Saturday, July 26, 2014

Depressive Tongue Posse - 'Highworld' Mixtape

This came out last week. It's pretty nuts. Guest spots include MC Trachiotomy, Finnish hip-hopper Tuuttimorko, and UK rapper holy BLASKO.

DTP has officially added Ohio weirdo-rapper Boy Froot, so he's on most of the tracks in addition to the other two rappers. Tracks range from trap, lo-fi, boom-bap, to pretty experimental stuff.

It's free, too.

Depressive Tongue Posse - 'Highworld' Mixtape

1. Intro/Highworld I
2. Boneyard (ft. DJ El G)
3. Roll Em Up
4. Make Lemonade (ft. Buzz Wallace)
5. Z Ro
6. ...
7. What U Smokin (ft. Dankstar)
8. Deathbed
9. What U Say (ft. MC Trachiotomy and Tuuttimorko)
10. Crazy Cop Killa
11. 96 Shit (ft. Buzz Wallace)
12. Kill My Boss
13. Highworld II
14. Horror Shit (ft. Buzz Wallace)
15. Nightmare at 20,000 Ft.
16. ....
17. Truth or Dare
18. .....
19. Snap
20. I Don't Have Shit
21. Internetrap
22. Beat Em Down
23. Various Greens (ft. holyBLASKO theknownONE)
24. Crashin
25. Killin $pree II (ft. H E X X X O F F N D R)

Produced by DTP members HATE Noise, Mista Ouija and Grnmo. Get it on Bandcamp.

They've also got a couple new videos out:

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