Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boy Froot - 'Looters Mixtape'

Dunno much about this, but it's definitely the weirdest stuff I've heard in a while. Kinda reminds me of Lil Ugly Mane but much more fractured and experimental. The beats are a little like Flying Lotus or maybe more accurately the Captain Murphy album, but once again, much more out-there. You can barely understand a goddamn word cuz homeboy puts so many effects on his voice, but it's more about the mood than anything. I'm diggin it for sure...might not be somethin' you drive around bumpin', but it's some late night creep shit I think yall will dig. He's also got some...'music videos.'...I mean, I guess that's what they are.

Boy Froot - 'Looters Mixtape'

1. Intro
2. Unknown Zone
3. Str8 Fire
4. Searchin' 4 Sum1
5. U.F.O. Passion
6. Natty Lite Works
7. Places U Can Go
8. No Questions
9. Evil Lair
10. Formally Abnormal
11. Jump Back Crack Jack
12. Repo$$e$$ions
13. Noided
14. Sumtimez Thugz Cry
15. Looted
16. Death Chamber
17. No1 Else But U
18. Brain Eater
19. Don't Stop
20. Crooked
21. Got 2 Have U
22. Paradox
23. Down Hoe
24. Transgress
25. Keys 2 Consciousness
26. Outro
27. Bonus Infraction

BANDCAMP (It's only $2 bucks)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Obscuro! podcasts for all you podcats

A few more of these for your listening pleasure...

Episode 75 - 7-16-10


People Band - '1968' Part II
Sun City Girls - Dreamland
Tom Wilson - Lesbian Seagull
Silver Apples - Water
The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads - Swiss Cheese Back
Hot Poop - My Baby's Dead
Grant Moros - Death be the Penalty
Michael Yonkers - Goodby Sunball
Rockin' Rollin' Blues Band - Untitled Track 2
Withuser and Westrupp - Nimm Doch Einen Joint, Mein Freund
Kim Fowley, Jr. - Bad News from the Underworld
Vertical Slit - Fair Exchange
Blacklight Braille - Side 1 (Excerpt)
Mike Rep and the Quotas - H.M. My Mind
Scissor Shock - Bring Back the Guillotine
Former Fetus - I'm a Mom
Tool Shed - Variations on Cannabis
Sensational - Hi-Tech Issue
Eddie Callahan - Judge Me
Peter Grudzien - Holding Court
Secret Metal - The Cop
Jim Shepard - A Streetcar Named Depression

Episode 76 - 7-23-10 1980's KID METAL


Bob Thompson and Doug Snyder - Teenage Emergency
Pink Babycats - The Hunting
Mix Music - Let's Go
Boyhunters - Boys
Galaxy - se pa mig
Tom Nehls - Clean Air, the Underwater Symphony
South Side Senior High School Choir - Happy Mother's Day
Vertical Slit - New Thrill
Dane Sturgeon - Ghost of Bardley Road
These Trails - Garden Botanum
C.A. Quintet - Trip thru Hell (Part I)
Jimi LaLumia and the Psychotic Frogs - You'll Never Walk Again
Megatrip - Megatrip Outro
Bobby Brown - Jungle Cowboy
Chandra - Kate
Gene Marshall - Richard Nixon in '76
Jim Shepard - Untitled Track 4
Wicked Witch - Electric War (Vocal Version)
Joe Peace - Reflections I See
MC Trachiotomy - Ma Baby
Palmer Rockey - Smile Pretty Baby
John Ashcroft - Let the Eagle Soar
Mark Tucker - Everywhere with Sally (Ride)
Master Wilburn Burchette - Godhead
Noah - Brain Suck/Goodbye Earth

