Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coolest metal album ever?

This group doesn't really fit in with the program all that much (although they are a bunch of weirdos no doubt), but this album is so goddamn good that I've just gotta put it up here.

Voivod were/are(?) a thrash-metal band from Canada who decided 'hey, fuck thrash-metal, let's just be wackos!' and ended up sounding (to me, anyways) a lot like if Shudder to Think put on some leather and turned their amps up a little. Odd time-signatures and mind-fuck chord patterns abound, dreamy and very UN-metal vocals, plus their songs stick in your head. How many thrash-metal bands can say that?

I'm in the process of discovering their older/newer albums, but it seems like "Nothingface" might be their strongest. Plus, it's got a wicked Syd-era Pink Floyd cover, so dig it:

Voivod - Nothingface


1. Intro
2. The Unknown Knows
3. Nothingface
4. Astronomy Domine
5. Missing Sequences
6. X-Ray
7. Inner Combustion
8. Pre-Ignition
9. Into My Hypercube


...dunno what this week's show will be...but tune in midnight-2 Thursday to find out!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Playlist for 8-27-10, including some weirdo rap music and a short collection of Joe Meek tunes

(Joe Meek photo removed because ohhhh wow, I'm totally going to make some money off somebody's copyrighted photo on a FREE blog that three people read. Hahaha, people who care about shit are so stupid)

I had a couple different ideas for this week, so I combined 'em. Therefore, you get both oddball rap songs and Joe Meek songs.
If you're not familiar...

Basically, he was an engineer/producer who pioneered everything from delay/reverb to multi-track recording. He was also a paranoid schizophrenic who thought he could record the dead by burying microphones in graveyards, and a closet-homosexual who murdered both his lover and landlady for fear of discovery. Then himself. Pretty odd story...



Rotate the Completor - Song #6
Bob Thompson and Doug Snyder - Soul and Universe

Weirdo rap section:
Lil B - I am a Bird Now
Sensational - In for it
DJ Jimi - Jivin'
Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Crack it Up
Lil B - Time

Skip Spence - War in Peace
Wayne - Talking About Chiggers
Godzilla - Cinderella Rockefella
Nicodemus - Adolph's Parade
Wesley Willis - They Threw Me Out of Church

Joe Meek section:
from 'Meeky Meeky Random Flakes, Vol. 1'
Joe Meek - Untitled #27, Untitled #3, Untitled #13, Untitled #17
from 'I Hear a New World'
Joe Meek and the Blue Men - I Hear a New World, Dribcots Space Boat

Charles Manson - Mechanical Man
Michael Farneti - In the Jungle
Y. Bhekhirst - Dalmar
Brian Ruud - "From a Bum Trip to...'The Trip Beyond'" section
The Devil's Anvil - Selim Alai
The Jugs - Untitled #13
David Peel and Death - He's Called a Cop

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bizarro Jerry's Kutout Bin Klassics, Vol. 4

Time for another installment from the deepest depths of the cutout bin--aka where records nobody wants end up.

For being an out-of-print release, Basehead's 1991 release "Play with Toys" sure seems to be loved by a lot of people.

Recorded on 4-track cassette by college-dude Michael Ivey and whoever the hell was hanging out in his dorm room, this record is basically the most stoned, lazy, half-assed rap disc you'll ever hear (and those are all compliments). Ivey doesn't so much rap as he says things kind of rhythmically, and he doesn't make beats so much as he plays his out-of-tune guitar over store-bought drum machine tracks.

All in all, it's just a really cool, relaxing listen. A lot of people DON'T seem to like his '93 followup "Not in Kansas," (which has a full band and shorter songs) but I think it's pretty rockin' too. I even like Ivey's post-slacker, reborn-christian albums from the mid-nineties to present day (which find him rapping about god AND weed, instead of just the latter). Dude's just got a way about him.

Sound good? Download below.

Basehead - 'Play with Toys'


1. Intro
2. 2000 B.C. (Braincells)
3. Brand New Day
4. Not Over You
5. Better Days
6. Ode to My Favorite Beer
7. Hair
8. Evening News
9. I Try
10. Play with Toys
11. Outro


Friday, August 20, 2010

Playlist for 8-20-10, featuring Incredibly Strange Metal

As I said it would, this week's show had a whole heap of the oddest metal and metallic music you're likely to hear in one place. I had some of the Metal Enterprises fake-albums you can read about in the last post, also odd foreign releases, one-man-bizarro projects, etc.


