Friday, August 10, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 6

As usual, I'm posting this WHILE on the tune into 89.1 WIDR FM if you're in Kalamazoo, or go to to stream...

Anyhow, here's last week's episode of Trash Radio...lots of instrumental/electronic/horror movie shit for some reason.


Electronic Phantasmagoria - (excerpt)
Blackout - Chronic City
Gino Pertot - Nick Drake
Ectovoid - Transcend into the Moonless Night
Original B - Quasnetic
Martin Newell - Gamma Ray Blue
Elisabeth Waldo and Her Concert Orchestra - Papaganga Lament
Cheryl Thompson - Black Night
Mt. Tjhris - Aqua/Cruise
Michael Mantier - No. 6 Pt. 1
Legendary Lady J - I'm Creepin'
La Sonorite Jaune - Fatarnt
Syopa - Beneath Lucifer's Eye
Day One - Soldiers Ready to Bust
Electronic Phantasmagoria - (excerpt)
The Cure - Cold
Gil Melle - Night Stalker
Duke - Runaway Girl
Wraiths - Ghoulsong
Dee-No - Here Comes Dino/Creep Up
Brandon Locher - Conversations, 2006
Mystic Minds - Power of the Mind
Elisabeth Waldo and Her Concert Orchestra - Ritual of the Human Sacrifice
Blackout - Killing After Midnight
Paysage D'Hiver - Gefrorener Atem
Wire - Two People in a Room
Shorty Pimpish - Wicked Thoughts
Original B - Dead Man Walking
Wadge - Monsters of Honolulu
Mt. Tjhris - Sunkn Mind
The Psyclones - Hound Dog
Come On - Disneyland
Fudge Tunnel - Gut Rot
Martin Newell - Heroin Clones
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You
Nico Fidenco - From Another World
The Cure - The Holy Hour

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