Monday, March 15, 2010

'Heitkotter' LP finally sees reissue...

A while back, I featured a record by one Mr. Stephen David Heitkotter on the program. I included a full-album download in this post, as well as most of the info I could find on the record at the time. However, a label called Time-Lag Records (along with Earmonger Records) have finally cleared the rights to a re-release of this weird-ass LP. Apparently, they only did 2,000 copies, LP's--no CD's--and no repress (probably on request of Mr. Heitkotter's the former post and you'll probably understand why). I would urge everyone to order a copy of this, because it probably won't pop up again.

It's probably a singular story in the world of rock and roll, and it kicks the shit out of lots of other 'outsider' albums I've heard, mostly because this guy was a professional drummer and a pretty damn good guitarist..the recording quality isn't that great, but it's amazing given the circumstances. The above picture is the Road Runners, the garage rock combo Mr. Heitkotter played drums for before cutting this LP and eventually being committed to the psych ward. He's the not-so-happy looking shadowy guy directly next to the dude waving his hat.

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