Dwarr - Heavy Vibrations
Dwarr - Gates of Hell
Heather Leather - Child Molester
Drakar - Tunelem Zpatky
Varghkoghargasmal - The Forest is Whispering
Lester Maddox - Egypt (The Chains are Off)
Gallhammer - Tomurai: May Our Father Die
Thrash Queen - Manslayer
Thrash Queen (ME Version) - Humbly Fleisch
Kalaschnikov - Kill Your Neighbor
Kalaschnikov (ME Version) - Czarewitch
Killer Fox - Funeral Pyre
Killer Fox (ME Version) - The Sign
Exmortes - Forced to Be Silent
Exmortes - Creed of Eternal
Exmortes - Boiling Blood
Black Hole - Spectral World
Spectral Incursion - Beneath Your Lives
Damien Storm - Stormbringer
Alvin Dahn - You're Driving Me Mad
Shelder - Manilla
Svaty Vincent - Zmrtvychvstvani
Voivod - Into My Hypercube

Also, I'm doing Forte (WIDR's metal program) tonight, so that'll be up here soon...even MORE weird metal!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy bullshit-metal for y'all...

I don't know why more people interested in 'oddball' music don't explore the genre of metal at all. A lot of the websites i dig up my strangeness from don't seem to have any interest in it at all. Luckily, there are a few people out there unearthing the stuff, namely The Corroseum.

For such an 'outcast' genre of music (at least I think so...the majority of people won't have anything to do with metal or metalheads, and 'pure' genres like hardcore punk that helped spawn metal have completely disowned it) you'd think that the metal weirdos and outcasts would be pretty fucked, huh? Exactly.

Why am I telling you this? Mostly because this week's program will feature so-called 'Incredibly Strange Metal.' I did a mini-segment on this a while back, but now I've collected enough to fill a whole 2-hour show!

In celebration of this, I give you Killer Fox's 1990 album "Orgasm of Death."
First of all, what the fuck is up with that cover? Check out the article on The Corroseum for the full story, but here's a summary: A German record label called Metal Enterprises released a bunch of albums by REALLY shitty bands in the late 80's, then did 'fake' follow-ups with a studio band and whoever was around to act obnoxious (after most of the original groups had disbanded or been killed, in the case of Killer Fox, in auto accidents). Why? Probably because it was funny, and to make a few quick bucks. This is pretty standard(?) money-grubbing, I guess (some labels in the 70's were known for doing this, too) but the music is what's really interesting.

I really can't describe it...something like retarded parody-metal taken to a fucking ridiculous extreme. You'll just have to hear it...

Artist: Killer Fox
Title: Orgasm of Death
1. Guardians
2. Vixen of Slaughter
3. Slayer
4. Dark Star
5. Cataracts of Horror
6. Running Blade
7. The Sign
8. Seventh Silence
9. Branded
10. Killer Fox
11. Pool of Blood
12. Monster Surgeons
13. Robo Return
14. Lay it Down


What could top that, right? Let's see...
-MORE Metal Enterprises fake-albums than you'd ever want to hear
-Finnish kid-metal from the 80's
-Psychotic basement-metal from various countries and styles
-Shaggs-like girl-metal with songs like 'The Child Molester'
-White-power country-doom metal with more songs about dragons and fairies than white power...(don't worry...I'm not gonna play the whopping one white-power tune on the album...I ain't down with that shit and it's not even very good)
-Bizarre Russian opera-folk-metal
-Geez, do you really need another reason to listen?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Playlist for 8-13-10...a pretty half-assed show

As the title says, I didn't really have too much time to put together the show this week, and it suffered a little quality-wise. Oh well. Still some new shit. This includes a bizarre home recording by a Japanese woman known as 'Jon,' a trio of songs by electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack, and a really obnoxious cover of the Beatles' "Helter Skelter."

Get the podcast.

Food Brain - The Hole in a Sausage
Bruce Haack - Untitled #1 (from "Haackula")
Bruce Haack - Program Me
Bruce Haack - Motorcycle Ride
Jerry Rayson - Oye Boogaloo Nena
Black Hole - Obscurity in the Eternal House
YaHoWa 13 - Red River Valley
Kenneth Higney - No Heavy Trucking
Jon - Marui Marui Noshi Noshi
Jon - Kedamono
Jon - Kusa
The Deviants - Garbage
Alan Watts - The End
Red Krayola - Leejol
V-3 - Caucasian White
?? (Unknown hard rock group) - Wasted
Godzilla - Helter Skelter
Joseph - Stoned Age Man
The Godz - Squeek
Siloah - Acid Eagle
Svaty Vincent - Nekroman

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Playlist for 8-6-10, featuring some tunes by Konrad and Parasites of the Western World

I tried something a little bit new this past week...instead of doing a 'theme' or playing an album in its entirety, I played 5 cuts from 2 different albums, in hopes of showcasing some artists while maintaining variety within the playlist.

Seemed to work good...everybody I talked to liked the two records I played sections from, and now the show is yours to download by way of podcast.

