Friday, August 31, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 8 - classic rap attacked by evil metal

Finally, here's the 8th (and final, for now) edition of Trash Radio. I'm gonna do the heavy metal show for a few weeks so I don't get any death threats from the title says, this one ends in an hour of metal...the first part is ALL obscure 1980's rap cuts.


Mellow Man Ace - Hip Hop Creature
8Ball and MJG - 9 Little Millimeta Boys
The Master Scratch Band - Computer Break
The Showboys - Drag Rap
J Rock - Neighborhood Drug Dealer
QSD - Sweet Enuff
Death - Just My Imagination
Rap Dynasty - Echoes (Vocal Mix)
Hambo - First Rap Part II
DJ Jimi - Jivin'
Gregory D and DJ Mannie Fresh - Women Ain't Stupid
Dopestyle - (Unknown Track)
Kaptain Krunch and the Funky Bunch - Car Freak
Bustin' Melonz - Under the Influence
Tony D - Check the Elevation
MC "Mello" De - Cocaine Blues
DJ Squeeky - Chicken
Stinger J. - Pretty Face (Instrumental)
Esham - KKKill the Fetus
Todd-1 and Frank Cash D - Casper (The Friendly Rapper)
Nice and Wild - Diamond Girl
Geto Boys - Geto Boys Will Rock You
(Unknown Artist) - Old Soldiers Never Die
Brunoritvrezorkre - Voarmtre Zubrkl Ndearbe
Parabellum - Alardio De Guerra/Mutilacion
Exterminator - Nightmare
Bifrost - The Dark Woodspirit
Supuration - The Creeping Unknown
Impetigo - Wizard of Gore
Blasfemia - Post-Mortem
Pagan Altar - The Black Mass
Nuctemeron - Babyhood of Hell
Phlebotomized - Subtle Disbalanced Liquidity
Violence - Serial Killer
Deviser - The Shadow Where Evil Stands Still
Cirith Ungol - Master of the Pit

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