Monday, May 28, 2012

The Demonseeds - 'Knee Deep in Hell's Grasp' plus Dead Horse EPs

Alright, sorry for this one being in .wma format...I hate that shit, but I'm at work and there's no iTunes, so I had to import the CD this way.

That being said, it's safe to say you're not going to find this album anywhere else. The CD is long out of print, and I scoured the internet for an upload of it to no avail. Unfortunate, because this shit rocks hard.

Longtime readers are probably familiar with Dead Horse and how much I love them, so it shouldn't be that surprising that I spent an afternoon finding a used copy of The Demonseeds' lone album 'Knee Deep in Hell's Grasp' on eBay.

The Demonseeds were Dead Horse frontman Michael Haaga's 2nd big project. I think he played bass on a Superjoint Ritual album and the following tour before, but this release finds him writing his own songs again.

I don't have a copy of his 2005 solo release 'The Plus and Minus Show' to put up, but suffice to say it's not very heavy. It's more like Pixies/grunge-type rock music, and is really really really good. The Demonseeds are like a step in between that and the goofy thrash-punk of Dead Horse. Basically, that means it's a perfect Haaga release. It's melodic and catchy with Haaga's trademark defeatist lyrics, but you can tell he took some cues from roommate/bandmate Phil Anselmo and his Down affiliates (note: just for the sake of clarity, I mean his Superjoint Ritual bandmates...Anselmo isn't on this release.)

If you like sludgy stoner stuff like Kyuss, Down, and Sleep, you'll definitely dig this, but to me it's a more enjoyable listen. Not to say I don't love Sleep, I'm just a sucker for a good pop song, which Haaga delivers on almost every track. As a side note, check out the awesomely reimagined version of the Dead Horse track 'Every God for Himself.'

I'm also posting the two final Dead Horse EPs which followed the 'Peaceful Death' album because they're not too easy to find either. The first one, 'Feed Me,' was the final Dead Horse release featuring Haaga. They did one last EP, 'Boil(ing),' with a different singer, then changed their name to Pasadena Napalm Division with basically the same lineup.

The Demonseeds - 'Knee Deep in Hell's Grasp'


1. Discorporate
2. Fail
3. To the End
4. Death to Love
5. Promises and Lies
6. Every God for Himself
7. Rifle
8. No Heroes
9. The True Demons


Dead Horse - 'Feed Me' EP


1. Every God for Himself
2. Eaten by the Grave
3. Something/Nothing
4. My Dog the Prophet
5. Chiggers


Dead Horse - 'Boil(ing)' EP


1. One Nation
2. What a Beautiful Day
3. Reach Around
4. My Apology
5. Eaten by the Grey
6. My Dog the Prophet
7. (Untitled Track)



nandoninny said...

ah man, the feed me ep link is empty.
any chance i can beg you to reupload?

thanks for the demonseeds!
i'd been looking for it forever!

i saw them when they opened up for fear factory back in like '98 (with system of a down before the first album came out)

Bizarro Jerry said...


Also, Dead Horse is apparently reunited? Without Michael Haaga though. Bummer. However, they are selling some pretty sweet t-shirts...

nandoninny said...

i'm still debating whether or not i'm going.
i live in houston but work has me pretty busy at the moment (if i'm awake, i'm working).

they're doing some san antonio shows too it looks like.

i think i prefer them as PND
then singing old songs with this other singer

thanks though!

Jameson said...

I'm a longtime fan of Deadhorse (since early 90's) but just now discovering The Demonseeds and can't find a copy of the songs anywhere. I just wanna listen to them. Desperately. Found your link here and held my breath while clicking, but alas, it appears to be dead now. Is this still available? If so, could I possibly talk you into reseeding that record? The only copies I've found of the CD itself are outrageously priced ($80 - $105). Please please please?