Sunday, October 31, 2010

P.T. Grimm and the Dead Puppies - 'Post Mortem Blues'

Here's one more thing in the spirit of Halloween (since it actually IS Halloween today.) I used to have this disc in junior high when I was way into MSI and shit like that. It's kinda similar, except with a little more grunge influence (?) and more structured songs. What the fuck ever happened to these guys? Looking back, they weren't so bad at all.

Artist: P.T. Grimm and the Dead Puppies
Title: Post Mortem Blues
Year: 1999

1. The Praxis Factor
2. The Freak of Unbridled Ridicule
3. Die Rusted Poltergeist
4. Agoraphobia
5. Coprocide
6. The Ghost of Suburban Bypass
7. Captain Considerate
8. Pre-Occupational Hazards
9. Evident
10. Like a Prayer
12. The Man with the Sapphire Skin
13. Congratulations

As you can see, I'm missing track 11 for some reason. Oh well. Sorry about that. As far as I know, this album was self-released, hence the tiny-ass cover photo being the only one I could find.


Forte 4, Devil's Night gets fucked-up

What a great show! Unfortunately, the WIDR podcast computer ran out of hard drive space and the podcast was lost. Oh well. I'll give ya the playlist anyhow so you can bask in its glory:

Electric Wizard - Weird Tales - 1. Electric Frost, 2. Golgotha, 3. Alter of Melektaus
Atheist - Second to Sun (from the forthcoming Jupiter)
Pentagram - Be Forewarned

Mortician - Three on a Meathook

Khanate - Skin Coat

Cryptopsy - Gravaged (A Cryptopsy)
Venom - Witching Hour

Type O Negative - All Hallow's Eve

Decaying Citadel - Dread Saviour Arise

Iron Maiden - Murders in the Rue Morgue

Beherit - Grave Desecration

CemeteriuM - Glass Crucifix

Skepticism - The Everdarkgreen

Sodom - Electrocution

Lord Gore - Resickened

Hallow's Eve - Suicide

Baphomet - Elm Street

Impetigo - Defiling the Grave

Acid Bath - Diab Soule

Doom Raiser - The Raven

Necrophagia - Insane for Blood

Burzum - En Ring Til aa Herske

Angel Witch - White Witch

Deicide - Mephistopheles

Decomposed - Procession of the Undertakers
Gorelust - Sclerosed Brain Eater

Danzig - Tired of Being Alive

Mystifier - (Invocacione) The Almighty Satanas

Lots of horror movie clips were dispersed throughout, too. Of those I remember were the trailer for 'City of the Living Dead (aka The Gates of Hell),' a few clips from '976-Evil,' the trailer for 'Blood Feast,' Alfred Hitchcock saying a few things, the 'red rum' sequence from 'The Shining,' and probably a few random screams from 'Cannibal Holocaust.' I'm sure there were more, but I have no PROOF of that now.

Here's the Forte podcast page anyhow.

I'm gonna post something else w/ a download in just a sec here....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fuckin' up yer Halloween part 2

First of all, Part 1.

Then, check out last year's Halloween posts.

Lastly, I'll be doing a gloriously satanic show for Forte this week. Lots of pagan and satanic black metal, old school shit like Helloween, and tons more. Tune in Friday night 11pm to 2 am.

Now then, here are 5 more films that you should probably watch sometime this week, if you're not a pussy.

1. Suspiria, 1977
Wow, what a crazy fuckin' movie. Like a zombie flick on acid (except with witches instead of zombies.) Not only one of the best horror films of all time, but probably one of the best films period. Plus, that soundtrack...Dario Argento is probably one of the first directors to literally sit around thinking about ways people could die that would make the average person cringe by relation (for example, getting bashed to death on the edge of a table in his earlier film 'Deep Red.')

2. Netherworld, 1992While more of a dark suspense movie than a horror film, this is still a Full Moon picture (notorious for their 'what the fuck' series 'Puppet Master') and I watched it a couple weeks ago, and therefore it belongs on this list. It has something to do with Cajun black magic and there's something about a cult of bird people too...I held my attention at least. It's good if you're a little bit too much of a sissy to enjoy the bloodier horror films.

