Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bizarro Jerry's Kutout Bin Klassics, Vol. 2

Another great record that, while basically completely out of print, can be found in a fair amount of cutout bins is Brainiac's 1993 album 'Smack Bunny Baby.'

Once said to be Devo's successor (due to their sound and their location in Devo's hometown of Dayton, Ohio), Brainiac flipped people out with their bizarre mix of homemade synths, grunge guitars, and fucked-up vocals until lead singer/synth basher Timmy Taylor was killed in a car accident.

College radio folks may know Brainiac's 2nd and 3rd albums, 'Bonsai Superstar' and 'Hissing Prigs in Static Couture,' which feature a more developed sound, but their debut album often remains unnoticed and un-praised. As far as angry, crazy rock tunes go, this album is by far the best. To me, it sounds a wilder version of Nirvana's early recordings.

I dunno, but it definitely has its merits.

Brainiac - 'Smack Bunny Baby'


1. I, Fuzzbot
2. Ride
3. Smack Bunny Baby
4. Martian Dance Invasion
5. Cultural Zero
6. Brat Girl
7. Hurting Me
8. I Could Own You
9. Anesthetize
10. Draag
11. Get Away



J-Unit 1 said...

Smack Bunny is a classic. I've got some killer live stuff bouncing around on an HD as well. Would it be cool if after I upped it, I posted a link in comments?


Bizarro Jerry said...

Oh for sure, man. I used to have a really sweet live set, but I've seen some other ones featuring unreleased cuts that I'd like to hear. Do you have the EP between SBB and 'Bonsai Superstar'? I'd really like to hear that one, too, but I've never been able to locate it.