Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mid-week post = Obscuro! Non-obscure mixtape Vol. 1

Instead of trying to find something interesting to post about that's somewhat related to the Obscuro! program, I decided to make a little mixtape of all the things I would like to play on the radio but can't because of my 'rigidly structured' show. As you can tell, a decent chunk of it is more metallic than not, and that's because I listen to a lot of metal. Maybe you'll find something here you like. Anyhow, the tracklist is as follows:

1. Pentagram - Lazylady from "First Daze Here" compilation
2. GG Allin - You Hate Me and I Hate You from "Banned in Boston" compilation
3. KRS-One - Black Cop from "Return of the Boom Bap"
4. Earth and Fire - Wild and Exciting from "Earth and Fire"
5. Sunny Day Real Estate - Rodeo Jones from "LP2"
6. gONNA gET gOT - I'm Tryin' from "My Microphone"
7. Eyehategod - Hit a Girl from "In the Name of Suffering"
8. The Cure - Mr. Pink Eyes from "Join the Dots" compilation
9. Antipop Consortium - Silver Heat from "Arrhythmia"
10. Blue Cheer - Out of Focus from "Vincebus Eruptum"
11. Lemonheads - Clang Bang Clang from "Creator"
12. Esham - 666 from "KKKill the Fetus"
13. The Frogs - La Da Da Da, La Da Da Dee, La Da Da Dum Dum from "Bananimals"
14. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath from "Black Sabbath"
15. Anal Cunt - Being a Cobbler is Dumb from "I Like it When You Die"
16. Down - Hail the Leaf from "NOLA"
17. Acid King - Electric Machine from "Busse Woods"

download this fine compilation here.

check out Obscuro! podcasts here.

Be sure to tune in for the program this Thursday night, midnight til 2. It'll be the first episode in the 'Kutout bin Klassics' series.

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