Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bizarro Jerry's Memphis rap faves

If you like all the rare Memphis rap stuff I post here, you should check this list out:

Bizarro Jerry's Memphis Rap Faves

I made it for the RateYourMusic website, and if you're deep into this shit like I am, it's got some obscurities you might not have heard of. Alternately, if you're just getting into Memphis rap, I think it's a pretty good starting point, since there are also some of the classics.


Damien Williams said...

Thanks for the info on the "Triple Bitch Mafia" song by Playa Fly. The intro for "Gotcha Shaking" by Three six makes so much sense now.

Tina Marie said...

Glad you have this info here, feel free to browse our link also

Reverend Gamehungry said...

Nothing more I love than memphis rap. Keep up the good work. And check out my blog too.
-Reverend Game Hungry