Episode 77 - 7-30-10


Drunks with Guns - I Got the Gun
Georgie Leonard - The Clown
Sun City Girls - Burial in the Sky
Konrad - My Girl
Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia - Jesus is Our Color Man
Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia - Love Spider
Vyto B - Tanya
The Godz - Permanent Green Light
Happy Dragon Band - Disco American
Red Krayola - Pink Stainless Tail
Old Lady Drivers - Bathrooms Rule
Vertical Slit - The Starlight Investor
Michael Hurley - Werewolf Song
Arcesia - White Panther
Essra Mohawk - I Have Been Here Before
Pat Morris - We're Diabetic
Chico Magnetic Band - Explosion
Comus - The Prisoner
Kenneth Higney - Rock Star
The Kids of Widney High - New Car
Michael James - You Don't Walk on My Street
Silver Apples - You and Me
Mij - Planet of a Flower
Residents - The Shoe Salesman
Christian Yoga Church - Untitled Track 5

Lowdown Da Sinista - 'Coming for Your Soul'

More of that evil Memphis sound for ya. This is only up a couple other places, so I'm gonna post it. Lowdown is a little different from the other Memphis rappers in that he has a good time. He's also a loud-ass rapper, which is different than the creepy whispery style of other Memphis dudes. Like I said, he has a good time, so expect lots of party jams. It's pretty much split between super-depressing gangsta tracks and goofy party anthems. One song in particular, 'Blah,' made me laugh a whole bunch. There's basically no other word but 'blah,' but it's still got two verses. Pretty much sounds how I'd imagine my parents hear rap music. A lot of the beats are gloriously weird, too, plus look at that goddamn cover. It's good stuff, and will probably end up in my top 10 favorite Memphis rap releases. Yeah, I know that sounds elitist but there's a LOT of this shit and it's all so good.

Lowdown Da Sinista - 'Coming for Your Soul' (1996)

1. Intro
2. Coming for Your Soul (Radio Edit)
3. Going Thru a Thing
4. Hell Has Arisen
5. Lowdown is Da Sinista
6. Blah
7. Coming for Your Soul
8. Smoking Out
9. Having Dreams
10. Commercial
11. Confused Man
12. My Bible and My Pistol
13. My Chronic Flow
14. Quotes from the Low
15. I Thought You Knew
16. Final Words
17. My City


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Films 12 - another helping of summer mindmelt cinema

Well, it's pretty much the hottest part of the summer, so here are some more movie reviews to watch in an air-conditioned room. Or you know, a cabin in the woods that's 'off the grid,' whatever the hell your setup is. Enjoy.

'Roller Blade' - 1986
Here's another example of a film failing on so many levels that it becomes a surreal kind of masterpiece. It's also one of many, many films that aped 'Mad Max' in the mid-80's. Apparently EVERYONE thought the future would be a desolate, nuclear-damaged desert with roving bands of freaks. Huh. Well, this time around, everybody's on roller skates. Not blades, mind you, because that would make sense. There ARE a lot of switchblades, but whatever. Basically, some nuns get their power crystal stolen by the bad guys, and they skate around trying to get it back. But, there's so much more than that. This is prime 1980's trash-culture surrealism at its finest. NOTHING in the film makes sense, and it almost reaches 'Samurai Cop' levels of greatness. The best part is actually not really related to the film. The director, Donald Jackson, along with martial arts master/writer/director/actor Scott Shaw, made about 60 movies using their 'zen' technique of filmmaking, which means they don't use a script. Yes, that's right. So, you've got b-list action celebrities like Frank Stallone improvising ridiculous action and sci fi movies with a handheld camera. I CANNOT recommend their stuff enough. Unfortunately, you have to pay for it, but it's worth it. (Scroll down till you start seeing titles like 'Max Hell, Frog Warrior') They've also done about seven post-apocalyptic rollerskating films, NONE of which was a real 'sequel' to this one.