3. Nightbreed, 1990
Based on a novel called "Kabal" by Clive Barker, this is one of those titles you'd think would be reaaaallll cheesy, but it's not really at all. It's got some truly bizarre scenes and great costumes. Plus it's all about how monsters are really cool and you should want to be one. Fair enough.

4. I Drink Your Blood, 1970
Remember when pretty much EVERY horror movie was 'loosely based on the Manson family murders?' Me either...a little bit before my time...but I've probably seen the good majority of 'em. This one puts them all to shame. Try this plot on for size: A bunch of drug-crazed, satan-worshipping hippies roll into a really small town (that's in the process of being moved a few miles away due to water contamination? Or something?) and their hippie van breaks down. So, they have satanic rituals, terrorize the locals, and give a a young kid's grandfather acid. To get back at them, the young kid gives them meat pies with rabid dog blood, turning them into RABID, drug-crazed satanic hippies. Hilarity/violence ensues. The effects and acting aren't even that bad to boot! What the fuck? Go see this movie now.

5. The Wicker Man, 1973No, not that bullshit remake with what's-his-stupid-name. This is the original mindblowing film. Whereas 'Suspiria' is ONE of the best horror films of all time, this is probably THE best horror film of all time. You know how Burzum is way scarier than all those fake satanic metal bands, and they don't really talk about anything except pagan shit like nature? This movie is like that. There's no (well, VERY little) actual bloodshed, and the main characters are a seemingly friendly island of pagan folk. However, this movie will creep the hell out of you. There is nothing else like it, and it's so perfect that I can't even understand why some butthole would want to remake it. Watch the original, pretend nobody ever fucked with it, and have a good Halloween.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Forte 3, sloooooowwwww then fast

...yep, that's the look of things on this week's edition of Forte. I'm not sure exactly why, but probably because I realized, after playing three or four really slow tunes, that I needed to pick things up. That's the magic of radio, I guess. Pretty decent show, overall (in my opinion.) More stuff from Relapse.

Download that shit homey.


Church of Misery - Killafornia
Alienation Mental - Psychogenesis

Opeth - The Drapery Falls
Silencer - I Shall Lead, You Shall Follow

Brutality - Cryptorium

Dethklok - Thunderhorse
Wino - Secret Realm Devotion

Funeral - Under Ebony Shades

Flotsam and Jetsam - She Took an Axe

High on Fire - Bastard Samurai

Toxic Carnage - Psycho Shredder

Atrox - Sultry Air

Exmortes - Lacerated Sky

Funcunt - Rummut

Kill the Client - As Roaches
(New from Relapse)
Black Sabbath - Snow Blind

Flames of Hell - Fire and Steel
The Obsessed - Tombstone Highway

Thrones - Genex

Bathory - Blood Fire Death

Cough - Crippled Wizard
(New from Relapse)
Aborted - Gurgling Rotten Feces

Cathedral - Funeral of Dreams

My Dying Bride - Your River (Request)
Willing Feet - Deep with the First Dead

Exodus - Metal Command

Cephalic Carnage - The Incorrigible Flame
(New from Relapse)

That's it...more Halloween-themed bullshit in a couple days probably.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fuckin' up yer halloween part 1

I pretty much hate holidays, but here's some Halloween music anyhow.

I did this last year, too.

1. Black Widow - 'Sacrifice'
A whole prog-rock album about the devil and sacrifices and all things of that nature. The songs are surprisingly good, especially 'Come to the Sabbat.' You can download this fucker right here, because I put it up in March.

2. Type O Negative - 'Bloody Kisses'
Even though Peter Steele is dead, he's still scaring new listeners with this album all the time. I think that was supposed to be funny. Anyhow, it's a classic of the 'gothic metal' genre, and an all-around good listen. Check out the video for 'Black No. 1' here.

3. C.A. Quintet - 'Trip thru Hell'
Apparently, a soundtrack for what the title would indicate. I'm not sure if I'm buying that, but there are enough goofy sound effects to at least make this a Halloween Party disc. Plus, it's psychedelic. Who doesn't like Halloween more when it's psychedelic? Download the whole thing from this fine music blog.

