Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The O discography, part 2

And, continuing with the uploads portion of my program, here is The O's first full-length album, the aborted "Nightmerica" project. Originally, this was going to be the record which introduced The O to the UK and America, but they were dropped by EMI before its release. 

To make matters worse, this was the guys' first encounter with newly-made sample laws. The EPs covered in last week's post featured a wide array of illegal samples culled from the bands' favorite albums. They originally tried to make "Nightmerica" similar, but had to remix the entire album, removing all uncleared samples, on a VERY limited budget. Unfortunately, Druggy G seems to think this hurt the album irreparably, and he has a certain hatred for it...I dunno...I still think this is their finest moment and has the best songs and the best merging of Nepo and G's styles. See for yourself, though. Regardless, it's probably one of the few major label albums by a virtually-unknown and very young band where they were allowed to do the whole thing themselves in a shitty apartment. Also, it's probably one of the only albums co-produced by members of both PM Dawn and the Cocteau Twins.
The O - 'Nightmerica' LP
Description: The punk, rap and Beatles influences finally come together for the group, resulting in one hell of an album. 'Kill Yer Teacherz' channels the horror-rap of Esham, while 'Get Wasted Time' is the ultimate pop single. If you can make out the album's lyrics, they're pretty disturbing sometimes.

1. Fucked Up Dreamz
2. Kill Yer Teacherz
3. Get Wasted Time
4. Nausea Bluez
5. Now
6. Brooklyn Drug
7. Xmas at Bob's
8. He Doesn't Love Me Anymore
9. A Celebration
10. Dream tha Fuck On
11. Liked You Better Living
12. Prozac
13. Shakin'

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playlist for 3-26-10, aka the WIDR ALLNIDR

Well, not much pre-recorded music this time part of the WIDR Week fundraiser, we put together 12 hours of live, on-air music performed by your favorite Kalamazoo bands. Or, at least MY favorite Kalamazoo bands, since I did most of the booking. Anyhow, the two sets that fell within my show's limits were the Whiskey Pickers (authentic bluegrass from Lansing) and Rotten Wood Moon, K-town's noisiest fellas. The playlist is below, and you can download the show here:


Mar 26 - 1:51 AMRotten Wood MoonLive in the WIDR studiosLiVE rock yall, come and get itNoe/d
Mar 26 - 1:40 AMRotten Wood MoonLive in the WIDR studiosLiVE rock yall, come and get itNoe/d
Mar 26 - 1:27 AMRotten Wood MoonLive in the WIDR studiosLiVE rock yall, come and get itNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 26 - 1:20 AMPatron SaintsFlowerFohhoh BohobNoe/d
Mar 26 - 1:14 AMPrince G and the Clever MC'sHappy Holiday33 rpm singleNoe/d
Mar 26 - 1:13 AMEnde ShneaflietChampagneIndependent World, Vol. 2Noe/d
Mar 26 - 12:58 AMStephen David HeitkotterFly Over the MoonHeitkotterNoe/d
Mar 26 - 12:54 AMCircuit RiderRed DogS/TNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 26 - 12:45 AMPain TeensShock TreatmentDestroy Me, LoverNoe/d
Mar 26 - 12:42 AMgONNA gET gOTDa Story (Slick Rick Remix)Feelins Back: Raw, Unreleased GGGNoe/d
Mar 26 - 12:40 AMKenneth HigneyNo Heavy TruckingAttic DemonstrationNoe/d
Mar 26 - 12:28 AMHawkwindEarth CallingSpace RitualNoe/d
Mar 26 - 12:20 AMSandozApple Core MachinePay AttentionNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 26 - 12:07 AMWhiskey PickersLive in the WIDR studiosLiVE rock yall, come and get itNoe/d
Dass about it for now...First 'real' show in a few weeks comin' up in two days! Lots of new tunes, I suppose.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Playlist for 3-19-10, WIDR Week

Well, due to the WIDR Week donations etiquette, there wasn't a whole lot of music played for this show. There was, however, some witty dialog on the part of myself and guest DJ Walkamonkey....but some ASSHEAD stopped my podcast file, so there's no record of this. I'm pretty pissed about that because, y'know, if I accidentally stop someone's file from recording, I'd usually MENTION IT TO THEM. To who did that if you're reading: You know who you are and you probably also know that you're a dick.


Lots of Big Star/Alex Chilton cuts during the show due to Alex's death this past Wednesday. This was really depressing to me as he's one of my favorite musicians of all he was only 59 and died of a heart attack. I never got to see him play! Goddamnit. 

