Sunday, October 31, 2010

P.T. Grimm and the Dead Puppies - 'Post Mortem Blues'

Here's one more thing in the spirit of Halloween (since it actually IS Halloween today.) I used to have this disc in junior high when I was way into MSI and shit like that. It's kinda similar, except with a little more grunge influence (?) and more structured songs. What the fuck ever happened to these guys? Looking back, they weren't so bad at all.

Artist: P.T. Grimm and the Dead Puppies
Title: Post Mortem Blues
Year: 1999

1. The Praxis Factor
2. The Freak of Unbridled Ridicule
3. Die Rusted Poltergeist
4. Agoraphobia
5. Coprocide
6. The Ghost of Suburban Bypass
7. Captain Considerate
8. Pre-Occupational Hazards
9. Evident
10. Like a Prayer
12. The Man with the Sapphire Skin
13. Congratulations

As you can see, I'm missing track 11 for some reason. Oh well. Sorry about that. As far as I know, this album was self-released, hence the tiny-ass cover photo being the only one I could find.



Michael said...

If you're still wondering they are just PT Grimm now and have been active in the NJ/NY scene all of these years. They have released two albums since Post Mortem Blues and they plan on having a new album available on iTunes in a month or so.

Bizarro Jerry said...

Oh, cool! Thanks for the update. I'll have to look into that. Always thought those guys were pretty cool.