4. Lucifer - 'Black Mass'
This album was created by one Mort Garson as an electronic representation of what a black mass probably sounds like. This was in the early days of synthesizers (1973 or something) so it's pretty primitive-sounding, but he gets some really odd fuckin' sounds out of his Moog. If you've ever wondered why some people are really into old Moog music, check out this record. Another good 'Halloween Party' release that's not super loud or super offensive. Download it HERE if you're interested.

5. Kalaschnikov - 'The Torture Never Stops'Daffy fuckin' German metal that sounds like it was composed in three hours. Check out this post to see a little more about the Metal Enterprises record label and how they love fucking metalheads out of $15 bucks here and there. Let's put it this way: This SOUNDS like fake-Halloween-metal. Like the soundtrack to some 1990's teenage monster flick where the kids have to stop an evil spirit or some such bullshit. It's that goofy. Just look at the song titles (when you download it, that're not likely to find this one anywhere but here!) and the album cover. The only positive thing I can say about this album is that you WILL have a good time listening to it.

I'll be doin' a wicked-scary Forte in a couple weeks (or is it a week? I dunno), so tune in for that.

Forte 2, with a set of gross-out butt-grind

This one is probably a lot more enjoyable than last week's....I had time to find new music, plus Relapse records sent me a bunch of brand new stuff to play, and play I did.

And, since the page has been created, you can now check out the FORTE PODCASTS.

Here's the playlist:

16 - Tochohara
Morsure - L'irremediable

Celtic Frost - I Won't Dance (The Elder's Orient)

Titan - Highlands of Orick
(New from Relapse)
Endless Dismal Moan - ISLNWD

Danzig - Am I Demon

Macabre - Trampled to Death

Macabre - The Green River Murderer (He's Still Out There)

Butt-Grind (see if you can guess why I call it that):
Bowel Stew - Lymphatic Varicosities in the Scrotum

Bowel Stew - Anal Abortion of Mongoloid Fetus

Regurgitate - Frenzy Faecal Munching

Assuck - Salt Mine

Anal Cunt - Jack Kevorkian is Cool

Defecation - Recovery

Anal Blast - My Wings Flew Away

Regurgitate - Putrefactive Bowel Consumer

Black Anvil - Scalping
(New from Relapse)
Acid Bath - Bleed Me an Ocean

Ganzmord - Black Monolithic

Electric Wizard - Dunwich

Morbid Saint - Assassin

Shrum - Cybergod

Unearthly Trance - The Horsemen Arrive in the Night
(New from Relapse)
Kalaschnikov - Devil's Yo Hero
Witchfynde - Wake Up Screaming

Carpathian Forest - Lunar Nights
Pantera - Medicine Man

Neurosis - To What End?

Space Eater - Divide and Conquer

Pentagram - The Ghoul

Cattle Decapitation - Reduced to Paste

Danzig - Black Candy

Helloween - You Always Walk Alone
Bellzlleb - Burn for the Sin

Painkiller - Buried Secrets

Circle of Animals - No Faith
(New from Relapse)
Autopsy - Ridden with Disease

Was very into the 2nd Acid Bath album (from which I pulled 'Bleed Me an Ocean')...I never took the time to listen to it before. Also, the bassist from Acid Bath formed a group with 2 basses/no guitars (Shrum) which I played as well. Odd stuff; too bad he had to go and die.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Forte 1

The rumors are true...I've retired the Obscuro! radio program for the time being. It may pop up again sometime down the road, but for now it's finished. I felt that I'd done pretty much all I could within the self-imposed guidelines of the show, and honestly it got a little tiring spending hours digging for crazy shit each week.

That does NOT mean I'll be retiring this fact, I still plan on posting plenty o' wacky music and wacky music compilations...just at my own leisure. From now on, I'll also be posting playlists/podcasts/whatnot to do with Forte, WIDR's 3-hour metal program Friday nights 11-2 am which I have adopted. Don't worry..I'll be bringing my own brand of bizarr-o to the show, and a lot of it will be focusing on the most noncommercial metal music I can find.

