Friday, May 18, 2012

Weirdos of old school rap, vol. 2

....a continuation of last week's post...more off-beat music from the so-called 'golden age' of rap music. A few of these extend into the mid-90's, but I guess that stuff is probably old school by now.
Dunno much about Orko the Sycotik Alien, or his 1996 album 'Crop Formations,' but it's weird stuff for sure. Apparently released on cassette originally, which would explain the track 'Put it On Cassette.' I played a few cuts off this disc on Obscuro, and now here it is in its entirety.


1. Quantum Leap
2. Crop Formations Intro
3. Tel Lie Vision
4. Rhyme Rate
5. Scared of Revolution
6. Put it On Cassette
7. Crop Formations
8. War of the Worlds
9. Mouth of Madness
10. The Contract
11. Nomad in My Mind
12. Shroomen in the Grandcanyon

Woops, left my clean edits in there. Oh well, you get radio-friendly versions of 'Put it On Cassette' and 'Mouth of Madness.'


This isn't the full 1994 'Trailer Park Hip Hop' EP by Hip Club Groove, but it's what I have. This is the group that featured a pre-'Trailer Park Boys'-fame Corey Bowles (aka the Corey in Corey and Trevor.) Basically, it's what you'd expect...kind of like a Canadian Bloodhound Gang with funkier beats. Not sure if he appears on here, but the actor who played J-Roc was in the video for one of these songs, too.


1. Trailer Park Intro (Missing)
2. Rugged Operator
3. Bay Oh Fun-Day
4. Shootin' the Gift
5. Shure Shots (Missing)
6. Trip to Reality
7. Phat Mad Flow (Missing)
8. Jizz (ft. Stinkin' Rich aka Buck 65)
9. Kick 'Em in the Face/Outro

You can hear the missing tracks at if you want.


Lastly for today, here is my favorite Esham record. 1993's 'KKKill The Fetus.' Esham was just 19 or something when it came out. You can say what you want about Juggalos and ICP, but Esham is just makes fucking crazy music. He's undeniably talented, and totally hardcore. I helped do sound for him in Kzoo a while back, and someone got stabbed. Rough crowd. Anyhow, this stuff is raw and just as funny/evil as most of the OFWGKTA stuff.


1. What is Evil?
2. Symptoms
3. Runnin' from Me
4. Voices in My Head
5. No Singing/Misery
6. Jackie
7. Game of Death (ft. Natas)
8. Headache/Wet Day Dreamer
9. Hot Booty
10. I Thought You Knew
11. If This Ain't Hell
12. My Understanding is Zero
13. Perpetration
14. Freak Nasty
15. Headhunter
16. KKKill the Fetus
17. Don't Blame Me!
18. Is You Still Hoe'n
19. Sunshine
20. My Mind's Blowin' Up
21. Get On Down
22. 666
23. HeltersKKKelter



charles darwin said...

If you're an orko fan, you might like bigg jus, who was a member of company flow. He did an album with orko which I didn't really like, but his first proper release "black mamba serums" was the right side of odd. You've probably already heard it though.

Bizarro Jerry said...


I have not, actually! I'm going to check this one out for sure. I'm always on the lookout for oddball rap music. Another thing I've been meaning to post is an early release by's very much along the same lines as the Orko stuff.