Monday, January 17, 2011

Forte 13...probably the widest variety of stuff since I started...

You've got your thrash, death, grindcore, black metal, funeral doom, regular doom, stoner metal, sludge metal, foreign, domestic, you name it, I played it. That's a picture of Death SS up of the earliest 'occult' metal bands, and probably THE earliest Italian metal band. They started in like, 75 or something and are still playing today (albeit with different members, and NOT founding lead man and awesome fellow Paul Chain).



Gallow God - Summon the Rune Wizard
Bowel Fetus - The Lipstick Eaters
Bowel Fetus - Mass Suicide at the Old Folks
Sickening Gore - Obscene Existence
Ion Dissonance - The Budd Dwyer Effect (request)
Nightstick - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
AxCx - Cranking My Band's Demo on a Box at the Beach
Pantera - Power Metal

Melt-Banana mini-set:
'P-Pop-Slop' from 'Speak, Squeak, Creak'
'Excess' from 'Charlie'
'Type B for Me' from 'Scratch or Stitch'
'It's in the Pillcase' from 'Scratch or Stitch'
'Surfin' USA' from some EP, dunno which...

Ives - A Tangle of Hair and Bone
Ives - Sweet Fields of Ecstacy
Death SS - Terror
Death SS - Schizophrenic
Paul Chain - Antichrist
Cannabis Corpse - I Will Smoke You
Violence - Phobophobia
Acid King - Heavy Load
Agalloch - Into the Painted Grey
Phobia - Death to Pigs
Phobia - Nihilistic Grindcore
Svafnir - Death of the Sun
Burzum - Lost Wisdom
Infectious Grooves - Boom Boom Boom
The Toll - Seclusion
Helloween - Murderer
13 - Bound
Autopsy - Service for a Vacant Coffin
Death - Evil Dead
Gore - After
Shape of Despair - Quiet These Paintings are
Granicus - Hollywood Star
Beherit - Goat Worship
S.D.I. - Killer's Confession

That's this week in heavy metal, I'm Bizarro Jerry signing off. I'm gonna put some more downloads up this week, I think. It's been a bit.

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