Monday, July 19, 2021

Shark Move - 'Chede Chokra's Shark Move' (1970)

 Pretty cool downbeat psych rock from Indonesia that reminds me of a heavier Traffic. Lots of jazz keys and direct input guitar solos. I guess it also sounds a little like SRC.


1. My Life
2. Butterfly
3. Harga
4. Evil War
5. Bingung
6. Insan
7. Madat

White Coffee - 'Voodoo/Save Me' (1974)

 This one's always stuck in the back of my head. B-side isn't spectacular but damn 'Voodoo' is wild. Low voiced dudes growling over a stomping funk rock track that seems....vaguely racist somehow? Maybe overtly racist? Also the lyrics are fucking weird and don't make much sense, are they in third person? Wth? Either way it's super catchy, like something Yello would've come up with if they existed a decade earlier.

Megatrip - 'S/T' (1996)

 Don't know what this is or why I have it, but somebody is probably looking for it. Doesn't seem to really exist anywhere in full that I can find.

4 super long, super sloppy psych jams very informed by 70's improv stuff (see 'Song for Syd.') The outro is spoken word over some real noisy space synths.


1. WWPFAT Spoiled Mushrooms
2. Song for Syd
3. Slicing Hearts
4. Megatrip Outro

Fifth Era - 'See You in Hell' (1999)

 Apparently we're retroactively calling this type of music 'doomcore' which I guess is fine. It's slow-to-mid-paced hardcore techno/gabber with a lot of doom and gloom. This, along with the Rat of Doom EP, are two of my favs. Also worth checking out is the 'Selected Classics' comp by The Mover.

(It's just one long track bc it's a tape rip)


1. See You in Hell
2. Live in the Netherlands
3. Night of Fear
4. Kill, Kill, Kill
5. Are You Ready?
6. Sabotage
7. Blackest Shadow
8. Live in Hackney 1999
9. AC93
10. Broken Souls

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Crack Baby - 'Gestation Period of a Smurf' (2000)

 Finally found this in a pile of old CDs and junk...I used to go see this band at the community center when I was very young. I don't know what's in the water, but my tiny town had at least three super confrontational bands that blended Black Flag-style hardcore with grunge. These guys were the tightest musicians for sure, and some of these tracks still slap. I'll never get tired of hearing 'I DON'T NEED YOUR FUCKIN RULES' lol. 

I misplaced the tracklist, so I'm going to just guess. It should be noted that the ska song ('Rudy Can't You Wait') was probably written about one of my friends.

I'll fill in the other tracks if I find the list.


1. Stupid Reason
2. Fed Up
4. Stupid Reason (Radio Edit)
5. Track 3 Radio Edit
6. Booger Off
7. Never Leaving
10. Blank Stare
11. Love Song
12. Next in Line
13. Black Market Babies
14. Do I Smell Bacon?
15. Loose Stools
16. Rudy Can't You Wait?

Saturday, July 17, 2021

AFRTS (Various Artists) - 'The Simple Gifts' (1972)

This is a really, really weird and unsettling recording. It's some kind of PTSD coping exercise, and I'm pretty sure it's the only record ever released by the Armed Forces Radio and Television Services. 

Not sure if it's actual veterans on the album, but it's mostly extremely harrowing spoken word pieces set to sometimes restrained, sometimes atonal orchestral music. 


1. The Sea
2. I Am a Number
3. His Childish Face Grown Old Too Soon
4. Look to This Day
5. I Pity the Drunk
6. Who Has Woe?
7. Good Old Days
8. The Committee
9. The Door
10. Words... Words... Words
11. Show Me My Door
12. Beggars on Church Steps
13. Hearts Unlovely and Unloved
14. Don't Be Angry
15. Who is Man?
16. Simple Gift 


Five Star Hotel - 'Streets of Rage' (2016)

 Five Star Hotel is one of my favorite current producers. Her music is I guess EDM trap? But that's really not doing it justice...there's a lot of influence from harsh noise, goth, industrial, and body horror cinema. 'Gray Data' is the classic album, but she's since moved onto noisier material with harsh vocals. I think because the current sound is so far removed from her old work, a lot of it has either been taken down or is just lost to time.

This is a mixtape (I think) that I spent months trying to track down. It's got a very distorted, bitcrushed sound and a vague dystopian theme running through it. Some of these recordings were reworked for her full-lengths (I think one of them is on 'Outlands?') but the mix flows really nice as a single piece.

Please support her other projects if you like this one! She has a deluxe version of 'Gray Data' up w/ extra tracks...get it now bc it could always disappear...


1. S1
2. Streets of Rage
3. Radio Free
4. NetgearAD
5. Horizon
6. S2
7. Pentium
8. Hexagoness
9. S3
10. Underpass
11. Tempad
12. Column
13. S4
14. Whole Earth Gone Again

(nevermind the double tracks...hard drive copying bullshit and I already uploaded it lol)