Friday, March 30, 2012

V-3 - 'Pimping in the '90's'

...More rare Jim Shepard stuff. Another release that didn't make it onto the 'Forever Lowman' blog. REALLY lo-fi quality...almost to the point of being damaging. Lots of different versions of old V-3 songs, and a few new noise jams. Overall, I wouldn't rate it very high in the V-3 catalog, but a few moments make it worth hearing. This is directly after 'Photograph Burns' in the V-3 timeline, I believe. Too lazy to check Discogs, though. There's no cover photo in the's up there, though.


1. The Amateur Welder
2. Queen of the Underground
3. Defective
4. Car Horn in a Stinger Trap
5. Please Take Hold
6. Carnage on the Midway
7. Your Rival
8. Indy Rock 101
9. You Smoke Ink
10. Contact!
11. Glam Rock Ray Gun
12. ...Talking to S.B....
13. Super Human 2
14. Squid Ink
15. Forever Low Man
16. Grip Connector
17. Voices in the Woods
18. Son of Sam Donaldson (Boom Box Demo)
19. Harlem U.F.O. Sighting #128
20. Bullet through the Floorboards

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