Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spark Master Tape - 'Syrup Splash'

Okay, had to post this too because not NEARLY enough people are rockin' this dude's shit. For the record, no one knows who he is, where's he from, or anything like that. I wouldn't be surprised if it's some antisocial white dude in his mom's basement, but then he throws the n-word around and talks about living in the projects, so who knows. Regardless, it's a continuation of this psychedelic old-school style that Lil Ugly Mane and SpaceGhostPurrp kinda started. There are definite elements of 90's Memphis horrorcore here, but it's also super original and wayyyyyy out-there.

Vocals constantly fluctuate in pitch, and he's got some real what-the-fuck lines. I mean, dude's a great rapper, and whoever makes the beats is on point, too. Fuck, it might be him doing both. Paper Platoon is the main producer, and is apparently considered a member of the 'group.' It would make more sense if he WAS the rapper, because these beats are really weird and are perfectly suited for the rapper's style.

My friend said it sounded like Lil Ugly Mane on a bunch of meth or something, and that's pretty accurate. The tracks are very short and the whole thing is real ADHD. Kinda like if Madlib tried to do a dirty south Quasimoto record. Despite all the experimentation, a lot of these tracks somehow manage to be super-catchy. 'Never Gave a Fukk' will be stuck in yer head for days.

The best part is, since barely anyone knows this guy, his music is still free. Oh, and for the record, I'm pretty sure those aren't 'real' guest appearances...just samples from a capella tracks or something.

Spark Master Tape - 'Syrup Splash' (2013)

1. M80
2. Amber Rose Pussy
3. Never Gave a Fukk
4. Bullet Holes
5. Razor Boomslanging (ft. Dat Nigga NuG)
6. Super Syrpy Haliotosis
7. Syrup Splash
8. Rihanna (ft. Kai Skywalker)
9. No Love for Me (ft. Rick Ross, Lil B and Usher)
10. 420 (Interlude)
11. Dope Dealer
12. Been Layden
13. Uzi on My Instagram (ft. Alicia Keys)


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