Monday, May 2, 2011

Fortes, Society's Faults, Anal Cunt Interview, and Bizarro Jerry's Alternate Universe Radio Program #1

Well, my Podcast pages are updated so they have all the shows up to the ones mentioned in my last post, but there are a few new ones which aren't up yet.

Namely, I went back to the Obscuro! format for one three-hour Forte block. I played lots of classics from the Obscuro! days, and also lots of new stuff I've been saving up but didn't have anywhere to play it. That'll be up for download soon, and here's the playlist for now:

Bizarro Jerry's Alternate Universe Radio Program #1:

Charlie Tweddle - Four Empty Bottles

Dimthings - Anti-Computer Dealings
Stan Hubbs - Joe and Gina
Stan Hubbs - The Best Man for Some Jobs is a Woman
Stan Hubbs - Young Saint Augustine
Swilson - Electric Aborigine
Marlin Wallace - Abominable Snow Creature
Caroliner - 20' Tall Stacked Skeleton Growling Fat Broke
Mark Tucker - 1964 Cadillac
Father Pat Berkery - Celibacy
Wicked Witch - Erratic Behaviour
MC Trachiotomy - S.S. ssumpin' sseet
Full Dimensional - Tadpoles in the Bongwater
Alex Chilton - Jingo Bells (Riding through the Reich)
The Trees Community - The Parable of the Mustard Seed
The Everyday Film - The Everyday Film
Sensational - Chunky Buds
Divine Styler - Livery
Divine Styler - Mystic Sheep Drink Electric Tea
New Kingdom - Infested
New Kingdom - Suspended in Air
Orko the Sykotik Alien - Mouth of Madness
Sylvia Hallett - Woman with Dustpan and Broom
The Sun Also Rises - Death
Tennessee Madonna and the Full Life All Stars - Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah
Eddy Detroit - Beelzebub
Sandoz - Apple Core Machine
Nun-Plus - Walk About the Craters of the Moon
The Nykels - The Teenager
Circuit Rider - Forever Angels Proud
Little Howlin' Wolf - E.T. Blues
Megatrip - Megatrip Outro
Brain Sound - Track #02

Yup, tons of weirdness for ya. Jake did Society's Fault alone last week because I couldn't find a parking spot, so here's the playlist for that:

Stooges - We Will Fall
Syd Barrett - Gigolo Aunt
The Who - Cousin Kevin
Syd Barrett - Baby Lemonade
Syd Barrett - Effervescing Elephant
Skip Spence - Broken Hope
Skip Spence - All Come to Meet Her
T. Rex - Jeepster
Iggy Pop - Turn Blue
Iggy Pop - Neighborhood Threat
Blue Cheer - Out of Focus

Wipers - Over the Edge
Wipers - Doom Town
Wipers - So Young
Wipers - Messenger
Wipers - Romeo

Gang of Four - Return the Gift
The Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again
The Clash - Overpowered by Funk
The Sound - I Can't Escape Myself
Echo and the Bunnymen - It's Alright

...he left early to see the Pixies, so it's a shortened program. Oh well.

Here's Society's Fault's playlist for this past Friday:

The Tubes - Up from the Deep
The Kinks - Last of the Steam Powered Trains
Blue Cheer - Come and Get it
Velvet Underground - Ocean
Syd Barrett - Terrapin
Skip Spence - Weighted Down (The Prison Song)
Arthur Brown - Time
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Road - Spaceship Earth

Green Day - I Want to Be Alone
Germs - Not All Right
Social Distortion - All the Answers
GG Allin - Snakeman's Dance
Melvins - Boris
Dead Kennedys - Chicken Farm
Embrace - No More Pain

Tilt - Libel
Wipers - Land of the Lost
Jawbreaker - Ashtray Monument
Swervedriver - Son of Mustang Ford
Heiner Goebbels/Heiner Muller - Wild Speculations
Pansy Division - Fem in a Black Leather Jacket
The Bevis Frond - Close
Jane's Addiction - Up the Beach
The Flying Lizards - Summertime Blues
Jim Shepard - Quotients and Numbers

...Jake left early AGAIN, so that last bit of post-punk is all me. Dunno what we're doing next week.

...and last, but certainly not least, here is Forte from this past Friday night, featuring a brief interview with Josh Martin and Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt. I filled out most of the show with AxCx tracks and tracks by bands they like. If you don't know who these guys are, that's your loss. They've provided me with countless hours of humor and headbanging since early high school, and I own all their records, so obviously it was really cool to sit down and chat with them. Really nice guys, too (surprisingly).

Once again, the podcasts are not up, but I will make note on this page as soon as the interview is up. It should be on the 'WIDR INTERVIEWS' podcast page in its unedited form sometime soon. I had to do a ton of 'bleeps' to be able to play it on the air. But, here's the playlist for now anyhow:

Iron Maiden - The Ides of March
Iron Maiden - Wrathchild
Anal Cunt - Interview
Anal Cunt - Loudest Stereo
Anal Cunt - I Wish My Dealer was Open
Anal Cunt - Crankin' My Band's Demo on a Box at the Beach
Anal Cunt - Side B of the 'Unplugged' EP
Black Sabbath - Behind the Wall of Sleep
Anal Cunt - Radio Hit
Anal Cunt - Unbelievable
Anal Cunt - Even More Songs
Anal Cunt - I Don't Wanna Dance
Anal Cunt - Guy Lombardo
Anal Cunt - Pottery's Gay
Anal Cunt - You Play on a Softball Team
Anal Cunt - We Just Disagree
Anal Cunt - Windchimes are Gay
Anal Cunt - Hootie and the Blowfish
Anal Cunt - 311 Sucks
Judas Priest - Jawbreaker
Eyehategod - Kill Your Boss
Anal Cunt - I'm Not that Kind of Boy
Anal Cunt - Theme from 'Three's Company'
Anal Cunt - Big Pants, Bigger Loser
Anal Cunt - Your Family is Dumb
Anal Cunt - I Got Athlete's Foot Showering at Mike's
Damien Storm - Realms of Destiny (Edit)
Damien Storm - Behind the Curtain
Pantera (ft. Seth Putnam) - War Nerve
Anal Cunt - Hitler was a Sensitive Man
Anal Cunt - Rancid Sucks (And the Clash Sucked Too)
Anal Cunt - I Intentionally Ran Over Your Dog
Anal Cunt - Being Ignorant is Awesome
Anal Cunt - Flower Shop Guy
Anal Cunt - American Woman
Anal Cunt - Some More Hits
Anal Cunt - 'Stealing Seth's Ideas,' the New Book by Jon Chang
Anal Cunt - Pepe, the Gay Waiter
Anal Cunt - Stayin' Alive (Oi! Version)
Anal Cunt - Art Fag
Napalm Death - Mentally Murdered
Eyehategod - Left to Starve
Hellhammer - Buried and Forgotten
Altar of Plagues - Feather and Bone
Anata - Disobedience Pays
Cathedral - Ride
Primus - Too Many Puppies
Type O Negative - Christian Woman/Body of Christ
Carbonized - Succubus
Napalm Death - Blind to the Truth
Creeping - Crawling Into Hell
Rottest Slag - Opium Smokers
Argus - Wolves of Dusk
The God Machine - Ego
Leukemia - Wandering
Eyehategod - Zero Nowhere
Pestilence - Commandments, lots and lots of typing. Alright, I'm done, check ya later.

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