Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Coma Nova stuff...

Most of ya have probably seen posts here about my band, Coma Nova. After quite a few lineup changes and fucking around, we've finally put out our second full-length. It's called 'Insect Sounds,' and you can buy it from our bandcamp page, or come see us live and get it cheaper.

Also, this past week was WIDR Week, and we put together another 12 hours of live, on-air music from our favorite local bands. Check the WIDR website for more info on that...podcasts should be up soon. However, the Coma Nova set will be available on our bandcamp page very soon, as well as some other goodies...

Coma Nova - Insect Sounds, 2012


1. Crashing Cars
2. Cat Stevens
3. Surprise, then Disappointment
4. Bandana
5. Psychic Rolling Papers
6. Dust Boogie
7. Henry and Ribsy
8. Sensinovas
9. Pigger

Yeah, only 9 tracks, but it's still longer than the first one. Also, track 5 is a crazy surf-metal jam, if you're into that sorta thing...

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