Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Obscuro! podcasts for your listening pleasure...

It's been a bit, so I'm throwin' a few more of these on the site. The archive is ALMOST exhausted, but not quite.

Episode 64 - 4-23-10 EDDY DETROIT - 'JUNGLE CAPTIVE'


Isaac Air Freight - KUSS
Esham - How Do I Plead to Homicide
Lewis - Cool Night in Paris
Edgar Broughton Band - Love in the Rain
Jan Terri - If You Want a Divorce
Vermonster - Grease of the Yak
Whitewood - Whitewood
Jim Shepard - Imagine This...
Harry Perry - World of Freaks
Konrad - My Girl
Skip Spence - Grey/Afro
The Shaggs - Sweet Things
David Peel and Death - Marijuana
Eddy Detroit - Seed of the Oyster
Eddy Detroit - Who Knows the Land
Eddy Detroit - Hubba Hubba de Gumbo
Eddy Detroit - Whiplash
Eddy Detroit - Owanga Bag
Eddy Detroit - Macumba Love
Eddy Detroit - Naked Grabe eating Ape-Links
Eddy Detroit - Jungle Captive
Eddy Detroit - Tiki Sun
Eddy Detroit - Honolulu Baby
Black Hole - Spectral World
Bruce Haack - Requiem
Companyia Electria Dharma - L'Harmoniosa Sinfonia D'un Cos. (Part 2)

Episode 65 - 4-30-10 DWARR - 'ANIMALS' (missing)



The Electronic Hole - Love Will Find a Way III
The Sun Also Rises - Suddenly it's Evening
David Koresh - Book of Daniel
Brother Ah - Love Piece
First Chips - My Love
Richard Cheese - Welcome to the Jungle
The Kids of Widney High - Friends
Erica Pomerance - The French Revolution
Mij - Door Keys
Dead Raven Choir - Sheep-Crook, Black Dog
Waiting for Guinness - Chanson Pour Marie
Centennialite - Intro to Public Access TV Show
Bobby Brown - I Must be Born
Bobby Brown - My Hawaiian Home
Bobby Brown - Oneness with the Forest
Bobby Brown - Tiny Wind of Shandl
Balkan Beat Box - Kabulectro
Afflicted Man - Hippy Punk

Episode 67 - 5-14-10 ROBERT GILLIGAN - 'DARK ROOMS'


Kurt Sutton - African Girl
Vyto B - Death Warrant
Sproton Layer - Pretty Pictures Now
The Rebels - Indian Rebels
Fire and Ice, Ltd. - I Just Thought of the Moon
Jerry Solomon - Good Old Fashioned Date
Silmaril - Poustinia
Rockin' Rollin' Blues Band - Untitled Track 1
Sandy Hurvitz - Three Hawks
Minister and Nuns - A Sad Story
Beautiful Losers - Nobody Knows the Heaven
White Boy and the Average Rat Band - Sector 387
Twilight Nuages - Lazy Sunday Afternoons
Chrome - You've Been Duplicated
Robert Gilligan - On a Shelf
Robert Gilligan - A Poet Dies
Happy Flowers - There's a Worm in My Hand
Robert Gilligan - Sell Your Presence
Robert Gilligan - The Mourners
Robert Gilligan - The Trip
Robert Gilligan - Voices
Robert Gilligan - The Disadvantage Being Born
Robert Gilligan - Journey to the Stars/Deeds of Nick Drake
Robert Gilligan - Loser's Game
Robert Gilligan - In a Dark Room
The Unicorns - Jellybones
L. Ron Hubbard - The Drone
Ya Ho Wa 13 - To the Principles for the Children (excerpt)

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