Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy bullshit-metal for y'all...

I don't know why more people interested in 'oddball' music don't explore the genre of metal at all. A lot of the websites i dig up my strangeness from don't seem to have any interest in it at all. Luckily, there are a few people out there unearthing the stuff, namely The Corroseum.

For such an 'outcast' genre of music (at least I think so...the majority of people won't have anything to do with metal or metalheads, and 'pure' genres like hardcore punk that helped spawn metal have completely disowned it) you'd think that the metal weirdos and outcasts would be pretty fucked, huh? Exactly.

Why am I telling you this? Mostly because this week's program will feature so-called 'Incredibly Strange Metal.' I did a mini-segment on this a while back, but now I've collected enough to fill a whole 2-hour show!

In celebration of this, I give you Killer Fox's 1990 album "Orgasm of Death."
First of all, what the fuck is up with that cover? Check out the article on The Corroseum for the full story, but here's a summary: A German record label called Metal Enterprises released a bunch of albums by REALLY shitty bands in the late 80's, then did 'fake' follow-ups with a studio band and whoever was around to act obnoxious (after most of the original groups had disbanded or been killed, in the case of Killer Fox, in auto accidents). Why? Probably because it was funny, and to make a few quick bucks. This is pretty standard(?) money-grubbing, I guess (some labels in the 70's were known for doing this, too) but the music is what's really interesting.

I really can't describe it...something like retarded parody-metal taken to a fucking ridiculous extreme. You'll just have to hear it...

Artist: Killer Fox
Title: Orgasm of Death
1. Guardians
2. Vixen of Slaughter
3. Slayer
4. Dark Star
5. Cataracts of Horror
6. Running Blade
7. The Sign
8. Seventh Silence
9. Branded
10. Killer Fox
11. Pool of Blood
12. Monster Surgeons
13. Robo Return
14. Lay it Down


What could top that, right? Let's see...
-MORE Metal Enterprises fake-albums than you'd ever want to hear
-Finnish kid-metal from the 80's
-Psychotic basement-metal from various countries and styles
-Shaggs-like girl-metal with songs like 'The Child Molester'
-White-power country-doom metal with more songs about dragons and fairies than white power...(don't worry...I'm not gonna play the whopping one white-power tune on the album...I ain't down with that shit and it's not even very good)
-Bizarre Russian opera-folk-metal
-Geez, do you really need another reason to listen?


Rodrigo Delli said...

Fuck, this sounds genius. Will listen with all the attention in the world.

Hugs from Brazil

Rodrigo Delli said...

Your download link is off :/

Lucky me: we can always count on RUTRACKER!

I just need to hear it!