Monday, November 11, 2013

More Jim Shepard by request...

After getting a couple more requests, here are a few more things from Jim Shepard and his V-3 project.

First up, Shepard's so-called 'suicide note' and final album before his death, 'Motorcycle Movie.' This one's kinda hard to listen to in parts knowing that he went and hung himself probably right after recording something, but it's also got some really rockin' stuff and a few totally hilarious moments. If you dig the V-3 'Next Album' bootleg but haven't heard this one yet, check it out, because it's very similar although a little more abstract. Listen to Shepard's message on 'Burn Forward' and play the whole damn thing.

Jim Shepard - 'Motorcycle Movie'

1. Birthplace of Aviation
2. Pleasure
3. Burn Forward
4. Bigger Than Sony
5. Interstate/End
6. Some Drink to Remember
7. P.K.D. Entombed
8. Imagine This...
9. For Sharon Tate...(Wherever You Are)
10. Telegraph Hill
11. What a Piece of Work...
12. Heavy Action
13. Cruel Universe


Next, one of the best V-3 releases, although not QUITE as amazing as 'Photograph Burns.' I don't really know if it's a collection of EPs and random shit, but it kinda has that feel to it. Although, it definitely feels like an album in the 'Sebadoh' kinda sense. Whatever the case, it's got some of my favorite tracks on it, including 'Son of Sam Donaldson' and the awesome punk jam 'Your Girlfriend.' Probably the best version of 'Hall of Molds,' too. The sound quality is pretty lo-fi, but not as bad as the 'Pimping in the 90's' stuff. I'd check this one out next if you've only heard 'Photograph Burns.'

V-3 - 'Negotiate Nothing'

1. Scrap Metal Radio
2. Adam Twelve
3. Girl in a Room
4. Negotiate Nothing
5. Forever Low Man
6. Harry
7. Party at 15th and Summit
8. Super Hero Meltdown
9. Your Uncle
10. Philadelphia E.X.P.
11. Caution!
12. Arrival/Departure
13. My Neighborhood
14. Trouble
15. Your Girlfriend
16. Zapped Like a Bolt
17. Piranhas in the Bathtub
18. In the Hall of Molds
19. Whip That Thing
20. Certain Foods
21. Son of Sam Donaldson


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