Saturday, July 20, 2013

Evol - 'Satan's Poet' (Underground Detroit shit from the 90's)

More downloadzzz for yall. This is some evil-ass lo-fi rap from the ghettos of Detroit. If anyone has info on this, lemme know, because I can't find much. Got it off some dude on Soulseek and it's virtually unavailable on the web. It's gotta be connected to Esham somehow, but maybe just indirectly. I mean, it's pretty unlikely that two dudes would randomly be rapping in the same style about satan at the same time in Detroit without knowing each other at least. Anyhow, this stuff does kinda have an Esham sound to it, but way slower. More like Memphis horrorcore than Detroit horrorcore honestly. There are also very few guest spots. I seem to remember this linked back to Mike Clark, the producer for ICP, but that might've been something else I downloaded.

Whatever the case, it's yours to enjoy now.

Evol - 'Satan's Poet' (1995)

1. How it is When U Insane
2. 666 on My Mind
3. Burnin' Churches
4. Livin' 4 Sin
5. In Ya Head
6. Let the Shit Go On
7. Shake'M Down
8. Devil Worshipper II
9. Evil Rhyme
10. Layed Back
11. Interlude
12. Dead in the Head
13. 666 Dead Men
14. Crazy But Smooth
15. Smooth Killa
16. Raise Ya Hand


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