Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More fun for All Hallow's Eve

There is absolutely no doubt I will be playing this song for the Halloween Obscuro! special:

Now that I have a better idea of what this special evening will entail, it pleases me to give some more information:

Tune in to WIDR FM this Thursday night from midnight til 2 am for Bizarro Jerry's Devil's Night Spectacular. Aside from the prerequisite Halloween novelties, the show will feature clips from numerous horror films, frightening metal music, atmospheric horror film scores, gothic shit, serial killers singing, and of course, The Misfits. Don't call and request "The Monster Mash" because that shit's gay and I won't play it.

To conclude the mid-week post, here's a list of 5 horror films that will be getting some serious play while kids bang on my door expecting candy and don't get any.

1. Basket Case, 1982
The original low-budget bloodbath. This came before the onslaught of similar Troma films. A dude helps his deformed siamese-twin brother kill people and then get their revenge on the doctors who separated them. Aside from the obvious hilarity that ensues, this movie is really gritty and cool-looking.

2. 976-Evil, 1988
The only horror film directed by Robert "Freddie Kruger" Englund (well, until 2008's "Killer Pad")....and I wonder why? The plot is pretty stupid (an automated telephone 'horror-scope' machine becomes possessed by the devil and gives people evil power...but if they start to have second thoughts, the power starts attacking them through payphones and shit like that) but it's got some funny characters and scenes, some really stereotypical 80's bullies (everyone loves those!) and not a single appearance by the man himself. "That's what the plastic's for, asshole!"

3. Phantasm, 1979
A classic in the genre of 'little kid heroes' horror films. Young kid has to save his brother (and the whole town) from a crazy undertaker known as the Tall Man who is turning corpses into weird midgets and having them work in his alternate universe. Don Coscarelli is the king of turning fucked-up storylines like that into serious films (for reference, see "Bubba Ho Tep.")

4. The Dentist, 1996
This is a really stupid movie. Seriously. A dentist who's not actually a dentist (he just wants to be like his father) goes around hurting 'patients.' I don't really remember the plot too much, just that it's really bloody and has some good one-liners. Shitty movie = get stoned.

5. Redneck Zombies, 1987
Filmed entirely on an 8mm video camera, this movie is the definition of 'friends making a movie and not caring how it turns out.' Despite the horrible acting and weak plot (dumb rednecks stumble upon a barrel of nuclear waste and mistake it for a 'fancy European' mash still, then become zombies after drinking it and terrorize some campers) this film has fantastic gore effects. It's surprising how realistic this stuff is considering the budget (or lack thereof), and some of it is downright stomach-turning. Plus, the music written for the film is terrible and hilarious.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and check out some Obscuro! podcasts if ya want.

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