Friday, September 18, 2009

Playlist for 9-18-09, featuring an interview with T. Storm Hunter, aka Mark Tucker

Indeed, as promised last week, I conducted an interview with Encinitas, CA independent musician T. Storm Hunter, previously known as Mark Tucker. Aside from the interview, this show featured tracks from a few different releases he has produced over the years. More information about him can be found in lower posts. Here is said playlist:
Sep 18 - 1:57 AMT. Storm HunterLight the Lamp of thy LoveHim With the LightNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:53 AMT. Storm HunterStrawberries (Finnish Folk Song)Him With the LightNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:51 AMMark TuckerThe Importance of Making Molehills Out of SpecksIn the SackNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:47 AMSally and LouiseHa Ha HaS/TNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Sep 18 - 1:43 AMT. Storm HunterNo Apple Pie in HeavenHim With the LightNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:34 AMMark TuckerSultry Summer Siren/More Than Just FriendsIn the SackNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:30 AMT. Storm Hunter44,000 MilesHim With the LightNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:24 AMMark TuckerCan't Make LoveIn the SackNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:18 AMSally and LouiseWhen Kids Were CuteIn the SackNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Sep 18 - 1:09 AMMark TuckerSally Sally SheHim With the LightNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:02 AMMark TuckerSandbox-Upon-StormIn the SackNoe/d
Sep 18 - 1:02 AMT. Storm HunterFleshHim With the LightNoe/d
Sep 18 - 12:42 AMT. Storm Hunter interviewed on WIDRNoe/d
Sep 18 - 12:09 AMMark TuckerEverywhere With Sally (Ride)In the SackNoe/d
Sep 18 - 12:00 AMT. Storm HunterCarrot ChaserHim With the LightNoBizarro Jerrye/d

You can download the podcast here, at the Obscuro! podcast page. Also, listen for T. Storm's album "Him With the Light" in WIDR rotation.

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