Here's the playlist for this past Friday night, my first official foray into Forte, with guest-host Jake the Snake:

Repulsion - Maggots in Your Coffin
Death - Regurgitated Guts
Darkthrone - Paragon Belial
Cathedral - Picture of Beauty and Innocence/Commiserating the Celebration
Dead Horse - Rock Lobster
Burzum - Jesus' Tod (Death of Jesus)
Mortician - Driller Killer
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses/A Death in the Family
Malicious Onslaught - Corpseifier
Sleep - Dragonaut
Godflesh - Like Rats (request)
Horse the Band - Murder (request)
Iron Maiden - Another Life
Dethklok - Briefcase full of Guts
Eyehategod - Ruptured Heart Theory
Brutal Truth - Godplayer
Faith No More - War Pigs
Irrwisch - Leer
Leviathan - The Bitter Emblem of Dissolve (request)
Cannibal Corpse - Split Wide Open
Anata - The Conductor's Departure
Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
NME - Brickwall
Moss - Subterraen II
Motorhead - Jailbait
Mayhem - Funeral Fog
Orcustus - Conversion

Quite a bit of it is similar to what I played when subbing for the program last week, so hopefully with some time to devote to record-digging this week, it'll be a little more varied come next Friday night.

...and here is the playlist for the final episode of Obscuro, which was a best-of chronicling the past year and a half of the show:

Kenneth Higney - No Heavy Trucking
Debris - Witness
MC J'Ro'J - Let's Jump
Randy Rice - Mrs. Bitch
Jerry Solomon - Chivalry of Early 50's
Raven - Raven Mad Jam
Freddie Blassie - Pencil Neck Geek
Harry Perry - Message
Bruce Haack - Motorcycle Ride
Jim Shepard - Pull the Switch, Henry
Konrad - My Girl Likes to Buy
Virgin Insanity - In the Eyes
Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves
Stephen David Heitkotter - I Don't Mind
Yma Sumac - Chuncho
Coven - Choke, Thirst, Die
Sensational - Freak Styler
White Coffee - Voodoo (Obscuro! theme song)
Gleneil - Cheepy Chappy and Ito
Sun City Girls - Dreamland
Bobb Trimble - Night at the Asylum
Robbie the Werewolf - Lucifer
V-3 - Caucasian White
Simon Finn - Jerusalem

Here's the podcast for that.

Unfortunately, there isn't a podcast page for Forte yet, but there should be pretty soon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obscuro! Mixtape #5...'Thank You and Goodnight' rhyme or reason another one of these fuckers for ya. This time, I just threw together some stuff I'd been listening to with some of my favorite tracks from the past few months of the radio show. It made for a nice mix of the 'weird' and the 'regular' so maybe it'll alienate less people than the actual program. Also, it's got quite a few metallic tracks, in honor of my becoming the new host of Forte on WIDR. I titled it 'Thank You and Goodnight' for this reason (plus the consequential ending of my Obscuro! radio program.)



1. Fred Lane - "Rubber Room" - From the One that Cut You, 1976
I'm not sure if that release date is accurate, because this whole thing is a put-on...the guy pretends to be a psychotic lounge singer, and it works pretty well. That's not to say this ISN'T pretty messed up, because you'd have to be a little off to concoct an idea like this anyhow. Apparently, the music is mostly improvised by session players, which gives it an off-kilter, sloppy feel. Words are awesome.

2. Burzum - "Erblicket die Tochter des Firmaments" - Filosofem, 1996 (recorded 1993)
I really don't give a shit what anybody has to say about this guy. Dude is a musical genius, and that's that. It doesn't matter what he believes in, or if he killed anybody (he did) or if he burnt down a ton of historical churches (he did, probably.) Dude is a musical genius. Upon first hearing this song/album, I had the assumption that black metal was a completely badass genre (since Burzum is basically the quintessential black metal band.) That's not true. A lot of black metal is really stupid. Burzum is not.

3. Bobby Brown - "Jungle Cowboy" - Prayers of a One Man Band, 1982
The original surfer-hippie-one-man-band-with-foot-pedals! This is a humorous little tune, which is pretty similar to about half of Bobby's repertoire. The other half is long, spacey cosmic jams.

4. Secret Metal - "The Cop" - Helge's, Girls and Boys (V.A.), 1987
Although I did upload this whole compilation a while back, I just can't get over this tune! Where were the parents?

