Monday, August 20, 2012

Death - 'Possessed by tha Ouija Board'

Been diggin' a lot of real underground rap shit lately, so here's some more of that. This one is up on a few other music blogs, but it's too odd not to include here. Death is a member of the Ruthless Juveniles, whose work is pretty solid too. Death produces the best beats, though, and grabs samples from everywhere...classical music, horror movies, television, metal music...and his stuff is really fucked up and homemade-sounding, which makes it all the creepier. To me, it sounds like a rawer Brotha Lynch Hung with way better beats...none of that lame g-funk shit.

1. Death Stro
2. Night Demon
3. Life as a Psycho
4. Possessed (Daytime)
5. Crazy Nigah
6. Just My Imagination
7. Too Much Bass
8. Murder Madness
9. Fuckin' with a Lunatic
10. Possessed (Nightime)
11. Yall Need to Understand

***Re-uploaded on 8/22/14***



Here's an album by the previously-mentioned Ruthless Juveniles...humorously titled 'Hard as Tha' Fuck.' You can definitely tell that Death had something to do with the production work here...


1. Intro
2. Die Nigger
3. Gangster Tale
4. Dope Game Ain't No Joke
5. Ruthless Juveniles
6. Run Dat Shit
7. Dog Bitches Gits No Skin
8. Killing Spree
9. Life Ain't Nothin' to Fool Wit
10. Hell Bound
11. Give it Up
12. (incomplete track) Armed and Dangerous
13. Checkin' the Fellas



ti said...

dead link plz re upload

Nick Stanley said...

could you re-up this please? link's dead. and rapidshare is fucked

Bizarro Jerry said...

Sorry for the delay, hard drive issues. It's done. Also, a bonus album by Death's group the Ruthless Juveniles.