Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bizarro Jerry's Kutout Bin Klassics, Vol. 4

Time for another installment from the deepest depths of the cutout bin--aka where records nobody wants end up.

For being an out-of-print release, Basehead's 1991 release "Play with Toys" sure seems to be loved by a lot of people.

Recorded on 4-track cassette by college-dude Michael Ivey and whoever the hell was hanging out in his dorm room, this record is basically the most stoned, lazy, half-assed rap disc you'll ever hear (and those are all compliments). Ivey doesn't so much rap as he says things kind of rhythmically, and he doesn't make beats so much as he plays his out-of-tune guitar over store-bought drum machine tracks.

All in all, it's just a really cool, relaxing listen. A lot of people DON'T seem to like his '93 followup "Not in Kansas," (which has a full band and shorter songs) but I think it's pretty rockin' too. I even like Ivey's post-slacker, reborn-christian albums from the mid-nineties to present day (which find him rapping about god AND weed, instead of just the latter). Dude's just got a way about him.

Sound good? Download below.

Basehead - 'Play with Toys'


1. Intro
2. 2000 B.C. (Braincells)
3. Brand New Day
4. Not Over You
5. Better Days
6. Ode to My Favorite Beer
7. Hair
8. Evening News
9. I Try
10. Play with Toys
11. Outro


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