Friday, April 6, 2012

V.A. - 'Girls and Boys - Helge's '87'

Remember a while back when I played a bunch of 1980's kid-metal on the Obscuro radio program?

Well, now you can have the whole thing. I realized that, 2 years later, STILL nobody has this shit up on the internet really. I had to dig through Soulseek to find my copy. I'm making it easier on you. The teenage stuff on the second side really isn't that great...just your run-of-the-mill high school speed metal/punk stuff that was probably everywhere in '87...but god damn are all the kid bands great. The Pink Babycats and Secret Metal tracks are both standouts, but really the whole first side is awesome.

Basically, it sounds like a bunch of 'cool' metal dads forced their kids into writing 'tough' sounding music (which is honestly probably how it went down for this's apparently a benefit record for some youth club called Helge's) but the toughest stuff these kids probably know about are boogers and snakes. At the very least, it's a must-have in any 'outsider' metal collection, if anybody's got one of those (besides me.)

Oh yeah, it's Finnish, so expect a lot of broken English and lyrical weirdness. Also, a few songs are entirely in Finnish.


1. Galaxy - Se Pa Mig
2. Pink Babycats - The Hunting
3. Boyhunters - Boys
4. Zero Zone - Good
5. Mix Music - Let's Go
6. Minimax - Disconight
7. Atomic - Windrider
8. Herins - Once Upon a Time
9. Our Metal - Let's Kill
10. Secret Metal - The Cop
11. Dross - Radioaktiv
12. Wilderness - The End of Mystery
13. Candy Girls - Together
14. Teffenet - Letar
15. Red'n'Black Viper - Nighttime
16. Manitou - Tribal War
17. TB Line - Don't Listen
18. Ozark - Fight for Your Rights


***RE-UPED 6/28/14***


Nekromantis said...

I used to have mp3 rip of this comp but I lost it and it seems that your link is dead. Could you please reupload this gem!

Also a little correction to this:

"Oh yeah, it's Finnish, so expect a lot of broken English and lyrical weirdness. Also, a few songs are entirely in Finnish."

Actually it's Swedish!

Bizarro Jerry said...

Oh damn, I didn't even know! Whatever site I got it off of originally said it was a Finnish release. I do still have it, and the link should be fixed later tonight. Thanks for readin'!

Nekromantis said...

Thanks a lot man!

Bizarro Jerry said...

No problem, thanks for reading!