Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally! Another download!

Here we go. I played a cut off this on the Alternate Universe Metal Program. A while back, I played one of Duane Warr's albums on Obscuro! He plays all the instruments on his records, and has a style that's kind of like a darker, weirder Black Sabbath. Legend has it that, after having a religious experience, Duane disowned his older albums for a while (he did NOT burn all the copies like some people say) but now he seems pretty cool with them (a couple have been re-released on Drag City.) This is one of his more recent outings (I think '97 but I'm not sure,) and it IS a pretty religious-themed record, but don't let that stop you from checking this one out. This is even noisier than 1986's 'Animals.' For God's sake, give this man your money.

Dwarr - 'Times of Terror'


1. 'Times of Terror' Suite:
-Times of Terror
-Traps and Pits
-Angry Waves
-Evil World
-Die Like Flies
-Days of Death
2. Gates of Hell
3. America
4. Born to Die
5. Takes Me Away
6. Harmony
7. Tears You Cry



assley kane said...

hey obscuro jerry check your email!
from a one,
have a question (or two)

JCS said...

oh geez, can you re upload this one? I would love to hear it!

Karma Beavis said...

can you re upload? thanks!

Karma Beavis said...

can you re upload? thanks!