Blackout - Killing After Midnight
Paysage D'Hiver - Gefrorener Atem
Wire - Two People in a Room
Shorty Pimpish - Wicked Thoughts
Original B - Dead Man Walking
Wadge - Monsters of Honolulu
Mt. Tjhris - Sunkn Mind
The Psyclones - Hound Dog
Come On - Disneyland
Fudge Tunnel - Gut Rot
Martin Newell - Heroin Clones
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You
Nico Fidenco - From Another World
The Cure - The Holy Hour

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More podcasts

More Obscuro! classics to liven up your afternoon...



Dwarr - Electric Shock
Dwarr - That Deadly Night
Dwarr - Evil Lures
Dwarr - Chocolate Mescaline
Killer Fox - Running Blade
Killer Fox - The Sign
Killer Fox - Killer Fox
Legion - Hold On
Black Hole - All My Evil
Black Hole - Land of Mystery
Damien Storm - Raven in the Courtyard
Faxed Head - Teachers
Gore - Back Home
Oblachnyj Kraj - Sazhaj Korneplody, Vyrschlvaj Luk!
Wicked Witch - Vera's Back
Rick Mason and Rare Feelings - Rare Feelings
Konrad - My Girl
Jr. and His Soulettes - Pimp
Gary Wilson - 6.4 = Make Out
Smokin' Willie - Hot Blooded Mama
Hot Poop - Let Me Loose
Edgar Broughton Band - Crying
Hampton Grease Band - Hey Old Lady/Bert's Song
High Tide - Futilist's Lament
YaHoWa 13 - Man the Messiah

NOTE: The first of a brief run of 'theme' shows I did...each focusing on a specific genre covered on the program. I think I came back to these maybe half a year later? We'll see eventually...

Episode 43 - 11-13-09 ELECTRONIC PIONEERS

Silver Apples - I Have Known Love
This Heat - Paper Hats
Gal Costa - Pulsars E Quasars
Cromagnon - Caledonia
Clara Rockmore - Requiebros
Nightshadow - The Hot Dog Man
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Debris - Witness
Perrey-Kingsley - The Mexican Cactus
Gong - Perfect Mistery
Residents - Blue Rosebuds
Fifty Foot Hose - Rose
United States of America - I Wouldn't Leave My Wooden Wife for You Sugar
Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves
Pekka Airaksinen - Suvarnabhasagarbha
King Crimson - Dig Me
Joe Meek and the Blue Men - Magnetic Field
Cardiacs - Arnald
Bruce Haack - Motorcycle Ride
Pere Ubu - Caligari's Mirror
Lucifer - The Ride of Aida (Voodoo)
Silver Apples - Anasazi Noodle
The Screamers - Punished or Be Damned



Big Star - Kizza Me
Big Star - Kanga Roo
Alex Chilton - All of the Time
Alex Chilton - I'm So Tired (Parts 1 and 2)
Alex Chilton - Bangkok
Alex Chilton - Walking Dead
Alex Chilton - Riding Through the Reich
Alex Chilton - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Alex Chilton - My Rival
Alex Chilton - Alligator Man
Alex Chilton - Like Flies on Sherbert
Alex Chilton - Hey! Little Child
Alex Chilton - September Gurls (Live)
Alex Chilton - The Letter (Live)
Alex Chilton - Thank You John
Alex Chilton - Lost My Job
Alex Chilton - Volare
Alex Chilton - Under Class
Liberal Religious Youth - Nuns of Carmelite
The New Beginning - Jesus Never was a Sinner
The New Beginning - Hey
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - No Room for You
The New Creation - Sodom and Gomorrah
The New Creation - Status Quo Song
Dave Bixby - 666
Concrete Rubber Band - Passover
Captain Hook and His Crew - Phone Call/Stowaway
Sons of Thunder - Carpenter Man
Dandelions - It's a Long Way to Heaven
For Heaven's Sake! - For Heaven's Sake!
Little Marcy - A Talk with the Animals
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - Goin' to Bethlehem
His Kids - It's Contagious/What's God Look Like?
Concrete Rubber Band - Christian

Episode 45 - 11-27-09 LONG SONGS


Hampton Grease Band - Hendon
Jandek - When the Telephone Melts
Mr. Bungle - Dead Goon
Armand Schaubroeck Steals - The Queen Hitter
Emmanuel Dilhac - Un Piege
Jim O'Rourke - Untitled 2
Residents - Hitler was a Vegetarian
Vermonster - Children of the Sun

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 5



Beach Boys - Johnny Carson
Beach Boys - Solar System
Brainbombs - After Acid
Ahulabrum - Untitled 4
Overdoce - I'm Havin' Problems
AFRTS - I Am a Number
Leona Anderson - Rats in My Room
Aburadako - S60
Each 1 Teach 1 - Sometimes Lord
Tom Bailey - Routines
Black Sun - San Francisco Moon
Bugskull - Space
Teddy and the Frat Girls - I Wanna Be a Man
Bob Drake - (excerpts from the 'Shunned Country' album)
Lemon Kittens - Pain Topics
Robert Ashley - The Wolfman Tape
Botullistum - Den Martelkerker
Once - Look Over There
Iota - Precincts
Carcass - Empathological Necroticism
Summit Clique - U Can't Hang
The Thuyen Tran - Je Suis Perdu
Chrissy Zebby Tembo and Ngozi Family - My Ancestors
Amputated Genitals - The Butcher's Kindergarten
Worse Em Crew - Triple M Bass (Instrumental)
Virgil Cane - The Great Lunar Oil Strike
Scatterbrain - Earache My Eye
Brother Red - Sideways
Black Sun - Indianapolis Nights
A.H. Kraken - Kevin Costner Est Un Acteur Americain
Subtitle - Tunnel Vision
Beach Boys - She's Goin' Bald
Harley and J.B. McLain - Poly-Trickian
Oranssi Pazuzu - Sienipilvi
Rudimentary Peni - Muse Sick Sic
Wink D. ft. Candy Fresh - Revenge
Alex Chilton - The Walking Dead
Ahulabrum - Untitled 5
Ken Rhoten - Far from Eden
No-Y-Z - Side A (excerpt)
Wicked Witch - Fancy Dancer
White Coffee - Voodoo

Yup. The one goin' on now is pretty weird. It'll be up next week.