'Evil in the Woods' - 1986
Apparently 1986 was a GREAT year for cinema. This one honestly has more subplots than a Paul Thomas Anderson flick. I dunno what the deal is, but shit seems pretty homemade. It's also 'knowingly' bad. I say 'knowingly' because there are a lot of 'jokes' about what's going on in the film, but the 'jokes' aren't 'funny,' meaning it's supposed to be knowingly bad but it's actually even stupider than it thinks it is. Or something like that. It was entertaining, though, and any film where the narration is a little kid reading stories in a book is usually good for a laugh. Especially when the directors forget to use that narration more than like, 2 times, making it irrelevant. A real 'what the fuck' experience.

'Max Hell Frog Warrior' - 2002
Again, it ain't free, but 2 bucks isn't a bad price to stream some of the greatest improv-sci-fi flicks ever made. I forgot to mention that Donald Jackson of 'Roller Blade' fame ALSO did the cult classic 'Hell Comes to Frogtown' before goin' off the deep end and doing the 'zen filmmaking' thing with Scott Shaw. Needless to say, he and Shaw did about 50 frog-mutant-related movies too. This one 'follows' a flick called 'Toad Warrior' (interesting acknowledgement of the 'Mad Max vibes these dudes put off) but I don't think it's really necessary that you watch them in order. It's just barely an hour long too, so there's that. It was pretty silly, but I'd probably watch it again. Unfortunately, Amazon isn't carrying what looks to be the best Scott Shaw film, 'Rock 'N Roll Cops.' They also don't have the Sun City Girls-scored 'Guns of El Chupacabra,' How he came to work with them is beyond me, but it's awesome nonetheless.

'The Executioner 2' - 1984
Ah, the 80's. Nowadays people pretty much watch whatever the advertisers cram down their throats, but back then, you had to TRICK somebody into watching your crappy film. Whereas a company like Troma made ridiculously unrelated posters which made their sub-basement productions look like goddamn 'Animal House,' some shadier producers would just lie outright. See, there IS no 'Executioner.' There is, however, a 'Terminator' and an 'Exterminator,' and one can only guess that these folks wanted to draw in the mostly-illiterate crowd. I mean, I GUESS that's legit. If you're too stupid to read a movie box, you probably deserve to see films like this. It's actually quite entertaining, too. Kind of like 'Rambo' on PCP or something. It's a crazy Vietnam veteran taking the law into his own hands in over-the-top violent ways, so yeah, a lot like 'Rambo.' But better, and definitely crazier. Worth your time, I'd say.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spark Master Tape - 'Syrup Splash'

Okay, had to post this too because not NEARLY enough people are rockin' this dude's shit. For the record, no one knows who he is, where's he from, or anything like that. I wouldn't be surprised if it's some antisocial white dude in his mom's basement, but then he throws the n-word around and talks about living in the projects, so who knows. Regardless, it's a continuation of this psychedelic old-school style that Lil Ugly Mane and SpaceGhostPurrp kinda started. There are definite elements of 90's Memphis horrorcore here, but it's also super original and wayyyyyy out-there.

Vocals constantly fluctuate in pitch, and he's got some real what-the-fuck lines. I mean, dude's a great rapper, and whoever makes the beats is on point, too. Fuck, it might be him doing both. Paper Platoon is the main producer, and is apparently considered a member of the 'group.' It would make more sense if he WAS the rapper, because these beats are really weird and are perfectly suited for the rapper's style.

My friend said it sounded like Lil Ugly Mane on a bunch of meth or something, and that's pretty accurate. The tracks are very short and the whole thing is real ADHD. Kinda like if Madlib tried to do a dirty south Quasimoto record. Despite all the experimentation, a lot of these tracks somehow manage to be super-catchy. 'Never Gave a Fukk' will be stuck in yer head for days.

The best part is, since barely anyone knows this guy, his music is still free. Oh, and for the record, I'm pretty sure those aren't 'real' guest appearances...just samples from a capella tracks or something.

