Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lowdown Da Sinista - 'Coming for Your Soul'

More of that evil Memphis sound for ya. This is only up a couple other places, so I'm gonna post it. Lowdown is a little different from the other Memphis rappers in that he has a good time. He's also a loud-ass rapper, which is different than the creepy whispery style of other Memphis dudes. Like I said, he has a good time, so expect lots of party jams. It's pretty much split between super-depressing gangsta tracks and goofy party anthems. One song in particular, 'Blah,' made me laugh a whole bunch. There's basically no other word but 'blah,' but it's still got two verses. Pretty much sounds how I'd imagine my parents hear rap music. A lot of the beats are gloriously weird, too, plus look at that goddamn cover. It's good stuff, and will probably end up in my top 10 favorite Memphis rap releases. Yeah, I know that sounds elitist but there's a LOT of this shit and it's all so good.

Lowdown Da Sinista - 'Coming for Your Soul' (1996)

1. Intro
2. Coming for Your Soul (Radio Edit)
3. Going Thru a Thing
4. Hell Has Arisen
5. Lowdown is Da Sinista
6. Blah
7. Coming for Your Soul
8. Smoking Out
9. Having Dreams
10. Commercial
11. Confused Man
12. My Bible and My Pistol
13. My Chronic Flow
14. Quotes from the Low
15. I Thought You Knew
16. Final Words
17. My City


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