Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laziness + new records = this week's show

Well, that's not entirely true, I guess. It's not just's also a symptom of having wayyyyy too much to do this week and last week. Basically, I didn't have decent time to prepare 2 mix CD's-worth of songs (this is how I usually do the program) so I'm thinking it's going to be an all-vinyl, non-obscure program this week. I did this once before when my hard drive crashed and I lost all the music I set aside for the show, but this time will be an even larger variety of tunes. 

So, yeah, that's about it...too busy to worry about uploading albums or anything right now, but it'll definitely be a good, if not themed, program. It gives me a chance to play some of my favorite tunes that wouldn't otherwise end up on the show. Then, the week after this, I should have another full-length and some new tunes to play.

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