The first artist featured was Konrad, a man from Boise, Idaho who concocted a bizarre synth-pop record in the mid-80's. Topics range from how he is a music scientist from the future concocting tunes in a lab, how aliens will never come to earth (again) because people are too stupid, and how his girlfriend likes to buy things which stimulate her mind...it's a pretty wild, low-fidelity ride. His track 'My Girl' has popped up quite frequently on the program, and I was glad to finally get a hold of the entire album. After tracking down 'Konrad' (not his real name), I found him to be a definitely eccentric character, but also really friendly and interesting. Hopefully, once I find time, I will have him as a guest on the program. Also, as if that's all not strange enough, check out the metallic-looking album cover:
Secondly, I featured five tunes by Parasites of the Western World. These two guys were apparently some dudes from Oregon who, in the late '70's, attempted to bring their favorite influence to a home recording. What came out sounds much more like Chrome and Pere Ubu than Rush, and I don't mean that in a condescending way at all. Actually, what probably happened was they realized they couldn't recreate the sounds and moods of Rush right off the bat, and morphed their project into something much stranger. I will say right now, this is one of THE coolest records I've ever heard...and not just one of the coolest 'strange' records I've ever found. Definitely worth a spin. And, here's the VERY nondescript album cover:

Playlist (I'm typing these out from now on, because I don't like how my new web browser copies and pastes):

Billy R. Couvson - Ching Chong China
White Coffee - Voodoo
Konrad - People
Konrad - It's Only a Matrix
Konrad - Alien
Konrad - My Girl Likes to Buy
Konrad - One Way Motorcycle Ride
Parasites of the Western World - You Must be Joe King
Parasites of the Western World - Alienending
Parasites of the Western World - Mo
Parasites of the Western World - Accessories
Parasites of the Western World - God or Just a Slow Breeze
Wild Man Fischer with Smegma - Breakfast with Bananas
Beat of the Earth - This is an Artistic Statement, Pt. 1
Henry Flynt and the Insurrections - Go down
Tommy Jay and Mike Rep - Box Boy
Joint Effort - Stay High!
Residents - Almost Perfect
Residents - We Stole this Riff
Relatively Clean Rivers - Babylon
Bruce Haack - Supernova
C.A. Quintet - Cold Spider

Both the featured artists have had their albums since reissued, so I'd feel bad about putting up a free download...Parasites have their shit on CD Baby as an mp3 download, and I can't find the Konrad link right now, but you can hear a few mp3's here.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playlist for 7-30-10

Here it be:

Jul 30 - 1:55 AM
Christian Yoga Church
Untitled #5
Turn On!
Jul 30 - 1:51 AM
The Shoe Salesman
Not Available
Jul 30 - 1:47 AM
Planet of a Flower
The Yodeling Astrologer
Bizarro Jerry
Jul 30 - 1:41 AM
Silver Apples
You and Me
Jul 30 - 1:36 AM
Michael James
You Don't Walk on My Street
Runaway World
Jul 30 - 1:33 AM
The Kids of Widney High
New Car
Special Music from Special Kids
Jul 30 - 1:27 AM
Kenneth Higney
Rock Star
Attic Demonstration
Jul 30 - 1:20 AM
The Prisoner
First Utterance
Bizarro Jerry
Jul 30 - 1:12 AM
Chico Magnetic Band
Jul 30 - 1:08 AM
Pat Morris
We're Diabetic
45 rpm single
Jul 30 - 1:01 AM
Essra Mohawk
I Have Been Here Before
Primordial Lovers
Jul 30 - 12:58 AM
White Panther
Jul 30 - 12:53 AM
Michael Hurley
Werewolf Song
Blueberry Wine
Bizarro Jerry
Jul 30 - 12:48 AM
Vertical Slit
The Starlight Investor
...And Beyond
Jul 30 - 12:46 AM
Old Lady Drivers
Bathrooms Rule
Jul 30 - 12:43 AM
Red Krayola
Pink Stainless Tail
The Parable of Arable Land
Jul 30 - 12:40 AM
Happy Dragon Band
Disco American
Jul 30 - 12:35 AM
The Godz
Permanent Green Light
The Godz 2
Bizarro Jerry
Jul 30 - 12:29 AM
Vyto B
Automatic Vaudeville
Jul 30 - 12:25 AM
Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia
Love Spider
Jul 30 - 12:23 AM
Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia
Jesus is Our Color Man
Jul 30 - 12:19 AM
My Girl
Jul 30 - 12:15 AM
Sun City Girls
Burial in the Sky
Torch of the Mystics
Bizarro Jerry
Jul 30 - 12:10 AM
Georgie Leonard
The Clown
One Man Band
Jul 30 - 12:08 AM
Drunks with Guns
I Got the Gun
Bizarro Jerry

The pic is Cromagnon. Weird fuckin' band.