Friday, March 19, 2010

Playlist for 3-19-10, WIDR Week

Well, due to the WIDR Week donations etiquette, there wasn't a whole lot of music played for this show. There was, however, some witty dialog on the part of myself and guest DJ Walkamonkey....but some ASSHEAD stopped my podcast file, so there's no record of this. I'm pretty pissed about that because, y'know, if I accidentally stop someone's file from recording, I'd usually MENTION IT TO THEM. To who did that if you're reading: You know who you are and you probably also know that you're a dick.


Lots of Big Star/Alex Chilton cuts during the show due to Alex's death this past Wednesday. This was really depressing to me as he's one of my favorite musicians of all he was only 59 and died of a heart attack. I never got to see him play! Goddamnit. 

Here's the playlist:

Mar 19 - 1:58 AMDennis WeiseY M Alim-KaderValhallaNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 1:45 AMHedningarnaTraMin SkogNoe/d
Mar 19 - 1:42 AMastronautalisTrouble HuntersPomegranaterequesticalYese/d
Mar 19 - 1:38 AMBig StarFeel#1 RecordNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 1:12 AMResidentsSyx Things to a Cycle (Parts 1-6) (section)FingerprinceNoe/d
Mar 19 - 1:09 AMGod BulliesAutomakerWar on EverybodyNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 12:58 AMHenry Flynt and Nova BillyGood MorningS/TNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:55 AMAlex ChiltonWalking DeadBach's BottomNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:49 AMV-3Horse KickLive on WNUR ChicagoNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 12:34 AMRandy RiceI Think it's Time for Me to Get Out of HereTo Anyone Who's Ever Laughed at Someone ElseNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:29 AMTwo PositiveI Love My Mother33 rpm singleNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:23 AMEsther LeeJesus is the ChristWhere Glory BeganNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Mar 19 - 12:15 AMBig StarYou Get What You DeserveRadio CityNoe/d
Mar 19 - 12:12 AMCrudoLet's GodunnorequesticalYese/d
Mar 19 - 12:10 AMHarry PerryZoo ManGreatest Hits of the MillenniumNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Next week is the WIDR ALL-NIDR, so it won't be a proper edition of Obscuro! I'll still be around to rock the mic, though. For those not 'in the know,' this is 12 hours of live music on-air from your (and my) favorite Kalamazoo bands. This includes Matt Black and the Natural Mystics, Who Are the Owls?, Dooley Noted, Harvyst, and many many more. Be sure to tune in for that...and I'll probably be picking some cuts between the performances since this whole thing is my doing and I'm the lead engineer for it.


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