Friday, March 5, 2010

Playlist for 3-5-10, featuring Black Widow's album "Sacrifice"

I decided to go back to my old ways...meaning for a bit here I'll be featuring full-length albums in the middle of the Obscuro! program. Usually, these are out-of-print or strange, and I actually had a few complaints (mostly from the same person) about the satanic nature of the album I chose to play last night. Speaking of which, the album in question was Black Widow's 1970 LP "Sacrifice," an ode to satanic rituals and demons and conjuring spirits and pretty much anything cultish. Their live shows featured a fabricated sacrifice and the music is actually well-accomplished progressive rock with saxes, flutes and organs. Some real catchy tunes, too. I'm going to continue posting mp3's of the show, so here are some links:

Here's the playlist:

Mar 05 - 1:49 AMBobby BrownMy Hawaiian HomeEnlightening Beam of AxondaNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:37 AMBlack WidowSacrificeSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:33 AMBlack WidowAttack of the DemonSacrificeNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 1:25 AMBlack WidowSeductionSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:19 AMBlack WidowConjurationSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:14 AMBlack WidowCome to the SabbatSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:11 AMBlack WidowWay to PowerSacrificeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 1:03 AMBlack WidowIn Ancient DaysSacrificeNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 12:53 AMZuChthonianCarboniferousNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:51 AMClem HutchinsWhite Cloud45 rpm singleNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:49 AMJimi LaLumia and the Psychotic FrogsFucked by the DevilTypically Tasteless EPNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:46 AMRita LeeTempo NubladoBuild UpNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 12:39 AMDesireeGod of HellDesiree TapesNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:36 AMExumaSnakeSnakeNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:32 AMLil MacYoung and EmbarrassedThe Lyrical MidgetNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:26 AMRavenCan't You SeeBack to Ohio BluesNoe/d
Mar 05 - 12:20 AMLittle Howlin' WolfShangri-LaSingles, Vol. 1NoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 05 - 12:14 AMHarry PerryMessageGreatest Hits of the Millennium '95Noe/d
Mar 05 - 12:11 AMThe Astrology AlbumAquariusThe Astrology AlbumNoBizarro Jerrye/d

...and here's the tracklist from the Black Widow album:

1. In Ancient Days
2. Way to Power
3. Come to the Sabbat
4. Conjuration
5. Seduction
6. Attack of the Demon
7. Sacrifice

That's all I've got for now, hopefully that's enough to keep you occupied for a few days. Next week I'll have another full-length to play on the show.

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