5. V-3 - "Your Girlfriend" - Negotiate Nothing, 1992
More Jim Shepard, who seems to pop up about every other week on the radio show. I like a lot of this guy's music...other stuff, not so much (the random noise jams I can take or leave.) But, when he sits down and writes a decent tune (like this one,) it's almost always phenomenal. The V-3 album "Photograph Burns" is a really good example of Jim's songwriting abilities, with very little filler. Can't blame the guy, though. He was a depressed heroin-addict factory worker. Sucks.

6. Cathedral - "Enter the Worms" - The Ethereal Mirror, 1993
This is a little more recognizable, eh? Who knew the 'singer' from Napalm Death could tear it up like this? Dude sounds like a more theatrical version of King Buzzo. This whole album is head-nodding, angry-face-driving music and I love it.

7. T. Valentine - "Hello Lucille, Are You a Lesbian?" - Hello Lucile, Are You a Lesbian?, 2000 (recorded sometime in the early 60's)
I don't really know what to say about this...apparently T. Valentine had a nasty breakup with a significant other, and this was how he got back at here. All his other songs are exactly like this, with different subjects and slightly different backing music. Someone said he was like a proto-Wesley Willis, and I won't argue.

8. Emil Richards and the Microtonal Blues Band - "Mantra" - Journey to Bliss, 1968
This stuff is like a really sped-up version of the soundtrack from Twin Peaks (at least the jazzier parts.) Just a nice palate-cleanser between fucked-up and more fucked-up.

9. Jerry Solomon - "First Date" - 45 rpm single, 196x
...and some more fucked-up. Jerry Solomon makes fucked-up music. Seriously. I don't know how he got a backing band on this track, but it's the only one I've heard that's not just him and whatever instruments were lying around. I'm not saying it's bad...because it's not, really. From what I've read, Jerry is a true American eccentric, and his music shows that. It's not something I'd listen to all the time (check out his album "Past the 20th Century," which is even more bizarre than this song) but it's definitely interesting in small doses.

10. Vulcan - "Lightning" - Meet Your Ghost, 1978
Backing story: Lyle Steece (aka Vulcan), upon hearing that Jimi Hendrix had died, decided it was his destiny in life to continue down the musical path which he thought Hendrix was traveling. I don't know if that's what this is, but it sounds like some really fucking distorted proto-metal to me, and I like that just fine. There's stuff about aliens, too...I dunno...dude's a character apparently.

11. The Parasites of the Western World - "Accessories" - S/T, 1978
2 guys attempt to recreate the musical stylings of Rush in their basement. Somehow sound like Chrome instead. Except MORE lo-fi and crazy, if that's possible.

12. Brutal Truth - "Foolish Bastard" - Sounds of the Animal Kingdom, 1997
Angry, stoned grindcore guys from New York. I remember in junior high I had a friend who liked lots of this stuff and I didn't...I hated pretty much everything he played me. One day he played me Brutal Truth and asked if I liked it. I said yes, just to fuck with him and he got really pissed off saying 'you don't like this! you don't like any of this stuff! that doesn't make sense!' They actually are pretty cool, though. Very angular riffs and strange chord patterns make for good (if not easy) listening.

13. Fleetwood Mac - "The Ledge" - Tusk, 1979
I never really gave Fleetwood Mac a chance when I was getting into stuff from the 60's and 70's because a recording/engineering professor told me this cocaine-fueled album cost about 1 million dollars to make and it made me want to puke. So, maybe Fleetwood Mac is the definition of big-budget least the product was kind of interesting. I dunno. This album reminds me of 10cc a little and I like 10cc.

14. The Frogs - "Get Yourself a Man (If You're a Man)" - Made Up Songs 1-61, 198x
You want to hear something stupid? I paid 50 bucks for a ticket to see the Smashing Pumpkins on their reunion tour, not because I love the Pumpkins, but because I love the act they chose to open for them...The Frogs. We got to the show right on time, only to find out that The Frogs were forced to play before the actual 'doors opening' time. Way to go, Billy Corgan, you fucking dickbag. You really know how to pay tribute to your influences.

15. Voivod - "Facing Up" - S/T, 2003
More Voivod, although this track is from a more recent album, and not any of the three I've uploaded to this page. Maybe more of the same, but the same is so awesome with Voivod that it's hard to notice.

