Friday, March 30, 2012

V-3 - 'Pimping in the '90's'

...More rare Jim Shepard stuff. Another release that didn't make it onto the 'Forever Lowman' blog. REALLY lo-fi quality...almost to the point of being damaging. Lots of different versions of old V-3 songs, and a few new noise jams. Overall, I wouldn't rate it very high in the V-3 catalog, but a few moments make it worth hearing. This is directly after 'Photograph Burns' in the V-3 timeline, I believe. Too lazy to check Discogs, though. There's no cover photo in the's up there, though.


1. The Amateur Welder
2. Queen of the Underground
3. Defective
4. Car Horn in a Stinger Trap
5. Please Take Hold
6. Carnage on the Midway
7. Your Rival
8. Indy Rock 101
9. You Smoke Ink
10. Contact!
11. Glam Rock Ray Gun
12. ...Talking to S.B....
13. Super Human 2
14. Squid Ink
15. Forever Low Man
16. Grip Connector
17. Voices in the Woods
18. Son of Sam Donaldson (Boom Box Demo)
19. Harlem U.F.O. Sighting #128
20. Bullet through the Floorboards

King G and the J Krew - 'Indestructible Songs of the Humpback Whale'

Damn, I don't even have to do any uploading for this one, because it's available for free on a bandcamp page. So. Some of you may be familiar with the emo/math/post/whatever group Rodan....if not, they were in the same peer group as Slint...same town, same high school I think, and a similar sound. I'd say Rodan was a bit harder-edged, though. Anyhow. Apparently, they started out (in high school) as pretty much the exact same lineup, but playing white-boy Run-DMC-styled rap music instead. Huh?

And, since their one release is mad out of print, and I wouldn't hold my breath on a reissue, someone (possibly affiliated with the band?) has kindly made a decent chunk of their recordings available.


2. Sit Calm
3. Indestructible Soul (Part 1)
4. P. Control Voodoo Diagram
5. Blackout
6. Bass: The Final Frontier
7. Locust Drive (Featuring B. Daughtrey and Jedi McKnight)
8. Kung Fu Kick to Ya Mind
9. Slow Motion Doomsday Mission
10. Indestructible Soul (Part 2)
11. Sea Jelly
12. Biscuits N Gravy (Bowel Death N Raven Mix)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Incredibly Strange Metal, Vol. 1

Here's a compilation that appeared on the internet a while back. I think it was put together by these folks...

It's exactly what the title says...loads of weird, fucked-up, misguided metal music. It turned me on to a lot of the stranger stuff that appears on Forte. But, we're in dire need of a volume two (at least I think so.) This compilation only scratches the surface of the totally demented metal that's out there. Sooo, my goal is to put together a vol. 2 (possibly a vol. 3) in the next couple of weeks, and maybe even send it to the fellas who made the original.

VA - Incredibly Strange Metal Vol. 1, 20??


1. Oblachnyj Kraj - Sazhaj Korneplody, Vyrschlvaj Luk!
3. Damien Storm - Realms of Destiny (Edit)
4. The Crisis - Kolahal Ma
5. The Crisis - Maya Boki Aau
6. Kuster - All a Live
7. Kuster - Love a Bit
8. Exmortes - Forced to Be Silent
9. Exmortes - Creed of Eternal
10. Drakar - Tunelem Zpatky
11. Morsure - No Moral
12. Black Hole - Blind Men and Occult Forces
13. The Runaways - S-P-E-E-D-M-E-T-A-L
14. Legion - Hold On
15. Torn Flesh - Torn Flesh (Crux of the Mosh)
16. Torn Flesh - Gay Rights/Man's Best Friend (Intro)
17. Svaty Vincent - Krucifix
18. Secret Metal - The Cop
19. Lester Maddox - Egypt (The Chains are Off)
20. Parabellum - Madre Muerte

Apparently I'm missing track 2?? Oh well, it's just another Damien Storm song...

New Coma Nova stuff...

Most of ya have probably seen posts here about my band, Coma Nova. After quite a few lineup changes and fucking around, we've finally put out our second full-length. It's called 'Insect Sounds,' and you can buy it from our bandcamp page, or come see us live and get it cheaper.

Also, this past week was WIDR Week, and we put together another 12 hours of live, on-air music from our favorite local bands. Check the WIDR website for more info on that...podcasts should be up soon. However, the Coma Nova set will be available on our bandcamp page very soon, as well as some other goodies...

Coma Nova - Insect Sounds, 2012


1. Crashing Cars
2. Cat Stevens
3. Surprise, then Disappointment
4. Bandana
5. Psychic Rolling Papers
6. Dust Boogie
7. Henry and Ribsy
8. Sensinovas
9. Pigger

Yeah, only 9 tracks, but it's still longer than the first one. Also, track 5 is a crazy surf-metal jam, if you're into that sorta thing...

