Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mo' tunes, HATE Noise Disc 5

In continuing with the unveiling of all the countless hours of home recordings I have, here is my most recent collection of 'solo' tunes. Usually, when between projects, I'll just throw down whatever ideas I have, but this time I was specifically going for a 'finished' product.

The music was recorded on a Fostex 8-track reel-to-reel machine with one SM-57, one SM-58 and one mic that was apparently too shitty to even have a brand name on it. Vocal overdubs and mixing done in Pro-Tools.

Description: The 5th disc under the guise of 'The HATE Noise.' I was going to do a little more with these recordings, but formed a group instead (taking our name from the song 'Coma Nova').

Personnel: Me, mostly, on all the instruments, although Matt Motzell plays saxophone on track 5 and there are various people's voices in the sound clips throughout.


1. Sea of Pain
2. Smokin' Boulders
3. Apricot Guys
4. Political Song for George Forman to Sing
5. Coma Nova
6. Desert Song
7. Bummed Out on Mersh
8. User is Okay
9. Hair Farmer
10. Accident
11. Brown Eyed Girl


There are 6 discs in the HATE Noise series, total...this being the 5th, but also the most recent recordings (the 6th is various odds and ends)...I'll be posting them all (probably, maybe) out of order, because they vary in quality.

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