Spark Master Tape - 'Syrup Splash' (2013)

1. M80
2. Amber Rose Pussy
3. Never Gave a Fukk
4. Bullet Holes
5. Razor Boomslanging (ft. Dat Nigga NuG)
6. Super Syrpy Haliotosis
7. Syrup Splash
8. Rihanna (ft. Kai Skywalker)
9. No Love for Me (ft. Rick Ross, Lil B and Usher)
10. 420 (Interlude)
11. Dope Dealer
12. Been Layden
13. Uzi on My Instagram (ft. Alicia Keys)


Evol - 'Satan's Poet' (Underground Detroit shit from the 90's)

More downloadzzz for yall. This is some evil-ass lo-fi rap from the ghettos of Detroit. If anyone has info on this, lemme know, because I can't find much. Got it off some dude on Soulseek and it's virtually unavailable on the web. It's gotta be connected to Esham somehow, but maybe just indirectly. I mean, it's pretty unlikely that two dudes would randomly be rapping in the same style about satan at the same time in Detroit without knowing each other at least. Anyhow, this stuff does kinda have an Esham sound to it, but way slower. More like Memphis horrorcore than Detroit horrorcore honestly. There are also very few guest spots. I seem to remember this linked back to Mike Clark, the producer for ICP, but that might've been something else I downloaded.

Whatever the case, it's yours to enjoy now.

Evol - 'Satan's Poet' (1995)

1. How it is When U Insane
2. 666 on My Mind
3. Burnin' Churches
4. Livin' 4 Sin
5. In Ya Head
6. Let the Shit Go On
7. Shake'M Down
8. Devil Worshipper II
9. Evil Rhyme
10. Layed Back
11. Interlude
12. Dead in the Head
13. 666 Dead Men
14. Crazy But Smooth
15. Smooth Killa
16. Raise Ya Hand


Bizarro Jerry's Trash Radio, Vol. 18

More vocal effects weirdness, and more fucked-up music of all kinds. Possibly one of the top-5 episodes of the program so far.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Obscuro! Mixtape #21 - 'Garbage can full of funk 4'

Check it check it check it

Another Garbage Can for yall.

Evil-ass, lo-fi Memphis rap shit all around this time. Mr. Tinimaine is all over this for some reason. That was unintentional. Whatever, dig it if you like the stuff. A lot of these tracks are more obscure than the past few Garbage Can mixes. DIG IT. Did I mention dig it?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

More classic Obscuro! podcasts...

Okay, I'm gonna try to power through these so I don't have to think about it anymore, because I am extremely OCD. The good news is, I'm in the final stretch of Obscuro! podcasts. Although that might be bad news for you. The bad news for ME is that, then I have to download and archive all the Forte episodes I did. Maybe. Probably not. We'll see. Anyhow...

Episode 71 - 6-11-10 LONG JAMS


James Ferraro - My Parents Think I'm Turning into a Cockroach
The New Creation - Wind
Megatrip - Song for Syd
Robbie the Werewolf - Drums and Guns
Lula Cortes - Calming Ballad
Vertical Slit - Canyon Girl
Jerry Rayson - Yo Soy de Mi Patria
Edgar Broughton Band - The Moth
Slava Ranko - No Brain
Bill Bissett and the Mandan Massacre - Files in th Tempul
Joseph - I Ain't Fattenin' No More Frogs for Snakes
Rustic Hinge - Mastodon
The Oracle - The Awakening
Sexton Ming - You Can't Polish a Turd
Otto Muehl - Klavierkonzert K
Siloah - Krishna's Golden Dope Shop
Mind Pollution - Litterboxmind
Sound Ceremony - Virgins Do
Robert Martin - Long Goodbye
Pine Hill - Insane



