Friday, August 10, 2012

Caroliner - 'Strike Them Hard, Drag Them to Church'

I'm going to post a couple things it was VERY hard for me to find on the internet, because sharing is caring, I guess. Hopefully this will make it less of a pain in the ass for you to find weird music that record collectors keep on lockdown because they're dick sucks.

Caroliner is a very strange band that dress in ridiculous day-glo costumes and claim all their songs are transcribed from lyrics sung by a bull in the late 1800's. I guess the most accurate way to describe their sound is if the Residents went back in time and tried to create their music on the instruments of the late 1800's, but also used those genres of music instead of 50's and 60's pop as a reference point.

...or if you want a more fun explanation, it sounds like a really bad case of ergot poisoning set to old-tymey shit.

This album has more of a Vaudeville bent than most of their stuff, and is supposedly the 'classic' Caroliner album. I still like 'I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood' better, but you can find that one pretty much anywhere.


1. Dumhevae
2. Loin Loin's Doings
3. Guilty Wind or Wing
4. Crown of Awful Ways
5. Spiddletop Knuck Knuck
6. Rainbows Made of Meat
7. Strike Them Hard, Drag Them to Church
8. Coal Mound
9. Horse Flats