Monday, September 28, 2009

...On a less-Obscuro! related note...

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of seeing one of Sunny Day Real Estate's American reunion shows. Let's just say, if you think this band can do no wrong, but also feel Jeremy Enigk's solo albums are more or less garbage (aside from that awesome first one) and that the Fire Theft wasn't anything all that special, this tour does not disappoint. 

This is the fully original lineup (only present on "Diary" and "LP2"), and unlike that weird live album, Jeremy was yelling his head off and even lost his voice towards the end of the gig. Plus, Dan Hoerner (2nd guitarist who disappeared from music to focus on farming) was very obviously excited to be playing again and could not stop smiling. 

HERE is a really thorough and often humorous interview with Dan and Jeremy discussing the reasons behind the reunion. Also, it should be noted that at the time of this interview (only a week or so before the gig I saw), they hadn't written any new songs. They did, in fact, perform a new tune, which was definitely on par with anything off "Diary" or "LP2."

This was an immensely exciting gig, considering I've loved this band since high school, and they seem wayyyyyy more re-energized than other 'reunion' acts. Loud as hell, too. If you like this group, don't even second guess this reunion tour. Obviously it's not monetarily-motivated (Enigk has a smooth-sailing solo career, Nate is in the Foo Fighters) so any 'reunion record' that may come out of this will be simply for fun. Badass.

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