Friday, March 30, 2012

King G and the J Krew - 'Indestructible Songs of the Humpback Whale'

Damn, I don't even have to do any uploading for this one, because it's available for free on a bandcamp page. So. Some of you may be familiar with the emo/math/post/whatever group Rodan....if not, they were in the same peer group as Slint...same town, same high school I think, and a similar sound. I'd say Rodan was a bit harder-edged, though. Anyhow. Apparently, they started out (in high school) as pretty much the exact same lineup, but playing white-boy Run-DMC-styled rap music instead. Huh?

And, since their one release is mad out of print, and I wouldn't hold my breath on a reissue, someone (possibly affiliated with the band?) has kindly made a decent chunk of their recordings available.


2. Sit Calm
3. Indestructible Soul (Part 1)
4. P. Control Voodoo Diagram
5. Blackout
6. Bass: The Final Frontier
7. Locust Drive (Featuring B. Daughtrey and Jedi McKnight)
8. Kung Fu Kick to Ya Mind
9. Slow Motion Doomsday Mission
10. Indestructible Soul (Part 2)
11. Sea Jelly
12. Biscuits N Gravy (Bowel Death N Raven Mix)

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