Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boy Froot - 'Looters Mixtape'

Dunno much about this, but it's definitely the weirdest stuff I've heard in a while. Kinda reminds me of Lil Ugly Mane but much more fractured and experimental. The beats are a little like Flying Lotus or maybe more accurately the Captain Murphy album, but once again, much more out-there. You can barely understand a goddamn word cuz homeboy puts so many effects on his voice, but it's more about the mood than anything. I'm diggin it for sure...might not be somethin' you drive around bumpin', but it's some late night creep shit I think yall will dig. He's also got some...'music videos.'...I mean, I guess that's what they are.

Boy Froot - 'Looters Mixtape'

1. Intro
2. Unknown Zone
3. Str8 Fire
4. Searchin' 4 Sum1
5. U.F.O. Passion
6. Natty Lite Works
7. Places U Can Go
8. No Questions
9. Evil Lair
10. Formally Abnormal
11. Jump Back Crack Jack
12. Repo$$e$$ions
13. Noided
14. Sumtimez Thugz Cry
15. Looted
16. Death Chamber
17. No1 Else But U
18. Brain Eater
19. Don't Stop
20. Crooked
21. Got 2 Have U
22. Paradox
23. Down Hoe
24. Transgress
25. Keys 2 Consciousness
26. Outro
27. Bonus Infraction

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