Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forte 12...a few requests finally...

I really like Eyehategod, and I'd never heard this 'Sabbath Jam' by them. It's cool. Also, check out this awful version of 'Bad Moon Rising' by Leatherwolf. Probably the single worst (and best) cover I've ever heard.



Deathmass - Bone Orchard
Astaroth - Aullido Sepulcral

Black Sabbath - The Fallen (Demo)

Eyehategod - Sabbath Jam

Nasum - Stormshield

Ambulance - Shark Attack

The Equinox ov the Gods - The Witches' Rune

Necropolis - Despair

The Meads of Asphodel - Jew Killer

Cannibal Corpse - Drowning in Viscera

Leatherwolf - Bad Moon Rising

Mercy - I'm Your Pervert Priest

Enmerkar - Pale Lord Pilgrimage of the Winter Born

Candlemass - At the Gallows End
Xasthur - Reflecting Hateful Energy
Black Spiders - KISS Tried to Kill Me

X-Wild - Die Like a Man

Melechesh - Ghouls of Nineveh

Grotesscolandia - Madrugada Dos Mortos

Lawnmower Deth - Cobwoman of Deth Meets Mr. Smellymop

Cemetary - Ebony Rain

Master's Hammer - Geniove

Nocte Obducta - Nebel II
Bothers - Kill for Insanity

Faithful Breath - Play the Game

Orange 9mm - High Speed Changer

The Mass - Vile Requiem

Black Funeral - Leviathan--The Black Oceans Roar

Mortician - Eaten Alive by Maggots

Gravity Kills - Enough

16 - Me and My Shadow

Heavy as fuck. Enjoyeee.

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