Harvester - Kristallen den Fina
Jandek - Lavender
Fred Frith - What a Dilemma
Emil Richards and the Microtonal Blues Band - Maharimba
Ya Ho Wa 13 - Ho
Dennis Weise - The Return of the Akpallus Mutants (Pt. B) - 93rd Current
Joe Meek and the Blue Men - Orbit Around the Moon
Zu - Axion
Slava Ranko - Twin God Babies
Unknown Thai Orchestra - Unknown #8
Partli Cloudi - Tantum
Sun City Girls - Sangkala Suite
Alan Watts - Metamatic Ritual
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Bob Bell - Necropolis (Part 4)
Stu Phillips - Biker Ballet
Vermonster - Stoned Guitar (Section)
Henry Flynt - Leather High in E
Lucifer - Incubus

NOTE: As the title indicates, this podcast features all instrumental weirdness.

Episode 73 - 7-2-10 THIS IS MY PRIVATE LIFE PT. II


Stephen David Heitkotter - I Don't Mind
Gary Wilson - Cindy
Eddy Detroit - Beelzebub
Robert Gilligan - In a Dark Room
Touchstone - Feel You in My Bones
Circuit Rider - Forever Angel's Proud
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - Goin' to Bethlehem
Nicodemus and Matchez - I Am Not Happy
The Patron Saints - Do You Think About Me?
Dave Bixby - Drug Song
Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox - Be Away
Little Howlin' Wolf - Stranger Mon
Mark Tucker - Sideways Love Forever
Vermonster - Rainbow Sound for Humans
Virgin Insanity - In the Eyes
Bobb Trimble - Paralyzed
Cosmic Michael - Cosmic Michael Theme
Bobby Brown - Let Me on Board
Bob Harrison - What's Wrong with You
Vyto B - Rocket Park
Twilight Nuages - Find My Dream Come True
Jerry Solomon - Yob Elttil a Mi
Simon Finn - Jerusalem
Abner Jay - The Backbone of America is a Mule and Cotton

NOTE: A sequel to the first collection of private press gems.

Episode 74 - 7-9-10 THE WOMEN OF OBSCURO


Pain Teens - Tar Pit
The Sun Also Rises - Taste of Jesamine and Suicide
Trangela Tricoli - Jet Lady
Edie and the Eggs - Big Girls Don't Cry
Coven - Coven in Charing Cross
Lucia Pamela - Blue Wind
Destroy All Monsters - You're Gonna Die
Joy Allan-Wisher - Nut Pumpkin
Thorr's Hammer - Norge
Sandy Hurvitz - Arch Godliness of Purplefull Magic
Jandek (ft. Unknown Female Vocalist) - Go to Bed
The Space Lady - Major Tom
Thrash Queen - God Save the Queen
Erica Pomerance - Koanisphere
The Shaggs - That Little Sports Car
Yma Sumac - Chuncho
Dandelions - The Children of Sunshine
Rita Lee - Sucesso, aqui vou eu
Jan Terri - Keep on Knockin'
Ruth White - The Litanies of Satan
Art Bears - Three Figures
Leona Anderson - Habanera from 'Carmen'
Silmaril - Song of the Apocalypse
The Android Sisters - Ray-Dee-Oh
Katie Lee - Shrinker Man
ESG - Come Away

NOTE: Proving that women can be just as weird as men, here's an all-female edition of the show. Or at least, all-female vocalists...although a good number of the bands are female-only.

Society's Fault 6-28-13 'Beach Party'

Similar to last week's mixtape, this episode of Society's Fault is beach/surf-themed. However, since the program also covers proto-punk and post punk, you get to hear a nice mix of the fast and slow. I seem to remember we were particularly funny on this broadcast as well.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Obscuro! Mixtape #20 - 'Beech punxxx'

In the spirit of the season, here's another mixtape for ya. This one was inspired by our recent 'summer' episode of Society's Fault, which featured mostly old surf tunes and so-called (So-Cal) 'beach punk.' Not necessarily Californian (although most of it is) this is simply the snottiest skate and surf punk tunes I could dig up. Perfect for sniffing glue and catching waves. Or something like that.