Monday, August 26, 2013

V-3 - 'The Earth Muffin' EP

In the spirit of last week's mixtape, here's another Jim Shepard gem I recently unearthed. I'm not the biggest fan of the V-3 period where Jim's ex-wife sang a lot of the songs...partly because their breakup seems to be a contributing factor to his suicide, but also just because her songs are more goth/new-wave type stuff. That being said, though this EP is definitely of that era, I like it pretty well. It has two of her better tracks, a cool instrumental, and a recording of 'Inside Outpost' I like MUCH better than the one on 'Psychic Dancehall.' It's warmer and less studio-sounding. Whatever the case, if you're a Shepard fan, you'll wanna grab this up just because it's hard as fuck to find.

V-3 - 'The Earth Muffin' EP

1. Tic-Toc
2. Inside Outpost
3. To Breathe No More
4. Flying


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