Monday, April 22, 2013

Botfly - S/T (rare Lansing funk/metal/weirdo shit)

Sometimes I buy cassettes from thrift stores. Often, as you can imagine, they are garbage. But, at like 50 cents, how are you going to pass it up? Mostly, I just collect weird ambient shit and easy listening jazz, because they're great to grab samples from, but today's find is a little different.

This is a group apparently out of Lansing, Michigan in the early 90's...all I can find on the internet is a description that says something like 'Primus meets Blues Traveler' which sounds pretty terrible. I'm guessing someone just wrote that because they have a ripping harmonica player. Whatever the case, this is a strange brew....they're definitely metal, but there's a LOT of funk and goofiness, that makes me think of the Deli Creeps. But then there's that harmonica....makes the whole thing seem like the 'Rosanne' theme song gone to a murky hell or something. I dunno. But, considering my recent post on funk metal, it's a pretty fitting thing to put up here. Plus, it's ripped directly from cassette by ME, so that's kinda cool, right?

Botfly - S/T (1995)


1. Turns
2. Texas Toast
3. Wha-Hurd
4. Barney
5. Acquisition
6. Life
7. Program Callous Indifference
8. Trailer Park Shuffle
9. Feces Stew
10. Can Cega



Steve Prince said...

I used to see them in Rick, East Lansing mid 90s from 94 to 97 time frame. The lead singer was super skinny and wore really big bib overalls. He would do some crazy snake like dance. They were a lot of fun. best song is Texas Toast. Listening to it now.

Bizarro Jerry said...

haha, awesome Steve. I can imagine these guys were a great live band!