Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally! Another download!

Here we go. I played a cut off this on the Alternate Universe Metal Program. A while back, I played one of Duane Warr's albums on Obscuro! He plays all the instruments on his records, and has a style that's kind of like a darker, weirder Black Sabbath. Legend has it that, after having a religious experience, Duane disowned his older albums for a while (he did NOT burn all the copies like some people say) but now he seems pretty cool with them (a couple have been re-released on Drag City.) This is one of his more recent outings (I think '97 but I'm not sure,) and it IS a pretty religious-themed record, but don't let that stop you from checking this one out. This is even noisier than 1986's 'Animals.' For God's sake, give this man your money.

Dwarr - 'Times of Terror'


1. 'Times of Terror' Suite:
-Times of Terror
-Traps and Pits
-Angry Waves
-Evil World
-Die Like Flies
-Days of Death
2. Gates of Hell
3. America
4. Born to Die
5. Takes Me Away
6. Harmony
7. Tears You Cry


Bizarro Jerry's Alternate Universe Metal Program (aka Forte 14)

This one is for the 3, maybe 4 folks who've told me they miss the Obscuro! radio show. I played pretty much all the insane, deranged, twisted heavy metal I've found doing the show (and some cuts from the Obscuro! days, too) and put them into one 3-hour block of totally fucked radio. Okay, so I WAS about half an hour late because Coma Nova was playing a house party, but still...2 and a half hours of this stuff is probably more than enough. You've got your retarded-bad basement demos, misguided attempts at heavy metal by record executives, totally satanic black metal made by loner dudes in the woods, and every other kind of heavy shit you never knew existed. I am thinking about bringing back Obscuro! one of these weeks for a three-hour block in Forte's place once I get enough new weird stuff collected. We'll see.

Get that podcast, fella.


Striborg - Perceiving the World with Hate
Mayhem - Pagan Years (request)
Lullaby - Supreme Majesty
Reencarnacion - Reencarnacion (II Parte)
Heather Leather - Child Molester
Black Vomit - Deluge from Hell
Dwarr - Heavy Vibrations
Dwarr - Takes Me Away
Trifixion - Fear, is All that I See
Trifixion - Immortal
Exmortes - Prophecy
Lester Maddox - Egypt (The Chains are Off)
Secret Metal - The Cop
Apator - The Satanic Bloodspraying
Dawnfall - II
Ghost - Ritual
Flames of Hell - Flames of Hell
Killer Fox - Running Blade
Godzilla - Cinderella Rockefella
Kalaschnikov - Kill Your Neighbor
Satanic Corpse - At the Alter of Death
Malicious Onslaught - Emotional Death
Oranssi Pazuzu - Danjon Nolla
Svaty Vincent - Absolutni Vedomni
Brainstorm - My Total Vision
Black Virgin - Heavy Metal Mad
Varghkoghargasmal - War on the Hills

Embrace the weirdness, yall.

Society's Fault - Episode 28

No wave, psychedelic garage, and bands Bjork was in that don't suck were the themes for this week's program. A few awesome requests, too, like Old Skull, who we'd never heard before. Totally great kiddie-punk. Also, in the post-punk section. we played a 12-song EP by an Australian group called Seems Twice that was like 5 minutes long. REAL short, Wire-ish songs.

Get the podcast.


Neu! - Negativland
13th Floor Elevators - Earthquake
Holy Modal Rounders - Half a Mind
The Music Machine - Talk Talk
Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat (request)
Syd Barrett - Love You
Zerfas - I Don't Understand
George Washington and the Cherry Stompers - The Back Self of Your Mind
The Who - Sparks

Big in Japan - Nothing Special
Black Flag - You're Not Evil
Tappi Tikarrass - Drek-Lek
Tappi Tikarras - Lok-Lad
Descendents - Get the Time (Live)
Vandals - Pizza Tran
Old Skull - Pizza Man (request)
Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Be a Homosexual
FEAR - We Destroy the Family
The Clash - We Fought the Law
Bad Brains - At the Movies
Green Day - Paper Lanterns
Agent Orange - Tearing Me Apart

