Friday, March 9, 2012


Okay, so, since apparently a bunch of people read this site still (judging by the comments I've received in the past few months...including a band I posted about who tracked me down..) I decided it might be a good idea to resume posting here.

Basically, I just had really slow internet for a while and couldn't post as many albums, but whatever. Since then, I've uncovered plenty of weird stuff, so time to start sharing again.

I don't think I'll be posting playlists for the two radio shows I do, because I don't care enough to start getting THAT involved again, but I'm going to try to put one, maybe two new albums up a week, and maybe a few new mixtapes as well.

ALSO: The two requested links below have been fixed:

ALSO ALSO: For those of you who read this/know me, you will know that I play in a band called Coma Nova. Well, after a year of dicking around, we've finished up a second full-length, and I'll probably make it available (or at least a few tracks) on thisayere site. Good stuff, right?

Enough blabbing, here's an album for ya:
I dunno how well-known these Rudimentary Peni fellas are, b
ut I've been listening to hardcore punk my whole life and just recently learned of them. Apparently fronted by a VERY crazy dude named Nick Blinko (who is also a terrific artist,) these guys went from a vegan/anarchist/mean punk band in the early 80's to a psychotic, idiosyncratic band known for doing concept albums about H.P. Lovecraft and popes. Weird weird weird stuff. 'Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric,' their third full-length release, and also probably the strangest. This is the aforementioned 'pope' concept album, and revolves around a loop of Blinko saying 'Popus Adrianus' which runs through the duration of the album. The first song, 'Pogo Pope,' is literally just him saying 'Pogo Pope' in different melodies. I like it a lot. Everything by these guys is worth checking do.

Rudimentary Peni - Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric, 1995


1. Pogo Pope
2. The Pope with No Name
3. Hadrianich Relique
4. Il Papus Puss
5. Muse Sick Sic
6. Vatican't City Hearse
7. I'm a Dream
8. We're Gonna Destroy Life the World Gets Higher and Higher
9. Pills, Popes and Potions
10. Ireland Sun
11. Regicide Chaz III
12. Iron Lung

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