Lullaby - 'My Master Lucifer'

Here's an odd one. This might make an appearance on the upcoming 'Incredibly Strange Metal, Vol. 2' compilation I'm trying to put together. More about this in the next post.

Basically, this is a Brazilian woman who (I think?) is some sort of metal music journalist. She also makes completely nuts 'black metal.' I say 'black metal' because, although this is listed as her primary influence, the music is more like demented doom than anything. The most obvious point of reference would be the Dwarr stuff I put up a while back, except with even stranger vocals. I don't really know what to say about them. Maybe if the singer from Exmortes was a'll have to hear this one to see what I mean. Oh yeah, she's got a website.

Lullaby - My Master Lucifer, 1993


1. Shout of the Death
2. My Master Lucifer
3. You Liar
4. Welcome Lucifer
5. Lilith
6. Lucifer
7. In the Name of the Devil
8. Supreme Majesty
9. Symphony of the Death

So, obviously, she really likes Lucifer...and death.

Jim Shepard - 'The Evil Twin'

So, I have no idea what to start with when it comes to sharing music. I'm trying to put up stuff other people haven't yet, so nobody gets pissed at me for cramping their style or something.

That being said, there's a great (now defunct) blog that posted a huge amount of Jim Shepard's material. I've got it linked in the sidebar, but if you're stupid or something, go here.

Now, I don't know if he just never came across it, or what, but here's a release that's not anywhere on the Forever Lowman blog. It's a '96 cassette release called 'The Evil Twin,' and I like it a lot more than other Shepard solo releases from this period. It's more song-oriented, which is what I'm into. I do like the whole concept of a lo-fi collage (like 'Picking Through the Wreckage with a Stick') but I also wish Jim had spent a little more time writing fully-formed songs. Oh well, everything he's done is worth hearing. I've also got V-3's 'Pimping in the 90's' release, which isn't on the Lowman blog, but it's kinda just noisier versions of older songs...I dunno, I'm lazy but if someone wants to hear it, hit me up.

Jim Shepard - The Evil Twin, 1996


1. Kike
2. Pain/Loss
3. Your Move, China Man
4. Shady Business Deal
5. Sick and Tired
6. Benelux-9
7. Theme from 'Doll House'
8. Break Down These Walls
9. Asteroid Ahead
10. Circles/Squares
11. Torn Down

...oh yeah, we still podcast Society's Fault weekly. Here's the link. If ya wanna hear new ones, go to the tab marked 'RSS Feeds.' I'm thinking about doing some more Obscuro mixtapes because the weirdness has just been building up in my music library. Maybe divided by genre. We'll see. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Okay, so, since apparently a bunch of people read this site still (judging by the comments I've received in the past few months...including a band I posted about who tracked me down..) I decided it might be a good idea to resume posting here.

Basically, I just had really slow internet for a while and couldn't post as many albums, but whatever. Since then, I've uncovered plenty of weird stuff, so time to start sharing again.

I don't think I'll be posting playlists for the two radio shows I do, because I don't care enough to start getting THAT involved again, but I'm going to try to put one, maybe two new albums up a week, and maybe a few new mixtapes as well.

ALSO: The two requested links below have been fixed:

ALSO ALSO: For those of you who read this/know me, you will know that I play in a band called Coma Nova. Well, after a year of dicking around, we've finished up a second full-length, and I'll probably make it available (or at least a few tracks) on thisayere site. Good stuff, right?

Enough blabbing, here's an album for ya:
I dunno how well-known these Rudimentary Peni fellas are, b
ut I've been listening to hardcore punk my whole life and just recently learned of them. Apparently fronted by a VERY crazy dude named Nick Blinko (who is also a terrific artist,) these guys went from a vegan/anarchist/mean punk band in the early 80's to a psychotic, idiosyncratic band known for doing concept albums about H.P. Lovecraft and popes. Weird weird weird stuff. 'Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric,' their third full-length release, and also probably the strangest. This is the aforementioned 'pope' concept album, and revolves around a loop of Blinko saying 'Popus Adrianus' which runs through the duration of the album. The first song, 'Pogo Pope,' is literally just him saying 'Pogo Pope' in different melodies. I like it a lot. Everything by these guys is worth checking do.

Rudimentary Peni - Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric, 1995


1. Pogo Pope
2. The Pope with No Name
3. Hadrianich Relique
4. Il Papus Puss
5. Muse Sick Sic
6. Vatican't City Hearse
7. I'm a Dream
8. We're Gonna Destroy Life the World Gets Higher and Higher
9. Pills, Popes and Potions
10. Ireland Sun
11. Regicide Chaz III
12. Iron Lung