Seems Twice - 'Non-Plussed' EP:
1. Salient Feature
2. Wish it is
3. Non-Plussed
4. Side Effects
5. Column One
6. Warhol
7. No Clear Ideas
8. Real Arafat
9. Metropolitan Recluse
10. Look at it
11. Abrupt Alteration
12. Anglican War

X (Australia) - I Don't Wanna Go Out (request)
My Bloody Valentine - Come in Alone
Circle X - Current
Josef K - Art of Things
Rosa Yemen - Larousse Baron Bic
Sugarcubes - Birthday
Rites of Spring - Hidden Wheel

Monday, January 17, 2011

Forte 13...probably the widest variety of stuff since I started...

You've got your thrash, death, grindcore, black metal, funeral doom, regular doom, stoner metal, sludge metal, foreign, domestic, you name it, I played it. That's a picture of Death SS up of the earliest 'occult' metal bands, and probably THE earliest Italian metal band. They started in like, 75 or something and are still playing today (albeit with different members, and NOT founding lead man and awesome fellow Paul Chain).



Gallow God - Summon the Rune Wizard
Bowel Fetus - The Lipstick Eaters
Bowel Fetus - Mass Suicide at the Old Folks
Sickening Gore - Obscene Existence
Ion Dissonance - The Budd Dwyer Effect (request)
Nightstick - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
AxCx - Cranking My Band's Demo on a Box at the Beach
Pantera - Power Metal

Melt-Banana mini-set:
'P-Pop-Slop' from 'Speak, Squeak, Creak'
'Excess' from 'Charlie'
'Type B for Me' from 'Scratch or Stitch'
'It's in the Pillcase' from 'Scratch or Stitch'
'Surfin' USA' from some EP, dunno which...

Ives - A Tangle of Hair and Bone
Ives - Sweet Fields of Ecstacy
Death SS - Terror
Death SS - Schizophrenic
Paul Chain - Antichrist
Cannabis Corpse - I Will Smoke You
Violence - Phobophobia
Acid King - Heavy Load
Agalloch - Into the Painted Grey
Phobia - Death to Pigs
Phobia - Nihilistic Grindcore
Svafnir - Death of the Sun
Burzum - Lost Wisdom
Infectious Grooves - Boom Boom Boom
The Toll - Seclusion
Helloween - Murderer
13 - Bound
Autopsy - Service for a Vacant Coffin
Death - Evil Dead
Gore - After
Shape of Despair - Quiet These Paintings are
Granicus - Hollywood Star
Beherit - Goat Worship
S.D.I. - Killer's Confession

That's this week in heavy metal, I'm Bizarro Jerry signing off. I'm gonna put some more downloads up this week, I think. It's been a bit.

Society's Fault - Episode 27

Lots of calls this week...unfortunately, most of them were from the same British guy who was trying to school us in British punk....then he called and made fun of us for playing 'African' music, when in reality it was Twink from the Pink Fairies (aka the earliest British punk band)...what a shitwich! Then we bummed everybody out by playing like 6 GG Allin songs (edited, obviously).

Get you the podcast.

Get you the playlist:

Wayne Kramer and the Pink Fairies - Cocaine Blues
Arthur Lee - Everybody's Gotta Live
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A Child of a Few Hours is Burning to Death
Big Star - September Gurls
Twink - Drum Crazy
Iggy Pop - China Girl
George Brigman - Jungle Rot
New York Dolls - Vietnamese Baby (request)

GG Allin - Convulsions
Stripsearch (ft. GG Allin) - Galileo
London - No Time (request)
Grey Matter - Retrospect (request)
GG Allin - Bite it You Scum
Buzzcocks - Ever Fall in Love
GG Allin - You Hate Me and I Hate You
Wipers - Fair Weather Friends
Screeching Weasel - Havana Affair
GG Allin - I Don't Give a Shit
The Nig Heist - Big Wheels
The Stains - Sick of Being Sick

The Sound - Hour of Need
Killing Joke - Wintergardens (request)
Slits - So Tough
Pigface - Tonight's the Night (Little Sisters) Remix (request)
Pulp - Miles End
Jesus and Mary Chain - Boyfriends Dead
Pogues - Dirty Old Town (request)
Gary Wilson - 6.4=Make Out
Minutemen - History Lesson Pt. II
Shudder to Think - Abysmal Yellow Popcorn Wall

Get it, get it, get it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forte 12...a few requests finally...