Here's the playlist:

Mar 19 - 1:58 AMDennis WeiseY M Alim-KaderValhallaNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 1:45 AMHedningarnaTraMin SkogNoe/d
Mar 19 - 1:42 AMastronautalisTrouble HuntersPomegranaterequesticalYese/d
Mar 19 - 1:38 AMBig StarFeel#1 RecordNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 1:12 AMResidentsSyx Things to a Cycle (Parts 1-6) (section)FingerprinceNoe/d
Mar 19 - 1:09 AMGod BulliesAutomakerWar on EverybodyNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 12:58 AMHenry Flynt and Nova BillyGood MorningS/TNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:55 AMAlex ChiltonWalking DeadBach's BottomNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:49 AMV-3Horse KickLive on WNUR ChicagoNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 12:34 AMRandy RiceI Think it's Time for Me to Get Out of HereTo Anyone Who's Ever Laughed at Someone ElseNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:29 AMTwo PositiveI Love My Mother33 rpm singleNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:23 AMEsther LeeJesus is the ChristWhere Glory BeganNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 12:15 AMBig StarYou Get What You DeserveRadio CityNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:12 AMCrudoLet's GodunnorequesticalYese/d
Mar 19 - 12:10 AMHarry PerryZoo ManGreatest Hits of the MillenniumNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Next week is the WIDR ALL-NIDR, so it won't be a proper edition of Obscuro! I'll still be around to rock the mic, though. For those not 'in the know,' this is 12 hours of live music on-air from your (and my) favorite Kalamazoo bands. This includes Matt Black and the Natural Mystics, Who Are the Owls?, Dooley Noted, Harvyst, and many many more. Be sure to tune in for that...and I'll probably be picking some cuts between the performances since this whole thing is my doing and I'm the lead engineer for it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alex Chilton is dead. that means the show I've been carefully preparing all week is now being thrown out the window in favor of Chilton/Big Star cuts. This'll be the second time I've featured his songs on the show.

Shit sucks, man. A true rock legend. He was 59.

Monday, March 15, 2010

'Heitkotter' LP finally sees reissue...

A while back, I featured a record by one Mr. Stephen David Heitkotter on the program. I included a full-album download in this post, as well as most of the info I could find on the record at the time. However, a label called Time-Lag Records (along with Earmonger Records) have finally cleared the rights to a re-release of this weird-ass LP. Apparently, they only did 2,000 copies, LP's--no CD's--and no repress (probably on request of Mr. Heitkotter's the former post and you'll probably understand why). I would urge everyone to order a copy of this, because it probably won't pop up again.

It's probably a singular story in the world of rock and roll, and it kicks the shit out of lots of other 'outsider' albums I've heard, mostly because this guy was a professional drummer and a pretty damn good guitarist..the recording quality isn't that great, but it's amazing given the circumstances. The above picture is the Road Runners, the garage rock combo Mr. Heitkotter played drums for before cutting this LP and eventually being committed to the psych ward. He's the not-so-happy looking shadowy guy directly next to the dude waving his hat.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playlist for 3-12-10, Bizarro Jerry's personal record fair

An all-vinyl, not necessarily obscure program. I played some of my favorite albums in honor of the WIDR record fair, which is going on as I'm typing this probably (although I'm at work). Anyhow, the playlist is below...I have the mp3 file but it's not up yet, so for now, here's the podcast.

