Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 7

I didn't do the show last night cuz Coma Nova was playin' a show...that being week's show will have two weeks'-worth work put into it, so it should be pretty goddamn cool. The theme is heavy metal attacks classic rap. But Limp Bizkit is not born, sorry.

Anyhow, here's last week's show. Probably the best so far.


Boscoe - Writin' on the Wall
Amos and Sara - Mudchucker Man
Crematory - Blood
Ruthless Juveniles - Hell Bound
Marcus - Satan
Bernard Fevre - Cosmic Rays
The Cleaners from Venus - Only a Shadow
David Stoughton - I Don't Know if it's You
Lil Stick Up - Orange Mound
S. Core - Reddish-Black
Wyzard - Future Nights
Puzoozowatt - Take Hold
Cosmic Jokers - Cosmic Joy
Caroliner - Dumhevae
DJ Spanish Fly - Getting Away with the Medicine
Funeral Dust - Goat
David Arvedon - Till the Stroke of Dawn
Perry Leopold - The U.S.S. Commercial
Truma Center Killaz - (unknown track)
Amos and Sara - Insomnia Samba
Sol Diese - Attraction/Repulsion
Lil Noid - Load My Clip
Bernard Fevre - Fantasm
Sludge - Kick it Out
Sadastor - A Burned Village
Hendrickson Road House - The Seed that Grows
Puzoozowatt - Onomatopoeia (Our Beat)
Tape - Moth Wings
Tuurd - Reese's Feces
Undor (excerpt from 'S/T EP')
The Cleaners from Venus - Time in Vain
Barbed Wire - Dies Irae Fuse 80
Lil Stick Up - Anna Cannon
David Arvedon - I Ain't Noted for That
Wenzel Carmichael - Don't Ask Me I Just Work Here
Robert Lester Folsom - Ginger
Thorn - Moonlight Terror
Three 6 Mafia - 1000 Blunts

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