I really like Eyehategod, and I'd never heard this 'Sabbath Jam' by them. It's cool. Also, check out this awful version of 'Bad Moon Rising' by Leatherwolf. Probably the single worst (and best) cover I've ever heard.



Deathmass - Bone Orchard
Astaroth - Aullido Sepulcral

Black Sabbath - The Fallen (Demo)

Eyehategod - Sabbath Jam

Nasum - Stormshield

Ambulance - Shark Attack

The Equinox ov the Gods - The Witches' Rune

Necropolis - Despair

The Meads of Asphodel - Jew Killer

Cannibal Corpse - Drowning in Viscera

Leatherwolf - Bad Moon Rising

Mercy - I'm Your Pervert Priest

Enmerkar - Pale Lord Pilgrimage of the Winter Born

Candlemass - At the Gallows End
Xasthur - Reflecting Hateful Energy
Black Spiders - KISS Tried to Kill Me

X-Wild - Die Like a Man

Melechesh - Ghouls of Nineveh

Grotesscolandia - Madrugada Dos Mortos

Lawnmower Deth - Cobwoman of Deth Meets Mr. Smellymop

Cemetary - Ebony Rain

Master's Hammer - Geniove

Nocte Obducta - Nebel II
Bothers - Kill for Insanity

Faithful Breath - Play the Game

Orange 9mm - High Speed Changer

The Mass - Vile Requiem

Black Funeral - Leviathan--The Black Oceans Roar

Mortician - Eaten Alive by Maggots

Gravity Kills - Enough

16 - Me and My Shadow

Heavy as fuck. Enjoyeee.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Society's Fault - Episode 26

Wow, we dug out more unheard (at least on our show) proto-punk than you can shake a stick at. Plenty more left over for this week's show, too. We also walked a pretty fine line between what's acceptable on radio (by the FCC guidelines) and what's not...but that's nothing new.



electric eels - You Crummy Fags
Dictators - Master Race Rock
Peter Hammill - Modern
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones - Mr. Eliminator
The Fugs - Dirty Old Man
Zolar-X - I Pulled My Helmet Off (I'm Going to Love Her)
The Elastik Band - Spazz
Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom

Dead Kennedys - We've Got a Bigger Problem Now (request)
Lemonheads - Nothing True
Angst - Neil Armstrong
Dicks - Dicks Hate the Police
Meat Puppets - Our Friends
Dead Moon - My Escape
Black Flag - Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
Meatmen - I Want Drugs (request)
Minutemen - King of the Hill
X-Ray Spex - I Am a Poseur (request)
X - Los Angeles (request)
Screeching Weasel - Teenage Slumber Party

Boredoms - Cory's Mandara Suicide Pyramid or Action Gas Satori
Swans - (She's a) Universal Emptiness
Joy Division - Day of the Lords
Superchunk - What Do I
House of Freaks - Dark and Light in New Mexico
Swans - Cop
Echo and the Bunnymen - Rescue
Mudhoney - This Gift
Christian Death - Romeo's Distress


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I guess Drew Carey was right..

...about Cleveland rocking, that is. Here's a compilation I found that provides a pretty good snapshot of the Cleveland proto-punk scene in the early 70's and three of its best groups (Mirrors, electric eels, and the Styrenes.)

We'll be playing some of this on Society's Fault this week, but here's the whole thing. Mirrors is kind of like later Velvet Underground, the Styrenes have an almost Syd Barrett-feel to them, and the eels are just fucked. If you're not familiar with this group, they're definitely worth hearing even despite never cutting any 'actual' records (almost all of their recordings are practice-space demos recorded through a busted PA head.) The group only played about 6 shows, each one ending in multiple arrests/being banned from the club, and they eventually put each other in the hospital and broke up. Yup. Violent fuckin' dudes. The music is something like early punk rock filtered through backwoods-free-jazz...I dunno. It's weird stuff.