Mar 12 - 1:54 AM Slint Nosferatu Man Spiderland
No Bizarro Jerry e/d
Mar 12 - 1:49 AM Syd Barrett Rats Barrett
Mar 12 - 1:47 AM Rage Against the Machine People of the Sun People of the Sun EP requestical Yes
Mar 12 - 1:42 AM Red Hot Chili Peppers Baby Appeal S/T
Mar 12 - 1:40 AM Roky Erickson and the Aliens I Think of Demons The Evil One
Mar 12 - 1:36 AM The Fuzz Nailed 45 rpm single
No Bizarro Jerry e/d
Mar 12 - 1:27 AM Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire Birds of Fire
Mar 12 - 1:24 AM Link Wray and his Ray Men The Swag 45 rpm single
Mar 12 - 1:20 AM Zakarrias Country Out of Reach S/T
Mar 12 - 1:11 AM Moss Dragged to the Roots Sub Templum
Mar 12 - 1:06 AM Peter Tosh Legalize It Legalize It
No Bizarro Jerry e/d
Mar 12 - 1:00 AM Beastie Boys Rhymin and Stealin Licensed to Ill
Mar 12 - 12:56 AM Melvins Ligature Bullhead
Mar 12 - 12:46 AM The Bevis Frond City of the Sun The Auntie Winnie Album
Mar 12 - 12:44 AM Mission of Burma Trem Two Vs.
Mar 12 - 12:37 AM Fifty Foot Hose Rose Cauldron
No Bizarro Jerry e/d
Mar 12 - 12:30 AM Dillinger Cocaine in My Brain Cocaine in My Brain
Mar 12 - 12:22 AM Hawkwind Down Through the Night Space Ritual
Mar 12 - 12:18 AM Fat Boys Hell No! Crushin'
Mar 12 - 12:15 AM Iron Maiden Purgatory Killers
Mar 12 - 12:12 AM Sunny Day Real Estate J'Nuh LP2
No Bizarro Jerry e/d
Mar 12 - 12:10 AM Sunny Day Real Estate J'Nuh LP2
Mar 12 - 12:05 AM Captain Beefheart Dropout Boogie Safe as Milk
Mar 12 - 12:00 AM Sleep Dragonaut Sleep's Holy Mountain
No Bizarro Jerry e/d

That's all I've got. REAL new show this week...I'm putting together some shit right now. Guest DJ Chris Wahamaki will be there as my phone buddy for the WIDR Week donation thing, too.

EDIT: Here's the mp3 link I promised a few days ago. Finally got around to making it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laziness + new records = this week's show

Well, that's not entirely true, I guess. It's not just's also a symptom of having wayyyyy too much to do this week and last week. Basically, I didn't have decent time to prepare 2 mix CD's-worth of songs (this is how I usually do the program) so I'm thinking it's going to be an all-vinyl, non-obscure program this week. I did this once before when my hard drive crashed and I lost all the music I set aside for the show, but this time will be an even larger variety of tunes. 

So, yeah, that's about it...too busy to worry about uploading albums or anything right now, but it'll definitely be a good, if not themed, program. It gives me a chance to play some of my favorite tunes that wouldn't otherwise end up on the show. Then, the week after this, I should have another full-length and some new tunes to play.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Playlist for 3-5-10, featuring Black Widow's album "Sacrifice"

I decided to go back to my old ways...meaning for a bit here I'll be featuring full-length albums in the middle of the Obscuro! program. Usually, these are out-of-print or strange, and I actually had a few complaints (mostly from the same person) about the satanic nature of the album I chose to play last night. Speaking of which, the album in question was Black Widow's 1970 LP "Sacrifice," an ode to satanic rituals and demons and conjuring spirits and pretty much anything cultish. Their live shows featured a fabricated sacrifice and the music is actually well-accomplished progressive rock with saxes, flutes and organs. Some real catchy tunes, too. I'm going to continue posting mp3's of the show, so here are some links:

Here's the playlist:

Mar 05 - 1:49 AMBobby BrownMy Hawaiian HomeEnlightening Beam of AxondaNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:37 AMBlack WidowSacrificeSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:33 AMBlack WidowAttack of the DemonSacrificeNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 1:25 AMBlack WidowSeductionSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:19 AMBlack WidowConjurationSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:14 AMBlack WidowCome to the SabbatSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:11 AMBlack WidowWay to PowerSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:03 AMBlack WidowIn Ancient DaysSacrificeNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 12:53 AMZuChthonianCarboniferousNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:51 AMClem HutchinsWhite Cloud45 rpm singleNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:49 AMJimi LaLumia and the Psychotic FrogsFucked by the DevilTypically Tasteless EPNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:46 AMRita LeeTempo NubladoBuild UpNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 12:39 AMDesireeGod of HellDesiree TapesNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:36 AMExumaSnakeSnakeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:32 AMLil MacYoung and EmbarrassedThe Lyrical MidgetNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:26 AMRavenCan't You SeeBack to Ohio BluesNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:20 AMLittle Howlin' WolfShangri-LaSingles, Vol. 1NoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 12:14 AMHarry PerryMessageGreatest Hits of the Millennium '95Noe/d
Mar 05 - 12:11 AMThe Astrology AlbumAquariusThe Astrology AlbumNoBizarro Jerrye/d

...and here's the tracklist from the Black Widow album:

1. In Ancient Days
2. Way to Power
3. Come to the Sabbat
4. Conjuration
5. Seduction
6. Attack of the Demon
7. Sacrifice

That's all I've got for now, hopefully that's enough to keep you occupied for a few days. Next week I'll have another full-length to play on the show.