Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bizarro Jerry's Kutout Bin Klassics, Vol. 3

I first saw this album in a cutout bin when I was in junior high and thought it was the funniest looking rap tape ever. Years later, I tracked down a copy on amazon (for 50 cents) and confirmed this.

This is like the album Pharcyde always wanted to make, but never did because they did too much planning. Loose rhymes, murky beats, and a 'we're high as fuck in the studio' kind of feel dominate this record.

A while back, I spoke with H2O, one of the leading rappers, and he basically told me that initially they were pushed to be a stereotypical gangsta rap group by managers/labels, but after finishing their album found that they didn't like it at all. So, they redid the record, writing new rhymes and beats while still in the studio, and came up with this.

This has some of the downright funniest on-the-fly rhymes I've ever heard ('I'm hefty, hefty, hefty, you're whimpy, whimpy, whimpy/ you ain't got no TV, so you miss Ren and Stimpy'), the most bizarre misogynistic ranting ever ('Check this, last night I broke my fist/ from punchin' this bitch, I missed, twisted my wrist') and a token/tokin' (ha) weed rap that is so accurate it literally falls apart and descends into hilarity.

If this sounds up your alley, check it:

Yall So Stupid - 'Van Full of Pakistans'


1. Introduce Me
2. 85 South
3. Interlude
4. Van Full of Pakistans
5. Interlude
6. Bowl of Soul
7. Interlude
8. The Plant
9. Interlude
10. Bootleg Beatdown
11. Interlude
12. Family Tree
13. Dirt Road White Girl
14. Interlude
15. Monkey Off My Back
16. Interlude
17. Super Nigga
18. Yall
19. On and On
20. Interlude
21. You Wouldn't Understand
22. 85 South (Remix)

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