Those Were Different Times - Cleveland 1972-1976


1. Annie
2. How Could I
3. You Me Love
4. Living Without You
5. Beaver Girls
6. Frustration
7. Hands in My Pockets
8. Sweet Refrain
9. I'm Goin' to Wyoming
10. We'll See

electric eels
11. Safety Week
12. Wreck and Roll
13. Splitterty Splat
14. Stucco
15. Circus Highlights
16. Now
17. You Crummy Fags
18. Mustard
19. The Big O
20. No Nonsense
21. Spinach Blasters
22. Flapping Jets

23. Thirty Four
24. Draw the Curtain
25. Mr. Crab
26. You're Trash
27. Pleasure Boating
28. Grey Haired Rats
29. Nineteen Sixty Seven


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Forte 11...nothing 'celebratory' except the New Year's countdown

Yup. I DID count down. That's about it. Plus, I played good music, which is really what radio's about anyhow. Oh yeah...I guess I played Sleep's 'Dopesmoker' in its entirety for like, the 3rd time in WIDR history. So, there's that...Why doesn't anybody else come in to do their show on the holidays?



Ankrismah - Kill Yourself
Danzig - Long Way Back from Hell
Oranssi Pazuzu - Ole Muukalainen
Oranssi Pazuzu - Torni
Alyis - Inject the Master
Iron Maiden - Drifter
Malicious Onslaught - Productive Destruction
Necronaut - Returning to Kill the Light
Bowel Stew - Fulci Metal Jacket
Jasad - Urine Campur Nanah
Depression - Eternal Death
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fire
Super Invader - Celestial Outlaw
Dark Wizard - Poisoned Whiskey
Sleep - Dopesmoker (isn't it sweet my show is long enough to do this?)
Death - Cosmic Sea
Machine Head - Death Church
Metal Cry - All of My Rights Were Broken to Pieces and Now I Am Going to Take My Rights Back from You. And Then Your Heart Will Stop Beating
Kamikaze - En La Red
The HATE Noise - Forests and Whatnot (yeah, I slipped in a song of my what?)
Petrychor - Gamma Leonis
Nunchukka Superfly - Couch
Tankard - Fat Searchers (The Hippo Effect)
Candy Cane - 25021994
Oxenkiller - Streets
Running Wild - Adrian

Beyond the funny picture at the top, that's all I've got for now...

Society's Fault - Episode Jake because Jake's a fake (punk rocker, that is)

Actually he had to work. Which I guess DOES make him a fake punk rocker. Oh well. Here's what I played in audio form.

Here's what I played in visual form:

Mott the Hoople - Thunderbuck Ram
Silver Apples - Ruby
Groundhogs - You Had a Lesson
Wild Man Fischer - The Taster
Riders of the Mark - The Electronic Insides and Metal Complexion that Make Up Herr Doktor Krieg
Godz - Permanent Green Light
Big Star - I Got Kinda Lost (Demo)
Big Star - Life is White
David Peel and Death - He's Called a Cop
H.P. Lovecraft - At the Mountains of Madness
Charles Manson's Family - Is There No One in Your World?

The Rezillos - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight
The Queers - I Hate Everything
999 - Quite Disappointing
Mad - I Hate Music
The Boys - I Don't Care (request)
Descendents - Kabuki Girl
Wipers - When it's Over
X - The World's a Mess, it's in My Kiss
Minor Threat - Salad Days (request)
Crass - G's Song
The Damned - Stretcher Case
Hollywood Squares - Destruction (Live)

Fugazi - Suggestion
Josef K - Sorry for Laughing
The Locust - One Manometer Away from Mutually Assured Relocation (request)
Swans - Nothing Without You
The Cure - The Baby Screams
Afflicted Man - Glue Sniffing
Sugarcubes - Traitor
Flaming Lips - One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning (request)

Quite a few requests. The Locust isn't really post-punk, by the way. They're kind of a metal band. But, the guy who requested it seemed cool so whatever.