16. Gary Wilson - "Run Through the Woods" - Lisa Wants to Talk to You, 2008
Yup, Gary's got a new(er) record. Actually, he's got one coming out this year, too. It's not quite as good as 'Mary Had Brown Hair' and it's a little bit more lo-fi (somebody told me this is because he's been using the exact same gear since the 70's without replacing any of it). Still good.

17. J.T. IV - "Destructo Rock" - Cosmic Lightning, 2008 (recorded sometime in the early 80's)
This guy was a punk-rock loner who preferred fucking up his life and taking massive amounts of hard drugs to actually being a musician. Still, some music was recorded...this is a REALLY twisted look at the mind of a sociopath. He died from complications of alcoholism sometime in the late 80's I think. No wonder, once you hear this tune.

18. Striborg - "Digging a Ditch to Die in" - Embittered Darkness, 2006
Bitter and grim black metal from...Australia? Apparently. I guess there are forests there, too. Anyhow, this stuff is really nasty, really poorly recorded, and (it should be obvious) really cool. You couldn't really tell this apart from Norwegian stuff like Mayhem if you tried. Plus, this guy's just got a way about him. The music SOUNDS like a forest. Cool.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Playlist for 10-1-10...with a mini-tribute to song-poem dude Rodd Keith

I never really thought the whole song-poem thing was that cool...I mean, granted, it's kind of funny to hear amateur poetry over ill-advised 'rock' music, but I wouldn't really sit down and listen to the stuff. Rodd Keith seems to have created the best of these, putting his all into the music and doing a really wide range of styles (although maybe that was due to his rampant drug use), I did a little featurette on him because it's weird stuff and that's what I do. I also played a side-long jam by an anti-government German band that apparently was pretty offensive to all 1 of the people who spoke German and were listening.

Get you the podcast.


Checkpoint Charlie - Track 1
Wold - The Field Hag
Y. Bhekhirst - Over All
T. Valentine - Hello Lucille...Are You a Lesbian?
R. Stevie Moore - Dates (Original Version)
Jim Shepard - Harry's Getting Ready to Shave

Rodd Keith set:
Beat of the Traps from 'Ecstasy to Frenzy'
Our Senators from 'I Died Today'
I've Been Hurt So Many Times from 'I Died Today'
I Died Today from 'I Died Today'

Moolah - Crystal Waters
Three Souls in My Mind - I Rather Be Dead
Alvaro the Chilean with the Singing Nose - Side 1 of 'Drinkin' My Own Sperm'
Diabolic Man - Diabolic Man
George Coleman - Transistor Radio
Lucifer - Witch Trial
Joah Valley - She Loves You
The Bachs - Minister to a Mind Diseased
Alex Chilton - Take Me Home and Make Me Like it #3
Sternklang - Electrostatic Discharge Conductance (Part I)

...also, I filled in on Forte again, so you can hear what I think metal should sound like from my podcast page, and you can check out what I played below:

Dead Horse - Every God for Himself
Dead Horse - Aplo
Tormentor - Damned Grave
Faith No More - The Real Thing
Brutal Truth - Die Laughing
Blood Feast - Venomous Death
Buzzov-en - Pathetic
My Dying Bride - The Snow in My Hands
Carcass - Feast on Dismembered Carnage
Carcass - Regurgitation of Giblets
Striborg - Digging a Ditch to Die in
Candlemass - Samarithan
Gore - A Cruel Place
Morbid Angel - Suffocation
Iron Maiden - Transylvania
Cathedral - Ride
Atheist - Mineral
Ataraxie - Slow Transcending Agony
Voivod - Facing Up
Exmortes - Forced to Be Silent
Brujeria - Matando Gueros
Brujeria - Seis Seis Seis
Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Liege Lord - Rapture
Electric Wizard - Electric Wizard
Carnivore - Thermonuclear Warrior
Wold - Screech Owl
Eyehategod - Kill Your Boss
Mercyful Fate - Into the Coven
Cannibal Corpse - Rotting Head
Kyuss - Green Machine
Ulver - Chapter 1: Lost in the Forest of the Gnomes

Aside from that, my band Coma Nova won the Fight for the Tuna. Congratulations to us, I guess. We'll be rocking hard before Lightning Bolt and Wolf Eyes.